Final Part – the Conclusion/Reality Check!

Read comments, more vetted evidence, irrefutable of motive, intent, access & opportunity for murder!
Summer Stahl/Stevens County Title Company for Dickey Real Estate fraud…
I do not care where you have to get my Deed, out of your behind, from Montgomery, (he never had it, you did all the time, after Dickeys got paid off from STCU, & after we paid off STCU….

Or, out of Don R. Dickey’s Safe or safety deposit box!

You & your co-conspiritors do not have much time to produce my Deed, paid in full, Our Land surveyed boundaries 20 acres, as it was written up by you & McGrane/Schuermann May 21, 2010, our legal recorded Water Rights, domestic, livestock & irrigation from the Kettle River, Hendersons June 1974….to us, as DOE grantors sent to Chase/Chris Wright’s fax machine, & WE paid twice for March 14, 2013 & again to get my name corrected on March 19, 2013….Recorded on the magic date March 26, 2013!

Cheap & Corrupt Teflon Don Dickey NEVER recorded these Homestead 1st use Water Rights in his name, so he could never sell them uphill from us to Kent Duane Greve, as recorded on paper from Teflon Don himself, to Denny Blair/Mark Beardslee in Ken Barcus’ Remax office Sept 3, 2010 when Dickey was caught lying on his disclosure for the sale to us about the Water Rights, & many, many other issues, which you illegally recorded, as you had in the past for the Status Quo & Don & Marilyn Dickey!

You are in the same boat as Montgomery…
There is no exit….!

No get out of jail card, no protection, your behind along with Stevens County Title Co is flapping in the breeze, a liability & very disposable for the very Big Boys whom got exposed over your huge screwup!

Best be puking your guts out to investigators, you are complicit in murder & murder attempts on my life…

Among other things we will not get into right now…

Local Avista boys are in it too, so when people just start disappearing, or having unexplained accidents, nothing to do with me!

Live by the sword, die by the sword!

You talk to investigators or you will end up taken care of by those politicians & co-conspiritors you serve!

Your notice has been served, & you better take it seriously, dead serious!

All involved have a week to come around to MY terms, if that!

So, I will make my goodbyes to you now, there will be no later for you all!

None, after who you EXPOSED their business to the World!

Remember, I didn’t do this to you, you all did it to yourselves!

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Over the past weeks I have given readers various input that the Cannunpa Wakan brought to us as we were led by spirit to find the truth of why horrible atrocities, brutality, rape and violent murde…

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