Final Part – the Conclusion/Reality Check!

Over the past weeks I have given readers various input that the Cannunpa Wakan brought to us as we were led by spirit to find the truth of why horrible atrocities, brutality, rape and violent murde…

Source: Final Part – the Conclusion

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. 3299 Orient Cutoff Rd.
    3256 “”
    3295 “”
    3277-D, C, A, F, G, H
    All as shared residences*
    3234A “”
    & one unsub…
    All dependent on our Water Right, irrigation, livestock & Domestic…
    Co-conspiritors with Dickeys/Greve/Avista & the rest!
    Homestead Water Rights..1900-1910 first use!
    2nd Homestead in this area!

    Greve children being used to go into unoccupied parcel across from 1 acre we supposedly own where Dickey/Chris Montgomery changed survey boundary lines from 2006/Fishers sale, boundaries from this is what we were sold May 20, 2010 & Montgomery changed March 26, 2013 to May 10, 2010 boundaries for Dickey & co-conspiritors to keep mineral & water rights to pickup or drop off drugs/snuff films…
    Yesterday the kids, not seen before…from Greves came up from town carrying a heavy load on a pole between them!
    Today, from Greves kids into the unoccupied parcel across from us…picking up or dropping off contraband for perps.

    For the record:
    Just so you have it in writing from me to post…
    Not only are these other property owners getting our Homestead 1st use Water Rights promised them from Dickey…
    All other services were being tapped because of “Shared Residence” status on Dickey’s backround check 2014!
    Documentation from GT Investigations!
    Dish Network
    Hughes Network
    All via subscription to Greves private Network.
    JP Wade on Google Earth saw Greves own tower on his property 2012.
    Then the tower across river was installed 2014.
    Greve removed tower from his property, needing a boom truck/Loader to get it out!
    When we first arrived I was told no need to buy internet service, everyone locally used Orient School wifi for their needs, which Wilder is on school board…Greve connection for drugs/Pedofile Rings!
    Just so you have it.
    Plus Peoples Place mini Mart had grow op on school property, too via REUBEN vetted.

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  2. All these other property owners Dickey had to get approval before selling property to us…documented May 20, 2010 to assure them they would still have access to Water Rights & Services Associate with 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, Old Henderson property Homesteaded between 1900-1910…
    Got you again, Status Quo…
    Montgomery, to save yourself best contact investigators & come clean before the politicians you serve off you…you are their weak link.
    You have been “set up” to be their homosexual-pedofile patsey!
    Hurry, time is short for your response.


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    Read comments, more vetted evidence, irrefutable of motive, intent, access & opportunity for murder!
    Summer Stahl/Stevens County Title Company for Dickey Real Estate fraud…
    I do not care where you have to get my Deed, out of your behind, from Montgomery, (he never had it, you did all the time, after Dickeys got paid off from STCU, & after we paid off STCU….
    You are in the same boat as Montgomery…
    There is no exit….!
    Best be puking your guts out to investigators, you are complicit in murder & murder attempts on my life…
    You talk to investigators or you will end up taken care of by those politicians & co-conspiritors you serve!

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