The Abourezk ‘s Tin Soldiers of hate!
Islam women equally abused, only used to pro-create by Muslim men, not about love or being loved!

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Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW)

Address’s the Executive Office’s that are assisting with the creation of Hate Machines ….


During the week of the 2014 Christmas Tree Lighting ,  First Nations gathered at the White House for the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference, shortly  after Obama’s visit to Standing Rock Reservation (that included a UN-scheduled 24 hr. visit to the Twin Cities which is the core recruitment center of  AIM, then came the  Dec. 11-14th 2014 – 14th National Indians Nations Conference – Justice for Victims of Crime in Calif. 

It’s a good day for Wellness Courts eh?


Letter to Eric Holder, re: His ICWA Statement at White House Tribal Nations Conference, Dec…

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