The Under Seige by the local Crackheads/drug cartel in Orient, Washington!

Perps behind this all, Don R Dickey, Kent Duane Greve, Avista Corporation & co-conspiritors to silence me permanently by Avista Smart meter/Transformers technology also used for data mining & surveillance of customers/consumers who have no idea how dirty electricity, HAARP, & CERN technology is making them sick, controlling their lives & can kill remotely!

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Boyden’s all over this like a dirty shirt!

White pickup long bed, Chevy…not new, carload of impaired local inbred brain full of wormholes from doing too much meth…bitch screaming out of the truck at me when I first heard their blaring music, looked around & there they were on the Orient Cutoff Rd just above the access Rd, parked with a guy running across the road onto our property to either pickup (most likely) or drop off $$, or leave drugs, & then when they saw that I saw them…the “pickup the drugs dude” jumps in the pickup bed…she screams her threats & they gun it down the hill past Dickheads to Orient & those wanting to the goods, hey…it is Saturday night in bum FK Egypt!

The drugs used to be under Greve’s Malmede or Stanley’s (Crack Shack welfare scammers) mailboxes, with a line up of jiggy Crackheads digging…

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