Washington State The Racist Indian Hating Murdering Nazi Example Of Sodom and Gomorrah

Thank-you, Richard Boyden…
I truly believe, even the most ignorant, worm hole brain, consummate Corrupt criminal here is beginning to understand their situation is most dire….
Not from us, Maxey…but from the higher echelons of those they exposed.
We want our Deed, our water rights, us & our animals peace…and, the land boundaries we were sold…
Dickey/Greves get 2/3 of the water…too bad they wrote checks with their mouths their butts can’t cash…though neither has the Homestead Water Rights of irrigation from Kettle River, domestic, & livestock as we do grantors DOE.
No one has a drilled well, other than 3285/3295 Orient Cutoff Rd in our area…info, DOE!
Take your portion, Greve/Dickey, get some wells drilled, folks!
Nothing is free, and as the old messenger of the Status Quo told me after going thru the motions of doing his job for Wildlife, Fish Stream sent from Spokane DOE…
Lady, best get your husband home…
People out here get murdered everyday over water!
My response was…I do not need my husband home to defend me…
And, if anyone gets murdered over our water rights…it won’t be us.
Eventually, all the perps will play the blame game among each other, & they will be murdering each other for getting them into the mess they got themselves into!
For being what they are…Godless!
Has nothing to do with us, the victims, as there are many of us…
It has to do with the choices these perps made themselves!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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One Response to Washington State The Racist Indian Hating Murdering Nazi Example Of Sodom and Gomorrah

  1. Update:
    On the Spokane morning news today, Avista Customers were outraged at their new Avista “trial in NE Washington State” Smart meter/Transformers remote bill usage readings…& associated health issues/excessive radiation EMF ultimate solution/death & a host of Heath issues like CANCER, ground arcing etc associated with Avista Smart Technology & affiliates/partners also involved with using Avista Smart Technology Globally!
    Also has surveillance &data mining capabilities unknown to Avista Customers!
    All done remotely….
    Yipes…Shareholders panic?
    And, why wouldn’t they when Spokane Avista Board members are the named above involved in Global Drug/pedofile mafia???
    How can the top dogs at Avista not know & be aware?
    Shake, rattle & roll, down from the Global Drug & pedofile mafia, who take “dead” seriously their network being exposed by complete idiots!
    Any death threats or construed as such by the guilty, from these deadly men are not broadcasted or threats left on answering machines at very Corrupt, exposed as such Stevens County auditors recording office!
    The idiot perps…they just disappear permanently, Detective Maxey, Colville Police (509)684-5166!
    And, we didn’t do it to the idiot perps involved locally, Nationally, Globally…already Intel in the public domain..!
    Law enforcement do your homework, unless you have been told by higher echelon…to stand down, shut down & shut up!
    Only proves the guilty of land stealing, targeting us & other victims.
    The supposedly”Silent Majority” is Silent No More!
    The Colville land stealing Status Quo politicians, Stevens County Officials, Gov Inslee, ATTORNEY General, attorneys, bankers, banks laundering the $$$, Stevens County Title Company, pedofile drug cartel rings, protectors, enablers, participants drug/pedofile/Sodomite Godless users-perps are worried for their safety…heard that before from Avista, eh?
    Fear is sinking in!
    When Avista hauled the leaking old transformer away 1984/PCB leaking, in a hazardous waste containment vehicle, Avista workers wearing hazardous waste protection gear Sept 2015!
    What about their other victims & us?
    Accountability, justice???
    Jesus Christ ultimately, will see to that!
    The guilty belong to Lucifarian Brotherhood agenda, along with their sick desires…


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