Century Link – Quest inside man for Don R Dickey… Jerry Lindquist Complicit In Attempted Murder Of Native American Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman…see how now!

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Source: Century Link – Quest inside man for Don R Dickey… Jerry Lindquist Complicit In Attempted Murder Of Native American Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman…see how now!


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Network Management Division/California Jerry Lindquist Centurylink-Quest quagmire caught in their own “CHIT”….
TTY 711
Now everyone is aware & watching your demise…Jerry!

Called Risk Assessment, by the very Big Boys….

Career wise Jerry, no pension, no career, nothing!

Your extremely stupid, idiot pedastry, “FAGGOT” landstealing homosexual-pedofile “Enablement/Protection” of Dickey’$/Greve & co-conspiritors sodomites/Lucifarian Brotherhood of demons in the flesh….will have to be dealt with in the harshest of terms by the higher echelons of business…

A screwup, is what it is, payment/DEATH for the individuals who are responsible, & I, nor Boyden wrote the Terms & RULES of Engagement…they are written in blood!

The Global Mafia “Will Deal” with your, & Avista/Centurylink-Quest’s/Don R Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors (piss ants to them) failure to contain the situation, (ME)… which, all you stupidly did today, was prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how intricately Centurylink-Quest, Avista, Don R Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors are tied to the Global Drug/Pedofile Sodomite child molesting/Ritualistic Elitist Occultists Free Masonic Illuminati Mafia…


Which my Brothers & Sisters of the Americas… Mexico, Central & South America, & my Global allies…protecting me & hacking you & your co-conspiritors every move by cell phone, by any digital or electronic device any of you have & are using, including CB Radio frequency!

Their motive???

It is their women, children, sisters, family members your network are selling, molesting, sex slavery/Trafficking, filming & snuffing!
Perdition is yours & your co-conspiritors, your fate is sealed in the name of God/Jesus Christ, Our Lord!

You, & Dickey’s/Greve & co-conspiritors are Godless creatures.

My Protectorates are Eternal, ever present…and, they are coming for you all…

Looks good on all of you, “Perdition” where everything you have done to others… shall be done to you, yours, Dickey’s/Greve & co-conspiritors for all ETERNITY!

Love It!

Relentlessly, all consuming…

So, I am waiting…

For you & your fellow idiots to drop in our lap another nail in your coffin!

Today was marvelously perfect for us, again very bad for your team of terrorizing gang stalkering, rapists, pedofile, pedastryloving/Sodomite Lucifarian murderers…!

We don’t call 911/Kendal Allen or Detective Maxey….

The very upset Global Mafia, “WILL” be taking care of business on all of you for being flaming Idiots & exposing their Global business Worldwide!

They definitely will not be coming for me or Red Eagle….they will be cleaning, with disinfecting solutions to what you all have cost & caused the Global Operation Syndicate Mafia no one even ever hints at!

Whereas, I will be getting a thank-you for showing them their sloppy idiots (you all) & their “Security vulnerabilities,” namely you, Jerry, Dickey,Greve, & co-conspiritors, anyone who is in the Dickey’$ camp!

*Got the drift, stupido’$ Lindquist Centurylink-Quest
/Avista & CEO’s right down to the complete bottom of the barrel…you all/local perps!

Hoka Hey, Wasciu Status Quo/Good Ol’Boys!😁

Two Dumb Canadians, one Crazy Indian, eh?

The Protectorates know where you live!

Quote:..Dickey’$ slander/lie jacketing/2010 Of US, after getting caught lying on his sales disclosure!

My hair best not even get mess up by the wind…or it will only be more painful for you all when the Global Enforcers arrive…


They already are???

Already here…?

Is that what I heard???

That screaming & howling… down through the Liberty Mountain Valley above Orient, Washington I thought it was a couple of feral male cats duking it out…wasn’t CATS???

Think so now, any of YOU?????

A Crazy Indian???

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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2 Responses to Century Link – Quest inside man for Don R Dickey… Jerry Lindquist Complicit In Attempted Murder Of Native American Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman…see how now!

  1. Just doing my 1st Nations Woman happy dance tonight in joyful celebration!


  2. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:
    Fear not he that can kill your body…rather fear Him who can kill your body and cast your soul into HELL!

    The “Flat Line” is promised to all…all are appointed by God to die…not a matter of if but when and those who are devils in their listening to their father the DEVIL…are his both in time now as revealed in their works of murder targeting this Elect Handmaiden of Jesus Christ…His Daughter and as such will reap the winds of hell when YOU the liars and murderers as sons of perdition come before YOUR JUDGE to be assigned to your ETERNAL state of HELL and DAMNATION…

    Suzanne Dupree / Belva Schuldt as a Native American is being allowed to and used to … expose the evils of the Brotherhood of Darkness…even Satan in Washington State…a hate Indian State owned by he who sits on the throne of hell…even as he owns this soon to be judged and destroyed country for embracing the fullness of evil as inspired by Lucifer himself and his cadre known among men as FreeMasonry.

    The time of God’s judgment is nigh at the door and those of His Oyate will be protected and spared and witness to the cleansing of all that is not of Him…even so Amen!

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