Lindquist, the multi-tasker for Don R Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors…Today is WHEN!

Jerry Lindquist, it just keeps getting better & better for the Boyden-Wade team against corruption, Lucifarian pedofile drug cartel Global networks….
Lindquist you are quite the multi-tasker for Don R Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors with your Centurylink-Quest split amplified line/old partyline hookup, Avista (509)680-6014 to Avista/Jim’s cell phone number with your voicemail that I & Boyden both called…
And, now Kan Dhu (Chewelah)Electric where you work as an electrician…

So, you were the one who wired this house for Teflon Don with false grounds to pass home inspections for Dickeys real estate FRAUD, eh?
You all thought you were so clever, never would get caught…the deck of cards rigged against the victims!
You broke every law imaginable, Lindquist, & if you do the crime, you gotta be able to do the time, & you absolutely will be doing time!
Way too much documented evidence to be otherwise!
Now, the Avista/Centurylink-Quest Corporations drug into this by proxy…
There is no way they didn’t know what was going on, their bragging about profits show how all that pedofile drug money was laundered, eh…
Shareholders must be mortified, unless they knew too!
Oops, a sure deal, no one would get caught????
Follow the money trail…
It tells everything about who are partnered up with in this huge mess you Corrupt SOB’s have on your hands you cannot ever extract yourselves from!
Yeah, go to church today, pray to have your sins forgiven & get out there tomorrow & be at it again….for as long as you can until Jesus sends you to your true Father, Satan…
You will see all your partners in crime wailing in pain & terror with you!!
Sure will look good on all of you…
If you play, you pay…not if, when!
When is now boys & girls!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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6 Responses to Lindquist, the multi-tasker for Don R Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors…Today is WHEN!

  1. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:
    AVISTA and CENTURY LINK both just have to LOVE Linquist and Dickey for PUTTING THEM ON THE PUBLIC MAP with the help of their bath house fraternity such as Chris Montgomery and Wayne Bell of Stevens Title with the local law assistance of Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen who PERSONALLY makes sure Dickey and Greves and Linquist are NEVER investigated ifor their crimes against Suzanne Dupree knowing they all have NATIONAL SUPPORT from the FBI who oversees and protects the GREVES PEDO network, the DICKEY DRUG PIPELINE working together with DHS and BORDER PATROL.

    This is what is going on in Kettle Falls and Stevens County Washington State and last week I contacted a FED in DC and lit a fire under her ass to see if those THERE will realize that what has been hidden for so long under the DOJ eye etc…is now OPEN NEWS with AVISTA and CENTURY LINK being directly connected by complicity or through “dumb as a rock” asswipes like LINQUIST and DICKEY!

    When STUPID exposes a major drug operation because of believing you could steal from a Native American her home by MURDERING HER and that idea backfires your punk asses right into hell…then realize that YOUR heads are going to fall… just say CHEESE boys when your pics are taken by the CARTEL CAMERA CREW because they just love taking action photos of their work in progress to show and tell their buddies especially when those south of the border now know what has been done to THEIR women and children and by WHO! Read my lips and say “GRINGOS”!

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  2. Joan Heart says:

    For years now I have hoped for some justice and some judgement on all these perps…I have witnessed a lot of the drug trade interaction just by sitting at Suzanne and Arnie’s,and watching the roadways and homes nearby I have been poisoned, just like Suzanne and the animals, and Arnie when he is home, first from the water, then through infrared and high frequency HAARP electromagnetic waves… the electronic spying and peeping tom devices are embedded everywhere, it’s how they drove the previous owners into the breakup of their marriage, bankruptcy and foreclosure back to Dickie… These crack head pervert pedophiles and their minders and handlers deserve what is now chasing them down, with no place to hide…go get em Wade and Boyden, you have the truth, and there is no place for them to retreat to or pretend to be a good guy anymore…their own evil stalks them, hungry for their every breath….

    ps. tried calling Boyden at number given to me and it was out of service, and tried twice to reach you Suzanne, and you weren’t available according to the message after the 7th ring, about 9:30 am this morning, Mon. July 25


  3. Yeah, finally eh?
    Like the Sani-Cans going in & out of the unoccupied property 3-4 times a week changing out the porta potties across the county road…same property Deputy Schwinn left his business card instead of making a proper arrest of LJ/felony assault of Lori…Grand Larceny, emptying her bank account, & allowing his buddy to rape Lori, after LJ beats her….
    Remember Reuben…on the hunt for LJ, blood boiling mad, Sheriff not doing anything to locate LJ…
    I tell Schwinn who & where he is camped out holding down the fort where the crack, meth, heroin is made, picked up…Obama, boats, motor homes Dani Cans, Septic Tanks, Ice Cream trucks…..
    Nothing done by Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, Spokane DEA, Seattle FBI…
    Now we know why, great work, Boyden!
    Joan needs to tell the incident Feb 14, 2014 surrounded by Greves 7th Day Adventists, 8pm at night…6 cars/trucks parked all around our property, Joan hiding in front of stove afraid we would be shot…
    No help coming to save us two ol’ ladies…
    Until I started taking photos with the flash going off….
    Then, & only then did they begin to move their vehicles, a bunch of bullies, pedo/drugos “church going” phoney dirt bag white trash cowards!
    My turn now…
    I am not afraid to die, are you Hicks front the sticks & clear up the food chain to the very top?


  4. Everyday, it just keeps getting better & better for the “REAL” Spiritual Warriors TEAM, exposing the Corrupt, evil Wickedness….where justice was REFUSED to be enforced by man/LAWS!
    Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ’s justice is DIVINE…
    And, permanent for those who betrayed HIM in their criminal deeds here on Earth, shall burn in Hell’s Fire upon death, for all eternity with their fellow co-conspiritors!
    Perfect justice, eh???
    FEEL THE HEAT YET Pedofile/Drug dealing local Lowlife’s….
    Columbia viewed today & they know what you have done to their women & children!
    But, hey…it is nothing personal, just business, eh???
    Let us all see how very personal the Columbia cartel makes it, they definitely know where you all live & work…
    And, they will NOT be coming to see me, boys & girls…but you all!


  5. Mr. Kyle,
    Lock ring resealed, security cams in place.
    Avista’s attempt to call was unsuccessful because it only rang 4 times.
    I was outside, missed it but *69 & checked caller ID (509)680-6014.
    Recognized the number, checked my little black book of phone numbers, it was Jim/Avista number from several years ago 680-6014!
    Had things to do, & called from my satellite Hughes Network phone…
    And, I get Jerry Lindquist’s voicemail, you know Jerry Lindquist’s/Centurylink-Quest, & Kan Dhu Electrical in Chewelah????
    Richard Boyden called the same 680-6014!
    Jerry Lindquist voicemail Boyden got too!
    Then, a short time later, Avista/Jim calls the satellite phone # asking if I called his 680-6014 from the satellite phone number!
    Not everyone, Doug is as dumb as a stump!
    And, after you, Douglas Kyle state June 8, 2015 there were no hazardous conditions with Avista’s 1984 leaking transformer, then threats from Scott, your supervisor locally at Avista file #1505021 at Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, and, finally after trying since Feb.2, 2015 for Avista to remove the leaking transformer…Sept 14, 2015 after another Avista attempt shutdown by Avista repair crew fearing for their lives/Safety because…it was NOT just harmless oil, Mr Kyle it was PCB’s leaking!
    Which Avista finally removed 8 months later, legal council for Avista Bret Browning playing silly bitch with Barry Bachrach for months on end, lying, lying, lying…!
    The leaking PCB transformer was removed from Orient Cutoff Road by 5 Avista vehicles, one hazardous waste containment vehicle, Avista workers in hazardous waste protection gear, & finally got what should have been done immediately!
    All filmed, photographed, witnessed & documented, through the whole Avista removal process while Arnold Wade Was Not Home, Mr Kyle/Avista Corp…
    Trying to do it without witnesses, & I alone…gang stalking is illegal!
    We know who & what your Avista/drugs-Centurylink-Quest CEO’s are all about with Avista dirty electricity, Smart meters/Transformers with surveillance & data mining capabilities, & the accompanying health hazards associated with them to customers/consumers, including death!
    So, Mr. Kyle/Avista Corp….
    Your locking ring tag is spot welded, back in place as required, we still pay our Avista bill early, despite your crummy track record with us personally!
    No one comes here while Arnold Wade is not here, Avista has a serious problem UNDERSTANDING that fact!
    Your dirty laundry Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist is bagged, tagged & exposed…
    The investigators know where you all live, all your contact info & what brand of tidy whities (undies) you all where, how you are all interconnected & co-conspiritors & why!
    And, for the record Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist….anything happens to us, our animals, our home, vehicles…the World knows it was no accident, but by design!
    Anything you don’t understand about what is written here, Douglas???
    Call Lindquist, he has Boyden’s number & the message to all co-conspiritors, “Not IF, WHEN!”
    Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman
    Arnold Wade
    July28, 2016


  6. Operation “Drain The Swamp” May 7, 2010/Nov 17, 2016

    *1). US Customs/Border Protection/Port of Entry Laurier, Wa. Re: Port Commander Richard McKay
    June 2013 (509)684-2100

    2). Allan Reichman Assistant ATTORNEY General Washington State, Senior Legal Council Dept of Ecology Olympia, Wa.(360)586-6748
    a). Tom Loranger DOE Olympia, Wa. (360)407-6672
    b). Jeff McKenna DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3480 April 14, 2014…laughed & called me a Bull Dog!
    c). Kari Johnson/Keith Stoffel DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3415
    d). Gene Drury DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3566/(509)329-3400
    e). Wes McCart Stevens County Commissioner (on water board) (509)496-6518
    f). Brian Danzel 7th District Senator Wa. State (509)322-5768promised to help us, nothing, too tied into Status Quo/Corrupt politicians Stevens County-Colville, Wa.
    g). Dept of Labor/Industries Olympia (360)902-5799
    h). Matt Schmaz Environmental Health Colville, Wa. (509)684-2262 *Schmaz threatened me the same day Keith Stoffel/ DOE Spokane, Wa. did after calls from Wes McCart, McCart also called DOE/Assist. ATTORNEY General, Allen Reichman.
    After that, McCart speaking to Reichman, McCart avoided my calls & refused to call me back.
    i). DEA/Spokane, Wa. (509)353-2964…said they were aware of the drugs, but never pursued any arrests or convictions.
    j). John McKay US ATTORNEY D.C…no response to message.
    k). EPA Olympia, Wa. (360)753-9437
    l). *Marie Cantwell, Washington State Senator/Committee For Indian Affairs Spokane, Wa. Office (509)353-2507 Cantwell had/has James Abourezk’s position as a Senator & Committee for Indian Affairs…interesting, eh???

    This is just the tip of the Cesspool/ICEBERG of Corrupt elected officials/politicians who stood by & allowed Dickey’s/Greve/Wilder free rein with US Govt Homeland Security/FBI protection to attempt to murder myself, husband, witnesses, all Canadian Citizens, with the exception of murdered by Thallium Nitrate poison, Reuben McMichael-American Citizen/witness & protector of me (did not die of CANCER as Stevens County Coroner Patti Handcock, & Dan Bryant school chum said, exact words from Dan Bryant after Reuben died, Reuben’s POA at the time of death)…*of which I have dual citizenship, American first, Canadian second May 11, 2011.
    All criminal acts, gross indifference, Capital Crimes by Homeland Security-Chris/Don R Dickey, Kent Duane Greve-computer genius/Jade Helm 15/2015 Headquarters setup by DOD/DOJ, black Chevy SUV…film captured fall 2014, there 21/2 hrs, engine running, lights on entire time at Greve’s, Malmede, Andrea-Michael Stanley’s residences yarding out of Greve’s main residence green duffle bags of contraband, no arrests/Complicit, witnessed/Photographed with Boyden & other investigators.
    The objective, to continue with corruption, racketeering, money laundering, FBI June Mail-Cyber-Gang Stalking, Real Estate Fraud, Drug manufacturing and distribution, Pedofile Child Sex Abuse, the criminality is endless here in Colville, Kettle Falls, Orient, Washington & Washington Demonic Party ruled State… by Anti-Indian CERA/CERF hate group, enabled & protected by those above listed.
    Oh, and there are so many other co-conspiritors in collusion-conspiracy premeditated attempted murder, all with motive, access, intent & opportunity for profit.
    We are just working our way down the huge list…
    BTW: Trump take back our Internet!
    And, Biased Mainstream Corrupt media, FACEBOOK…etc, they have betrayed Christ, you, America & beyond…
    Please note they all chose the wrong 1st Nations Woman to try to murder to cover their ignorant, stupid, arrogant drug-pedofile cartel US Govt Protected asses!
    I am a Servant of Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ…no other!
    I am a descendant of my assassinated by US Govt Ancestor, Sitting Bull…via his Sister, Mary Good Elk Woman, there will be Justice/Redemption for my Tetons, Tribes & Indigenous Peoples Globally…now take treasonist James Abourezk (Syrian Sioux) to task, the US Govt orchestrator, Obama’s mentor/Godfather for Obama’s Arab/Muslim bought Presidency USING “Blacks,” of all our Teton, Tribes, Indigenous Peoples Globally pain, suffering, poverty & misery…which includes America, her Allies, & the World!
    If you intend to “Drain the Swamp” start here, Trump/Pence….everything illegal going on here is sanctioned from DC!

    Belva Schuldt-Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin
    Hoka Hey!
    Hechetu elo!

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