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 20th of Dec, 2009 by   Dr. Alice Carroll +13 Votes
The fake shaman buster Alton Carroll of Boerne TX and his band of 4 core Euro-stooges have been stalking and harassing innocent people for years. The latest news is that the idiot Carroll is lamenting over a lawsuit he lost. He comitted several acts of libel and slander against an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation. A man named Dr. David Yeagley. It was rumored that the criminal Carroll even went on the lamb last year to avoid prosecution. Carroll is a deviant character of the most sordid kind. Al Carroll is posing himself as a fake Apache. But, it’ s Carroll’s cyber-stalking that had gotten him into some bad legal situations. The guy’s a moron and a loser with no life.
 28th of Dec, 2009 by   Brent suckscock David +13 Votes
Oh praise be to GOD for this site. Al Carroll is one messed up individual – hell bent on presenting “facts” about certain individuals he admits he’d like to see shot on the spot. Yes, there are legitimately some real whack-jobs out there in ANY realm of spirituality including some of the ones exposed even on his site. Then there are those who DO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to being the things Uneducated Indjun has distorted on the Internet for years as pure FACT. Pure FANTASY is more like it. Nothing but a pathetic smear campaign by a puny cajones mixed blood.
 9th of Nov, 2010 by   CRAZY AL +12 Votes
Controversial fraud Hunter and self appointed medicine man buster Dr. Alton Carroll, aka Educated Indian has never made public his Apache parent (s) family name nor has he been able to substantiate his claims on the record that one of his parents or grandparents is of Apache origin. There could be many legitimate reasons for this but for the time being he still remains an enigma.For example, there have been many instances of Hollywood actors who have made claims of being Apache to end up proven false. The obvious reasons and motivation for claiming to be of Mescalero Apache origin is usually monetarily driven, promotion of a career, books, seminars, films and donations for websites. Most often, they do this overseas and in Europe where it is close to impossible for people to validate their claims.Most people would recognize the benefits and realize that this is a great sales pitch to use the name of Geronimo on your bio and to say that you come from the same tribe as one of the bravest warriors that has ever lived. In this day and age, some people will go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s for an audition or selling a book or promoting a film.
The evidence so far indicates that Dr. Al Carroll is not enrolled, recognized or affiliated with any Apache tribe. His best defense to date is rather dubious because when asked he has replied by saying “ask my college friends and they will tell you about my Indian-ness”. Indian could easily mean Aztec or Mayan Yucatán, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Campeche, Hidalgo, Puebla, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz or Mexican Indian; since he did not say Apache-ness. Or it could also mean he’s from India for that matter. It could be that he is being facetious or is using humor to cleverly deflect this simple question; so that most people would laugh, shrug it off and forget about it and not ask again. In other words, assume he is telling the truth and take him at his word. After all, he is known to be the New Age Fraud buster.Now, if his parent were of Apache origin, this would be in most instances simple to verify. With just a name of the parent and by asking the Apache people. Most families that live on the Apache Mescalero reservation would be able to confirm this. Since most likely his father is Irish ( with a name like Carroll ), that would probably mean his mother’s Apache maiden name would be all that is needed to identify her family and to prove descendency. If he were adopted, there would also be adoption papers that would legally verify who his mother was and her race.To prove legitimate descendency, one needs to have some record of his/her belonging to a member of the tribe that was recognized by the tribe at some point. If you don’t have contact with your tribal member then you can ask the tribe to look for his last name.CRAZY AL 🙂

 9th of Nov, 2010 by   CRAZY AL +12 Votes
Let’s be truthful shall we? This group, NAFPS represents no one but themselves and their own sick agenda. The vast majority of the membership is not Native American, but people from Europe, or people who claim they are, but they are not.
Groups like this were once spread everywhere until Internet Laws and lawsuits started to be filed about the false allegations and libelous statements they would make about anyone who disagrees with them, or who stands up to them and refuses to take their abuse. To take a stand, is to encourage even more abuse from this group. Fortunately, internet laws have prevented their harassment via email and now web hosts are beginning to realize that they are not worth the time, effort or expense, so they shut them down, which they should do.
With all the allegations they have made recently, they have provided no proof at all. When they allege someone is a culture vulture or selling ceremonies, they present no documented evidence, such as filming such events, obtaining records which proves money has changed hands, (they could even use notices of such events which would contain this information if the person is a fake).
What they do time and time again, is allege, insinuate, twist things around and of course, back one another up to prove what? That they are fools, who are so insecure about who they are, that they have appointed themselves guardians of Indian nations’ traditions and ceremonies when these nations are more than able to handle such matters and not in the manner in which these people operate.
Some of the people they have mentioned as being fakes are. But they have no right to harass people and print their personal information online on their websites, or to make so many allegations without providing proof of those allegations. They provide no proof – nothing! Where is their proof?
Yet, when they are called on what they are doing wrong, and their websites are removed for violations of the Terms of Services for use, they start crying about how their freedom of speech is being taken from them; they start whining that they are being attacked because they are Native American Indians, their freedoms are being denied to them and on and on. This is the same response that has been used by many other websites that have been removed for the same reasons.
They do not represent any American Indian nations. No Elder would ever approve of the tactics they employ towards others. This claim they make, is an outright lie and they know it.
Our Elders teach us to be respectful of all people, that if we cannot get along with others, just to go our own way and let them go theirs, because the Great Mystery will tend to judgement of all people. It is not their job to charge, judge and harass others. If they find an individual who is selling ceremony for an example, then they should go to that nation’s tribal council and let the tribal council handle it.
It is impossible to stop every website on the internet that they do not agree with. They got away with that for a very long time, but now, thankfully, there are laws to protect the innocent from such unjustified attacks.CRAZY AL 🙂

 12th of Aug, 2014 by   Frank Bee +12 Votes
The NAFPS appears to be consistently punitive with little to no tolerance for the nuances involved in the subject of teachings being shared between Native and non-natives groups and individuals. There seems to be a police mentality that permeates the site and while highlighting individuals who are clearly abusing traditional teachings and the Nations from which they originated, they have also destroyed the well-earned positive reputations of people working in earnest to do positive work.
There must be ways that we can work together instead of the self-righteous condemnation that seems to be integral to Mr. Carroll’s agenda. He is content to provide no context on his site, clearly there is little interest to education and facilitate intelligent dialogue. However, much attention is focused on bullying and harassment (see previous entries above). I appreciate this site and i’m struck by the irony contained in the reported claims which challenge Mr. Carroll’s identity and motivation.
How is a traditional Native teacher to follow her or his vision when it instructs them to invite all people into their altars? What is a non-native person to do when they have been taught by Native friends and teachers and then endeavour to follow this way of life? It is not “black and white” Mr. Carroll. I suggest you remove the slanderous content that attempts to soil good work by good people.Pilamaya.

 1st of Sep, 2014 by   Proud Native Supporter of NAFPS -16 Votes
Five different spam posts by the same deranged racist, John Martin of California. Martin was
kicked off of for racist rants and death threats. He spent years stalking anyone who dared disagree with his racism.NAFPS is made up of over 2000 members Native, white, black, Latino, Maori, traditionalist, Christian, pagan, atheist, Muslim, etc. We have members from an amazing variety of tribal backgrounds, Anishinaabe, Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Lenni Lenape, Menominee, Munsee, Navajo, O’odham, and many others.

Groups and individuals that NAFPS Has Worked With, Including Those That Are Members of NAFPS and Other Activist Groups

American Indian Movement Chapters:
AIM Arizona
AIM Indiana
AIM Support Group of Northern Kentucky/Ohio
New England AIM

Sites that list NAFPS as a resource, work with NAFPS members, or whose members recommend NAFPS, in alphabetical order: (Native Prisoners Support Group)

Americas Indigenous People, New Age, and Cultural Appropriation

Anthropik Network

Blog Critics Magazine

Blue Corn Comics

Care 2 Make a Difference

Curanderismo Research Project

Dakota Lakota Singing;… />


Do No Harm (Anishinaabe Activists)

Reviewer on Ebay

Indian Religion Beliefs

Internet Infidels Discussion Board (Skeptics Society)

Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee;article=16531

Library of

Native Culture Links

Native Youth Magazine (Conservation board)

Planet Twinkie

Raising Our Collective Voices (Native Woman Activist)

Red Road Collective (Anishinaabe Women Activists) (Geneology Forum)

Six Nations Reclamation Info (Urban Legend Debunkers) />
Tutor Gig Encyclopedia

Waldorf Critics


American Indian Heritage Support Center
Honor Nation
Iron Lodge (Native Prisoners Support Group)
Our Red Earth
Red Road Collective
Albuquerque Indian Center (NAFPS members toured Europe on a speaking tour to raise funds for them.)

Native Issues Supporters in Europe:
World In Our Hands Foundation
Fourth World
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 1st of Sep, 2014 by   Proud Native Supporter of NAFPS -14 Votes
They are also widely used by museums, universities, and Native activists. Complaintsboard should not post five posts by the same poster, impersonating people within NAFPS using childish obscene nicknames.These are a list of news media and sites that used NAFPS as a resource in the James Arthur Ray case, deaths in a sweatlodge in Sedona.

NY Times (freelancer John Dougherty)

Chicago Tribune (reporter Daniel Simmons)

CBS News- Early Show (reporter Elizabeth Bacelar)

WNYC Radio- The Takeaway (producer David Fazekas) request for interview, unfortunately I was busy teaching at the time.

Anderson Cooper 360 of CNN (producer Ismael Estrada) same as above

People magazine (reporter Howard Breur)

Arizona Daily Star

NY Travel Writers Assn

Rodale magazine

Body + Soul magazine

Other endorsers who use NAFPS as a resource.
Listed in it as a resource for surviving cults.
Archaeologica /> Associated Content
Autonomous Voices, a Native issues support site in French
Bad Psychics /> Barry’s Blog
CAORANN, antiracist Pagan site
Care 2 Groups
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma official website /> The Circle, one of the oldest Native newspapers
Citizendia /> /> Chrysalis Witch, arguing against cultural appropriation
Druid Grove
Emer Wolfrider
Ency of Plants
Evocation Magic, Pagan Site
Files Meetup
Free Base<b…< span=””> /> Musings from Xavier Ashe, a post-catholic shamanic humanist existentialist pantheist that recently became a Lay Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.
Hal Rager
Hanksville is one of the oldest resources for information on Natives.
Home Circle /> Houston Examiner
I Speak of Dreams, teaching site
Jack Mountain, Survival Training Instructor.
Professor Russell Kirkland, Univ of Georgia instructor in Religion, uses as a resource in his course Introduction to Religion in Native American Cultures.
Kola, European support for Peltier
Leaftine, a performance artist, referencing in his master’s thesis.
Making Light
Many Rivers
Maoli World, Native Hawaiian Blog
Minneapolis Tribune
Once Upon a Time in the West, nice comments.
Native American Tube /> New York Post. Calvin Tatsey is complaining in the comments section. Others are defending NAFPS and mocking him..
NDN Spiritual Thiefs
Nonfluffy Wicca
Plenty of Fish Forum. Dating site that uses us as a resource in their Religion section.<b…< span=””> /> Rational Wiki /> Reality Sandwich
Religion Explorer /> Religious Forums, 77450, 81497
Rick Ross, one of the leading cultwatch sites. Nice compliments about our work against James Ray.
Right Health
Rigorous Intuition /> Rochester Democrat, local newspaper />
Shaman Links
Skeptic’s Dictionary
Spirit and Sky
Stereotype Drumhop antiracist page
The Stranger, Seattle newspaper

Organization in Eskasoni, TREATY BENEFICIARIES ASSOCIATION; to find one can search the Nova Scotia database:> Tribe.Net
Trip Atlas
2012 Hoax
ULC Intertribal
Unexplained Mysteries
Univ of Southern California
Wicca for the Rest of Us /> Wikitap
Wild Hunt
Wild Speak
Wildwood Survival
World Lingo

 25th of Sep, 2014 by   Objective Bystander -10 Votes
Dr. Carroll has quite a distinguished record. /> /> /><b…< span=””> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />¤t_ /> /> /> /> /><b…< span=””> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />… /> /> /> /> /> />>> /> /> /> /> /> />… /> /> /> /> /> />…. /> /> /> /> /> />

 26th of Oct, 2014 by   Reality Check4u +12 Votes
From the website Exposing Fake Native American Sites:Witness this baffoons site for yourself and see how quick they are to attack you. Just disagree with anything they say and you will get blogs, posts, and what not done to you.

This site is the most hateful site I have encountered. They claim to want to end the fake New Age Frauds and Plastic Shaman’s when in fact they do nothing but target all REAL Native Americans like myself. They claim to work with various AIM’s groups when in fact, they do not. They claim to be Native American and again, they are not. The owner of that site is Al Carroll a full blood Mexican claiming to be Mescalero Apache mixed-blood. Now all the others are from Europe or all White or Black American’s. Also they support this Sweden Film maker who has done nothing but exploit the Lakota’s.

This is what this man and his group really do to people and Native American’s. I have seen these people make up these kind of allegations also, and they do because they are such lethal character assassination darts, which is why they use them. And I have seen some of these allegations be proven wrong as blatant lies and still the lies get spread. They have tried it on me even! These people are lying on that web site about some good people. Not every one on that site that is listed as fraudulent is fraudulent and I know this for a fact, my self included. I do not approve of “cult followings”.

As for law suits, people have a right to defend themselves from attack, character assassination and blatant lies. These kind of lies that these people are spreading break up families, which makes NAFPS hypocrites and two faced. It is never o.k. to sell ceremony or make a living in this manner.

Now lets talk about what these “fraud hunters” ARE doing. Defamation of character, slander, libel, character assassination, gossip mongering, lying, (by the way didn’t these same kind of people do these same kinds of things to Jesus?) hiding behind a web site to afraid to say their true names while trying to destroy true servants of the Great Creator and doing the work of the “dark ones”, and taking sadistic pleasure in it in the process.

True spiritual people encourage people to ask questions, not invade their privacy by throwing their home address on the internet. These people are “people” not “human beings” they have a lot of learning to do and growing up to do, they are acting like they are on the elementary school playground.

They take the word of a man they never met in person as truth to their hate. Maybe it is because he feeds them the only thing they want…lies. What is sad is good people are hurt.
Posted by GaliquogiYanssi

From an Insider:


A respected Native American grandmothers experience of being assaulted by New Age Fraud and Plastic

John LeKay: When did you first hear about NAFPS and why did you join this group?Robin: I first heard about the NAFPS through a member of their group. It was my first time that I had ever gone into a forum on the internet. When I first went into the forum, it was very foreign in the sense that there were many names of people in research and frauds, that I had never heard of. I tried to read through as many posts as I could to grasp what the main focus of the group was.

JL: After reading the numerous posts in the so called “research” and in “fraud” columns, what was your initial gut reaction, your intuition telling you about to what you had read?

Robin: As I began to read through the posts on groups or individuals, I saw a pattern within the group which I had discussed
with another member, and that was; for the number of members that were in the group, I saw only a small handful that posted or responded. Those that posted would sometimes cut and paste emails of outside individuals, without any substantial proof the person existed or what they said was truth. Most of the postings were based on mainly links provided, which many times led to more hearsay of others.

Also, I became aware that it was common practice that if a post was made of an individual or group, it was bombarded by several posts of accusations, hearsay, at times much deletion and editing (and in reading what was deleted or such that the person defending themselves did not write things that warranted such editing nor deletion). This reminded me of seeing a child in a school yard being ganged up by several children. These were usually posted as “childish behavior, insults, racial remarks” to give a few examples that were and still are used; giving the impression to many reading the post that the person defending themselves are viewed as a guilty person through unfounded remarks.

When nothing more could be said, then another post would be started on a new subject or person. I, myself, saw a small portion of the many posts where someone from the group actually went out and gathered facts that were of credence.

My own personal feelings on the matter was that I was involved within a group that was damaging people that may not have deserved what was printed about them. I knew that the nafps was not what it appeared and I had already made the decision to leave the group

JL: What conclusion did you draw as to what this group was about?

Robin: My conclusion of the group as a whole is based on not my opinion but facts. The whole system of the nafps is based on emotions of dysfunction, there are contradictions; much are based on “do as I say, not as I do”. The group as a whole consists of white people that have little to no knowledge of native people and customs, except through books, cyberspace, and limited contact with native people. When there has been in the group – actual tribal members – when expressing their view on something, in most cases have been brushed aside or attacked. What is held sacred in the group is not that of native culture, but moreso of themselves and their beliefs on how native people should act or behave according to their standards.

This is not a group that base their foundation on native culture, but that of personal beliefs of what they have either read, or picked up small bits of information from actual native people. The saying that some people know enough to make them dangerous, in this case it would rightly apply.

JL: Would you say that this group is doing more harm than good or vice versa?
Robin: I myself have seen very little positive come from the group. As a whole they may think they had done much good, however that is a state of denial that many of them are in. The tribes themselves are the ones that should and are handling frauds. To have people that are not enrolled in the tribes, having stepped out of their boundaries and have imposed themselves in matters that do not concern them is disrespecting the elders and traditions.

JL: Have you ever known this NAFPS group to retract their comments or humbly apologize to anyone?

Robin: I myself have never seen anyone apologize in a sincere or humbling manner. Nor have I seen anyone retract any comments made toward a person they were attacking.

John O’BrienAugust 5, 2012 at 9:35 AM
These people either have hardcore personal issues or some kind of an agenda. They’re not only at NAFPS but operate and infiltrate other internet sites as well. I’ve encountered some on internet forums who although have either a minuet bit of Indian blood, or none at all, but feel they can speak for all tribes and their people. Call them on their BS and they go into the ‘poor little me’ victim mode and report you to the moderators, or call in their goon squads and sock puppet accounts to troll and harass real Indians. I’ve encountered this ‘Dr. Carroll, ’ ‘Sky’ and‘Kathryn’/Kathrine/Kathy/Kate on a good several other forums under just as many names besides what are used at NAFPS. They use proxy servers and have multiple accounts on these forums. Some have even schmoozed up to administrators and received moderator positions at these sites so as to swiftly dispatch any Indians who dare to speak out against their agenda. Could it be they are getting paid by some agency, corporation, religious group or maybe by the real new age fraudsters themselves. Before I even knew of NAFPS they were trolling me on other forums. On NAFPS these non-Indians claim to be ‘allies’ of the American Indians, but it takes more than a sock puppet fake Lakota or Cherokee affirming friendship with these devils to prove alliance.

Alex BruceJuly 11, 2013 at 8:32 AM
Attention: Alton Carroll or Al Carroll aka “educatedindian” and the website (NAFPS) is a fraudulent website of self appointed fraud hunters in reality they are the frauds. He is not an Apache Indian like he claimed in the past. He now states he is not an enrolled Apache because he got caught in his lies but still claim he is an Apache. In reality, his background is Spanish and Irish. He is a clever person to fool people with his lies claiming to expose frauds. After a lot of research, he is a jihadist that was radicalized in Indonesia back in the 90’s. The Islamic nation is very afraid of the Native American spirituality because it is so strong. He was sent back to America to cause harm to the Native people. He and his group are trying to disrupt the balance of the Native spirituality. Most of his group is unaware of his ties to Islam. Somehow he fooled the IRS in giving him that status of non profit. ONLY A MEDICINE PERSON APPOINTED BY THE TRIBAL PRESIDENT CAN SAY WHO IS A FRAUD. If you read through his website, you will discover that he does not know anything about native spirituality. He keeps changing the post as he learns more. He deletes any topic that is not to his way of thinking. All of his knowledge comes from books. He even fooled the Northern Virginia Community College where he currently works. His applications to the major universities were denied. He has written a book from other’s people work. Native People magazine found out about his fraud activities and banned him. Even Amazon has refused to list it. If a person wanted to find a fraud all you would have to do is search for ceremony and donation. This will give you a list of frauds. A medicine person does not charge for ceremony. When someone sends NAFPS a letter about a person being a fraud, he posts it without researching it. A lot of the people listed there are poor Indians living without the funds to take him to court. We are asking people with the funds to shut down his fraudulent website and to contact the IRS about his fraudulent activities. He receives a lot of money from his website and his lectures. Help is needed to stop this Jihadist activity against the Native American spirituality.

Bill ArmstrongFebruary 2, 2014 at 1:32 AM
His fraudulent website has been shutdown a few times already. The site was moved to an anonymous offshore hosting provider, Cyber Cast International in Panama after the last time. The site has been kicked off Yahoo as well.

You can get an easy A in his History 101 class at NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) as long as you take his opinions as fact. Disagree with his opinions and watch how fast it turns ugly 🙂

nafpswatchF ebruary 12, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Watchers of the Faux Indian site New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans
View on nafpswatch.wordpress…
Preview by Yahoo

Kathryn on NAFPS is Kathryn Price AKA Kathryn NicDhàna AKA Kathryn Theatana. She has attempted to infiltrate the Celtic community and in particular to appropriate Irish Gaelic culture. She is not of Celtic descent herself and in this sense is very similar to the faux Indian Al Carroll.

and Counting Crow writes:
You should wear it like a badge of honour if you are banned from NAFPS

I apologize for any erroneous comment posted here that is false. I may not like or even agree with the methods used by NAFPS but I believe Al Carrol has some Apache blood and is not a jihadist and I believe Kathryn is of Celtic descent and while there are Europeans posting on the board, I recognize that there are legitimate First Nation and Native Americans posting their views as well. I do not know any of the people above in this post as they were both blogs found on the internet nor am I in contact with any of the people found in the above post. I do believe what Robin has said however and I do agree with this comment “True spiritual people encourage people to ask questions, not invade their privacy by throwing their home address etc. on the internet. What is sad is good people are hurt.
 1st of Dec, 2014 by   Doug A. +12 Votes
The Truth about Dr Alton Caroll and New Age Frauds and Plastic Shaman
by a real NDN activist
Sunday Nov 9th, 2014 8:16 AM
Has anyone ever bothered to check the list of links provided by Alton “Al” Carroll concerning New Age Frauds and Plastic Shaman (NAFPS)?Of the 50+ alleged organizations and web pages that mention NAFPS here are the results:

42 do not exist

7 mention NAFPS – 2 are personal homepages in Europe that contain a link to NAFPS in a long page of links. 5 are websites NAFPS members posted on – of those two are about a 2003 High School play – others are a book review on Amazon, a link on a ComicBook page.

The remainder on the list mention NAFPS in a very unfavorable light:

calling their site “a witchhunt” saying the engage in “unethical behavior” and more…

“a hate campaign directed by an unidentifiable organization and person or persons unknown are masquerading around message boards and chat rooms spreading venom ”

“When I expessed an opinion online in a NAFPS forum, I became the target of one of the foremost
Cyber bullies online. Even though I have been extremely careful about giving out personal information, someone was able to find out where I lived through voter registration information. They contacted all my neighbors and told me that a relative had died and insisted that I I googled the phone number and found out that it was a person pretending to be a private investigator who wanted to threaten me with bogus lawsuits to keep my mouth shut.”

In summary not a single organization in this list mentions NAFPS in a positive light, although some mention them in a very negative light, and some are posts from NAFPS members themselves.

 13th of Dec, 2014 by   Summer Rain -13 Votes
These are deranged and libelous rantings by a dangerous man who made death threats to Native Elders after he was called out as an exploiter of Native cultures. Visit NAFPS yourself and see the good work that is done there., white pretendians, abusers and exploiters fear NAFPS, because they are exposed for what they are there.

Those who work at NAFPS are courageous and dedicated. Just look at these libelous, false “reports” to see the crap they have to deal with for fighting the good fight.

 29th of Dec, 2014 by   Doug A.  Best Advice +14 Votes
Thanks for the invite Summer Rain but I’ve already looked in on your site and I’ll take a pass. Saw the way you treated some brothers and sisters and wasn’t impressed. You can’t state that everyone who has made a complaint against you is all the same man. I’m not that man. There are good women who are making complaints too. I’m not a nuager, a white pretendian an abuser or exploiter and I have never been on your board. I have watched what you do however. Not all those people on that board deserved what you did to them. When you treat people like shit expect to get it back and don’t cry about it when you get a taste of your own medicine.
 30th of Dec, 2014 by   Doug A. +13 Votes
Before I go, this warning from 3 other brothers who are also not the same manIf NAFPS Can’t Aplogise When They Are Wrong About The Many They Have Targeted: Then They Should Be Pulled Off Completely. They Were Wrong About Us, And No Sorry Came From Nowhere.

To Have Targeted Kaneekaneet And Not Even Bother To Speak To Any Of Us About Whom He Truly Is Or Even What We Have Been Up Too To Help Our Blood Relations?

I Wonder If They Are Paid To Hate Or See It As Some Twisted Duty? I Look At Their Site And I Learned Nothing: And Yet I Am Sure They Must Have Had Permission From Some To Act And Behave That Way.

I liken the NAFPS to a group of people who are on a modern day witch hunt. Their behavior rivals the inquisitions of old. There is no reasoning with the NAFPS what so ever. It’s their way or their way. The NAFPS are killing the heart, mind and character of those who get in their way. There is no Kindness or Justice amongst the NAFPS. It is a cold and dead way. The NAFPS e-lynches, e-drowns or e-burns at the e-stake the accused victims of their choosing. I feel they are dangerous and out of control.

NAFPS his just a hate group that write lies about native americans that they never met in there life.
J Reuben Silverbird is a well repected native american and they lie on him. I give this

If you are thinking of visiting or joining New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans before doing so, please be prepared that if you do challenge; they will delete anything that you say that exposes their abusive behavior and in its place insert derogatory, infantile, deceitful and inverse racist comments.

They will most likely also blame shift and classically project their own negativity and ignorance onto the person and attempt to make it appear to their audience as if it was the innocent person’s fault. When all else fails, they may also attempt to make the person appear racist, condescending, patronizing and worse. Also expect to have your privacy violated by them posting your home address, phone numbers and email address online.

You can also expect that they will flip and twist your words and comments. This is obviously designed to distort and invalidate the individual by creating a false impression to his audience and followers, as well as to attempt to make himself appear more intelligent, wittier, wiser, superior and so on.

NAFPS will use all forms of bullying and intimidation tactics that are often implemented by cultists and street gang members.

 12th of Jan, 2015 by   William Ac +10 Votes
The NAFPS website says they are “proud to be called enemy”. So why would NAFPS members think one person is responsible for these posts? Even if it was one person, which one is it. NAFPS has attacked so many people. David Yeagley, John Martin, John Lekay, Keisha Crowther, the list goes on and on. So which “one person” is it this time NAFPS? Doug A is right there is no sense posting oN the NAFPS site as they delete and alter posts routinely. Their members are notorious for it. They are also well known for harassment and cyber stalking across many sites. Alton Carroll aka Al Carroll aka educatedindian etc posts under so many aliases it must occupy much of his time. David Yeagley he harassed to the point where he filed a slander / libel suit against him. The case is still ongoing in Oklahoma court. Kathryn Price aka Kathryn Nicdhana etc is another one who employs the same tactics using sock puppetry and proxy servers to post their comments over and over under different names. NAFPS exposes their own ignorance and lack of research more than any fraud. Just because there are frauds out there justifies none of what NAFPS does. They mistake people because they are just doing Internet searches, they accuse people who are well respected in their own communities. They have had their website taken down by several hosting providers for hate speech. Now they are on an anonymous offshore hoster Cybercast International in Panama. What kind of site had to post a disclaimer “we are not a hate site”. Only a hate site would have to say that. They used to share first amendment friendly webspace with neo-Nazi and other groups. But dont take my word for it. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Go to their website and write something critical and watch how fast the post disappears and they attack you.
 27th of Jan, 2015 by   Doug A. +10 Votes
also not by the same manLet me tell you, once these people over on the “New Age Fraud” site starts to harass you, they will not stop. I have had to close up an email account I have had for 7 years because of their harassment. I block one address, they make up another. They are horrible people with sick minds… lied to my cousin on the rez and said [they were] giving money back to the people. All lies all the time. Blackwolf

I learned early on that Carroll and Co. routinely post grossly inaccurate information. They will not admit it, or retract their false statements, even after their mistakes are well proven. Opinions and differences in perception are one thing, but the NAFPS folks have actually misidentify people with similar names, listed a well known Enrolled Cherokee Storyteller as a fraud, etc.

Tawohdih was wrongly listed as a “Fraud” on the missing forum. Gayle Ross is an Enrolled Tribal member and a recognized storyteller in her Tribe. Putting someone like her on a Fraud list renders the entire document useless. You CANNOT trust any information acquired through NAFPS. From what I have personally experienced, Al Carroll cares more about what people think of him than he does about accuracy.

This is a site dedicated to uncovering “frauds” and fakes who mis use Native Spiritual teachings, and Ceremonies but it has become instead a place where Native Americans are attacked daily. Disrespected, spoken down to as if they had no rights, TOLD by Euros how their OWN ceremonies SHOULD be, told by Euros, who IS and IS NOT of the Nations, not ASKED if they are. They repeatedly disrespect those who TELL who and what they are, while REFUSING to answer those very SAME questions. It is time the leaders of AIM, the Elders of each Nation, be alerted to these things. It is time many were set to find out EXACTLY who is Al Carroll, and his “hench men”, and why they are being allowed to do these terrible things to Native Peoples. I find it very upsetting, that someone who so attacks “Natives” who go to Europe and teach our ways, runs a “group” to fight “such frauds” does the very same thing himself. And then, is disrespectful, and degrading to others, almost ALWAYS Natives, why? He, and the Euros running this board truly believe they are BETTER than us, smarter, and have a “God” given right to misuse our Spiritual ways? I have been writing every one I know, sharing posts of disrespect to our Peoples.

I will now be bring up a complaint against you and your fraud site [NAFPS] for defamation of character and treaty violation. Remember I am not a [US CITIZEN] like all the other elected Cherokee Chiefs. You can not use intimidation on me to coerce me to give you any other information regarding these matters. Obviously you are very angry at me, but it is rather I who am very displease with the activity on your website and will seek justice, and if needed shut your website down for acts of cyber-terrorism. This is your last warning to cease-and-desist from posting any erroneous information regarding the topic that we are now discussing, and remove all information involving posts related to this subject. You may post an apology if you wish but that is all. You have 7 (seven) days to remove the posts or we will continue to seek legal action against you. Think about your next action very seriously. You, through your website have just crossed the line over the “Two Row” Supreme Law of the Great Turtle Island, and by law I have the right to stop you from proceeding to commit intellectual murder on me and any of the people I represent. Change your ways and go in peace.

LETS BE TRUTHFUL SHALL WE? This group, NAFPS represents no one but themselves and their own sick agenda. The vast majority of the membership is not Native American, but people from Europe, or people who claim they are, but they are not. Groups like this were once spread everywhere until Internet Laws and lawsuits started to be filed about the false allegations and libelous statements they would make about anyone who disagrees with them, or who stands up to them and refuses to take their abuse. To take a stand, is to encourage even more abuse from this group. With all the allegations they have made recently, they have provided no proof at all. When they allege someone is a culture vulture or selling ceremonies, they provide no documented evidence. What they do time and time again, is allege, insinuate, twist things around and of course, back one another up to prove what? That they are fools, who are so insecure about who they are, that they have appointed themselves guardians of Indian nations’ traditions and ceremonies when these nations are more than able to handle such matters and not in the manner in which these people operate. They have no right to harass people and print their personal information online on their websites, or to make so many allegations without providing proof of those allegations. They provide no proof – nothing! Where is their proof? They do not represent any American Indian nations. No Elder would ever approve of the tactics they employ towards others. This claim they make, is an outright lie and they know it. Our Elders teach us to be respectful of all people, that if we cannot get along with others, just to go our own way and let them go theirs, because the Great Mystery will tend to judgement of all people. It is not their job to charge, judge and harass others. If they find an individual who is selling ceremony for an example, then they should go to that nation’s tribal council and let the tribal council handle it. They do nothing of good for anyone. They talk about fakes and twinkies, yet they are dealing with Europeans in Sweden of all places and worrying about educating them. Why don’t they spend that time in true worthwhile endeavors with native people and work on the reservations, work with the youth, etc? People are desperately needed to cut firewood at Rosebud and Pineridge. Items such as saw blades and other things are desperately needed by native volunteers to help the people who live there before another cold winter sets in and the elders and families freeze to death in their homes, which has happened too many times. Why don’t they help support the efforts of one Lakota family to harvest hemp so they can start a company, offer employment to their own people and become more self-reliant? There are so many good things they could be doing, but they call this activism. They prefer to slander, hurt, and lie about other people because it makes them feel powerful and in control. They make decent and good native people ashamed by their actions. Al Carroll has an education, it’s too bad he wastes it in such a way that he does. NAFPS is not a First Nation Advocacy Group, they have no tribal affiliations and act badly. They have misused their opportunities with their website to run abusive campaigns against anyone they dislike or disapprove. This includes bonafide Native American Spiritual leaders or ceremonial leaders that include non-Natives in their practices. NAFPS has no entitlement to claim any authority or special knowledge of who and what has rights to Native America they have shown by their own behavior that they cannot be trusted. When public men indulge themselves in abuse, when they deny others a fair trial, when they resort to innuendo and insinuation, to libel, scandal, and suspicion, then our democratic society is outraged, and democracy is baffled. J. William Fulbright 7 LAWS OF NAFPS 1. NAFPS gives no person a fair trial. 2. They are tried and executed in most cases behind the persons back. 3. They do not even have the common decency to alert the person they are gossiping and libeling. 4. Like cowards they resort to using pseudonyms. 5. If confronted or challenged the person is attacked, insulted, libeled some more. 6. Then their words are distorted and deleted. 7. Then they are libeled more on forums like this.

 2nd of Feb, 2015 by   Doug A. +10 Votes
“I just took a look at this NAFPS website. There is no tribal affiliations, no physical addresses or PO Box, no phone number. Email addresses are not able to be verified…I’ve been on the powwow trail a long time. I have heard it all from who slept with who to births and deaths at powwows, and everything between. To me it’s all crap without positive proof…

After taking some time researching the forums of the NAFPS website, I have found many things that I find in question in our community…

I have found screen names of people i have met. Many of those people are of Native decent and stand for the good of our community…

The one thing I question most is why the owners of the site would hide themselves when they claim the right and proper side of things…

As with any source the internet provides, don’t believe everything blindly.”

 19th of Jul, 2015 by   rainbowheart +6 Votes
dr alton carroll is not a native american indian. he is a fraud. he has NO respect for his elders… if he were… but in the case he is using his platform to slander people. I am going to make it my personal business to have this site shut down. i urge you to sign a petition i will be having online soon. i am instituting criminal proceedings against mr carroll and against the college he works for. I suggest everyone in this forum does so too. this man is going down!
 19th of Jul, 2015 by   rainbowheart +3 Votes
Dr carroll is an islamic terrorist sleeper agent. He does not do the cause of the native american indian any good and in fact harms it. He is going down! You cannot spread lies about someones reputation and expect not to get something back. when something is true..thats one thing… but what he says is completely and utterly false. this MISCREANT is going to feel the full wrath of my lawyers in the united states. and I’m also going to prosecute the college he works for too for aiding and abetting a terrorist supporting ISIS
 3rd of Aug, 2015 by   NAFPS Watch +9 Votes
Petition calling on Northern Virginia Community College to investigate the conduct of assistant history professor Alton Carl Carroll
 12th of Dec, 2015 by   anonymousna +10 Votes
New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) a group that was started by two foreign born nationals who have joined the ranks of haters and bashers of Native American Indian peoples.NAFPS AND AL CARROLL…/www.heyokamagaz…/HEYOKA.8.Robin.htm…/www…/HEYOKA.8.JayeLaValleLETTER.htm…/www.hey…/HEYOKA.8.MUSIC.Tommy.2.htm

Comments from Non-Christian Woodland Native American Indians
These people don’t care what circumstances surround your people’s heritage and history as an Original Native of these lands. No, instead they lump any Native that isn’t a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe into the same catagory of “wannabee”, “fake” or “fraud”. God forbid you are Non-Federal or Non-State Recognized and not a Christian for that is who they really target and go after…and you best not have a European pheno-type or it will be a 100 times worse.

Any Native person who is not a Christian is attacked with the label of New Ager, New Age Indian, Plastic Shaman, wannabee, fake, fraud or exploiter. Most often the target of these labels are light pheno-type mixed bloods who don’t look Indian enough to pass some skin color or facial features test. They are often hounded all over the internet, accosted at Pow-wows or public speaking engagements, slandered and campaigned against during state and federal recognition hearings, pictures of them plastered around to “warn” the community and a whole list of racial and bigoted hate speech which is often allowed by social media, regular media and politicians under the guise of consultations and permitting the Federals to run Indian affairs with an unfair and biased greed based tyranny.

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  1. Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ’s justice kicks butt!
    And, well worth the wait!
    Takes every lying Pretendians, AIMsters, supporters, enablers etc out all in one glorious shot!


  2. Hey, Evening Rain….
    See you are still kicking despite lying John Trimbach saying you are dead, died in 2010….Lol!
    You all lied & got linked/PUNKED by the “real” Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin for exactly what you all are “POSERS!”
    The Calf Pipe always brings the TRUTH to the SURFACE!
    But, you should get an Academy Award for acting like you were my friends….
    Now, WE own you!
    Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ has a very special place for crap people/betrayers of HIM & the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, like you….
    Perdition &Hells Fire with your Father, Satan!


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