“Wasichu” Alert! White Man Sexual Pervert Bill Bunting Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!

The curse that is upon the Wasciu and think what Bunting glorifies is “cool” will find the most excruciatingly painful experience awaiting them at WOUNDED KNEE, SD…
Hechetu elo!
And, only the “beginning of the excruciatingly painful horror, terror” once the spirit is captured upon death of the body by Satan & for all ETERNITY reliving the what the evil doers did to the innocent, being relentlessly, continuously done as their punishment to them!
And, really…Satan thinks it is really such a fun joke on his followers, which he really despises more than himself!
There is no greater place to be on Earth, than believing & serving the one true God, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ, none!



Source: “Wasichu” Alert! White Man Sexual Pervert Bill Bunting Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!

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Bill Buntings Phone Number 706-563-4663. 
He calls ALL “Lakota/Dakota/Nakota TETON peoples “Prairie Niggers” and “Rain Dancers” among other things and Custer is his HERO!. (See Below)

Driving black Camaro Ohio Plates with wife Karen Sue Andras Bunting. Going to Wounded Knee Village home of Barbara High Pine. Emerson Elk FULL BLOOD HEAD MAN is getting word out in Wounded Knee.

This Blog is about a White Satanist/Rape Promoter of Native American Women and Children and his White Pagan New Age Witch Wannabe and his “whore” (to use his words  as this is what she likes being called by him during their “sadomasochistic” most perverted evil acts of sex “known to man”) …SAY Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras-Bunting.

The warning is for the protection of any and…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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One Response to “Wasichu” Alert! White Man Sexual Pervert Bill Bunting Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!

  1. The message via the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin & WBCP Wiyan….
    Yes, they may go into Wounded Knee, SD…
    But, as the supporters of AIM 1973 who wanted “OUT” after witnessing what really was going on during the Abourezk/US Govt Staged EVENT called by the drive by BS spin it media as the Seige of Wounded Knee, those victims who’s physical remains are still hidden & buried there by AIM/US Govt Operatives under the direction of TREASONIST, Syrian Sioux….James Abourezk, Obama’s current mentor/Godfather of the Lucifarians ultimate agenda…learned the hard way, beware of lying with DOGS, you get more than fleas, you die!
    Ye, Bunting/Andras…Shall Remain with the Walking Dead!
    Hechetu elo, pilamayaye yelo Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ!
    It shall be so!


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