For the DEA, discrimination, racial profiling by Anti-Indian Hate group locally & Washington State which is systemic!

We must not forget… racketeering in the very long lists of the criminals that surrounds us illegal, criminal activities that go unchecked by Corrupt law enforcement!

Read this!
Agent Underwood,
I understand that Stevens County Sheriff vehicles were seen just over the border in Grand Forks, BC… Kal Tire business/money laundering location parking lot, fully vetted by local Grand Forks residents, which included a HELO CHOPPER, which is very VERY interesting given their first hand BUDDIES knowledge of ALL DRUG ACTIVITY!

So if there is no response from you i.e. DEA as to what has been documented etc. as well as following up on the information and perp ID’s then I will assume “silence IS complicity” and proceed to share the no DEA silence media wise country and government wise.

So I truly do hope you respond by tomorrow….

Richard Boyden

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

For the DEA…

1). Don Dickey son Chris/3295 Orient Cutoff Rd/Kettle Falls, Washington
2). Andrea & Michael Stanley/3277 A Orient Cutoff Rd/
3). 3277 D Orient Cutoff Rd/Kent Duane Greve/(509)684-1087…
4). 3277 C/Marie Malmede….
5). not counting the two story manufactured home with balcony, illegal dwelling carved into Liberty Mountain, listed as a garage….definitely NOT a garage, but permit says it is….a manufactured home 3-4 bedroom next to Greve’s stick built home, driveway separated the house/so-called garage
6). Keith Allen Wilder/Pierre Lake Rd.

We have witnessed, photographed since July 2010 drugs being moved by UPS, FedX, in Sani Cans/porta potties, kyaks, boats, septic tanks, motorhomes, by 4wheelers, ATV’s, motorcycles, Avista Corporation boom trucks (verified Avista involved Kettle Falls 5) 5 retired California Cops in Colville/Grand Forks, BC, Hells ANGELS, trucks with CB radio antennas, numerous vehicles, Chevy SUV’s, etc.
Co-conspiritors in drug cartel, most of residents in Orient, Washington…their longstanding…

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  2. Correct name for CORRUPT former Customs Agent-Border Guard Port of Entry Laurier, Washington manager-director, seller of our property we purchased May 21, 2010, 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, Orient, Washington is DON R DICKEY.
    Guilty of crimes (felonies), Corruption, racketeering, money laundering, REAL ESTATE FRAUD-THEFT, drug manufacturing/distribution-w/Greve-Wilder (Keith Allen Wilder convicted felon), child porn-human trafficking-peofillia, illegal phone-electronic devices taps/hacking, home breakins, illegal trespass, harassment, threats, stalking, monitoring 24/7, animal cruelity-EMF terror device abuse-injuries, & attempted murder…all done to us by Dickey’$/Greve, 7Day Adventist Church members NE Washington State chapter after we purchased this property May 21, 2010 with Homestead 1st use WATER RIGHTS Dickey needed for the other property owners, even though he & Greves each have 1/3 each of spring-creek/Year Around Stream, & why Don R. Dickey & wife Marlyn J Dickey lied on sales disclosure that there WERE NO WATER RIGHTS associated with this property, Henderson’s 1910 Homestead, 2nd Homestead on this mountain.
    Dickey lied about everything & has a string of victims like ourselves, & needs the death penalty along with Greve & their co-conspiritors, like Avista, Centurylink-Quest-Jerry Lindquist/Kan DHO Electric/Chewelah Washington, Fogle Pump-Dave Pehl, Stevens County Auditor/Recording-Tim Grey, Chase Bank-Chris Wright, Century21-Denny Blair, Remax-Ken Barcus, Chris Montgomery, McGrane/Schuermann, Stevens County Title-Summer Stahl, Hughes Network-House of Music, Stevens County Corrupt Sheriff, elected officials, & local/State politicians, Dept of Ecology, FBI, DEA, Dept of Justice, just to name a few of the murderous, drug dealing, pedofile co-conspiritors exposed in this pattern of systemic criminality…
    Showing beyond any doubt racial profiling, discrimination & targeting of a 1st Nations Woman…myself & my White husband, our friends, animals, vehicles etc & showing concisely these co-conspiritors motive, intent, access & opportunity with immunity to murder.
    Belva Schuldt, Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree/HakiktaWin
    Aug 31, 2016
    3:46 am PST


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