Democratic (Dem) for Demonic, Republican (Rep) Repulsive!

Neither party is doing the will of the people.

Politicians/insiders elected by outsiders/US Citizens (legally Immigrated here or natural born) to do the job representing the will of the people, which they refuse to do once elected because accountability is rigged by the same politicians to never have to have accountability to the very people who voted them in….

Anything wrong with that irrefutable fact….it is a simple yes or no question.

If you answered NO, why do you think you are so special??? Why do you believe none of these very bad decisions made in your behalf will not affect you & your family?

Are you just absolutely stupid or what???

You got Hilary with her head spinning around like she is possessed, which any common sense God Fearing individual knows with her close relationship with Rockefeller/Illuminati Hilary is Satan owned, the greedy bag in drag.

Her AIDS infected looking pedofile husband Bill, with he and Trumps visits to Lolita Island, preying with Epstein upon some ones child, should make you like, if it does not, you are Satan owned & programmed to follow the rest of the sheep to the NWO slaughterhouse.

You have free will, God given…to walk away from Satan & his minion of evil if you so choose.

Humanity is funny about survival…the instincts are the to survive at all costs, some of the best of MANKIND do extraordinary acts of valor & the greatest sacrifice of all to sacrifice their lives for others to survive & thrive.

Best be putting your electronic devices down & unsubscribe to your demise/destruction under Satan’s rule….

Our children are already under Satan’s control to destroy you….any hope of saving their souls will have to come from your personal sacrifice.

Their brainwashing began when they 1st watch Hollyweird/Satan owned subliminal programming to become “stupid,” and I mean in every single aspect of being a child of GOD, physically, mentally & spiritually… responsibility for this lies solely with you & your addictions & lack of parenting, because you are infected with the virus of Satanic forces too….good & evil resides in us all, it is only what dog we feed, what we choose to consume & become in the ultimate Act of Valor is representative of who were are as a child of God & a human being…

Not some Satanic government experiment gone horribly wrong….

You decide, & you better do it very fast….


We can be what God intended simply by getting control of our government which completely out of control with corruption & put in office those who qualified themselves by Acts of Valor now abandoned by those they protected…

They, by their very ingrained training know better than anyone who has never served what it takes in commitment to others to do what is necessary, & to make it home if possible to their loved ones!

A much better choice than Clinton or Trump…or Obama never leaving office, eh???

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Our investigative team has found my posts are being changed “in transit” by a certain Satan owned working group that set up for Don Dickey/Kent Duane Greve wifi/internet access to my devices via routers purchased from House of Music Colville, Washington when I got internet (again) through Hughes Network (again), after removing internet service May 26, 2013 to Nov 20, 2016 because the computer genius hacker disabled Hughes Network firewall, not once but twice…& when caught on film crashed both laptops & desktop…about 4,000 dollars worth of electronics.
    Cost me thousands of dollars to continue to post the truth against Spiritual wickedness, moral & ethical decay, fraud, rape, the syndicate of Satan Sodomites homo/pedofile/Sadomasochists Free Masonry Illuminati Elitist Occultists targeting, sexually abusing, trafficking, “Snuff Filming” children, abuse of women, connecting the dots of these abominations against God’s Will & Word via my global investigative team to protect & make aware of what is really going on, not the drive by media lying spin, etc!
    Best intel, the Richard Boyden Report WordPress!


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