To the Sons of Perdition Hells Fire awaits you, Syndicate of Satan Cartels this is your final notice Updated with additional Intel!

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Source: To the Sons of Perdition Hells Fire awaits you, Syndicate of Satan Cartels this is your final notice!

Joe Wade

Hey SCUM BAG, Yes we are still walking around, even with your continued attempts to give us dirt naps …. as said before get the hell out of our camp!!!

Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

“For example, Since the 70’s Abourezk has advocated support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) , Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and developed many working relationships with terrorist icons in the Arab states, the Ukraine, Cuba , etc …. , he was the 1st u.s diplomat to enter negations with Islamic icons since after the days of the 6day Arab/Israel war in support ofterrorist groups.

In the 70’s Abourezk with his working groups advocated for a terrorist held in Israel to be released, resulting in that person being flown to Jim Jones of the people’s temple, Jim Jones during those days also held working relationships with Dennis Banks and AIM.

It was during these days Abourezk started categorizing Palestine people as “indigenous” in order to garnish support for islamic terrorist icons from 1st Nations people on this continent, to this day Abourezk and working groups continue to promote those of Islamic Ideologies and worldviews as “indigenous people”.

Where is Syrian James Abourezk today in all this mess? , Sitting next to Obama and Valarie Jarret as an adviser for foreign policy, along with Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill working groups, in support to the recreate a Islamic Caliphate (ISIS), while the media and Obama’s gov. handlers push to change the ideology of americans by classifying current islamic attackers in our country today as “mental illness” …..

this country is full of basket cases that actually buy into their b.s script of social manipulation chaos.”…/abourezks-tin-soldiers…/

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Dale Rethke

Milbank High School

thats the only time republicans dont seem to mind spending money foolishly!

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David Markhardt

Data Processor at Dakota Plains Agency

“No credible case of an innocent executed, in the US, at least since the 1930’s (1,2).” I find this statement hard to believe. Without proper research on my part, I would tend to believe that (before DNA testing) many people have been executed that might have been innocent.

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Brenda Stoops

Inside Sales at MWI Veterinary Supply

That’s a lot of innocent murders when only 19 states abolished the death penalty, therefore the death penalty used as a determent is really not deterring as there are more states that have the death penalty than not.

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Joe Wade

that Syrian Peddlers Son JAMES ABOUREZK should be sent back to his ancestral homelands, where the SCUM BAG belongs.…/abourzek-law-firm-and-alc/

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Joe Wade

do “good people” actually listen to and confide in that scum bag abourezk who’s influence in the ukraine, israel/palestine and american indian country since the 70’s, has created nothing more than murder and mayhem? ….

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Richard Boyden

Rapid City, South Dakota

That’s ok you animated by Satan murdering beast who gave the order to have your AIMster hit men murder Annie Mae Aquash and when she was taken to Bill the brother of serial rapist Russel Means holding cell home where AIMSTERS gang raped her…it was done under the watcful eye who also raped her…of your adopted son of the Devil CHARLIE! Then she was taken to Wanblee and I think murdered by David Bill…not Graham but no matter because murdering lying Satan own souls…say you James…will experience the DEATH PENALTY as soon as your dying foul smelling body FLAT LINES…read my lips you andogenous murderer…the Lake of Fire and Brimstone with Obama Bush’s Clinton’s and the US Government collective of FAKE blasphemous Indians…the American Indian Bowel Movement!

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  1. Hackers, you have 5 minutes to restore my WP media content…..
    You are fully exposed, tagged & bagged by Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ’s Divine Power of Justice….
    Keep it up, we just keep adding the nails in your coffins!
    Sleep well before you descend exactly where your true destiny resides with your Master Satan!
    Aug 28, 2016 1:55 pm
    Hoka Hey, evil doers!


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