Yes, I am watching you back! Updated new Intel about data mining-internet surveillance agencies private/Government.

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“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Hello! We are watching you, too

Creating Links to Organized Stalking is a simple as clicking this. And, social media monitoring software like Palantir, Media Sonar, and Public Relay’s portals make equally loose, vague, unrelated connections- to hundreds of millions of people per year. Then, they extrapolate whole narratives of #badguyism, and attribute malcontent motivations to complete strangers.

If you clicked it ( and I bet you didn’t) you would have found that it goes to this website, a log-in portal for one of the many cowardly corporate spies and law enforcement agents desperate to create, and recreate, and regurgitate and extrapolate from data.

Here, below,  is an un-anonymized screenshot of the web portal to “Public Relay,” from the link above, one of the many software platforms that thousands of corporations, LEO’s and private intelligence agencies use to stalk, harass, and monitor and mis-attribute psychological motives to online speakers.

This snapshot, which I have designed for ‘clickbait’ will leave for me, a data researcher, a small amount of meta data with which I can describe my lurkers and stalkers later. It will also leave traces in WordPress servers:

analyst publicrelay com 8443 2016-08-21 20-48-32

One of the not-often-talked-about methods of harassing journalists, whistle_blowers, and activists is the way that intelligence agencies and affiliated corporations mob your blogs, or troll your comments sections looking for words to twist into a case or two.There is no way to challenge, contest, nor stop these online bullies from doing what they do. Their false narratives depend on it, and they do it with impunity.

In the last two months or so, since I published about Celeste Guap, aka #celesteguap, a child prostitute who was being pimped and passed around by law enforcement agents from seven different agencies like a football, I have done some monitoring and reverse engineering- and even some honey netting of my own ( that is actually the intent of this blog).

So, my monitoring has revealed an interesting, albeit subjective interpretation of facts relevant to organized stalking, and its interplay with the silencing of online speakers:

  1. Someone has a back door access to this blog- posts that I write that are deliberately obscure, and hard to find suddenly get hits from one or several of the five eyes nations. These postings non-linked, and are so obscure that it would take an assigned agent to have even read them in the first place as soon as they were published, much less pass them along to the moron who leaves their IP behind
  2. Certain posts, which I write specifically and with the intent that they are clickbait for these organized stalkers get hit just after I post other material that infers a relation. I suspect that ‘link chaining’ is occurring, somewhere, and have designed simple, but accurate nets in which to trap these flies.
  3. Certain posts that have seemingly personal information about me, the writer, all get hit at once- as if someone is piecing together a profile based on the narrator of this novel.
  4. As I have noted elsewhere, there are other facts pertinent to this blogs intention that are held elsewhere, and, as predicted, these ‘elsewhere’ documents, and web material also get hit in proportion to this blogs hits.
  5. In general purpose, it is known that this blog is a work of literary and novel intent- a work of art that contains written and infers unwritten content.
  6. the entirety of the scope of the hits, the relevance and timing of the profiling, and the outside real world contacts I have had with individuals and organizations relevant to the writing mirror the fact that real time monitoring is, and continues to occur in direct relation to other facts that have occurred since 2003.
  7. Various other web harassment such as comments I attempt to make to well known blogs from web connections disappear entirely, and never appear online, despite security protocols in place to monitor such activity.
  8. without a doubt, it is readily apparent to any intelligence agent or agency that a parallel construction is occurring in relation to this blog.
  9. En toto, I make the claim here and now that these sorties into my personal Constitutional freedoms are directly tailored to inhibit my ability to represent these issues on behalf of the freedoms of many many others who endure similar harassment and intimidation.

The New Mobsterism is Online

I have covered these mobbings from intel collectors and other more direct, invasive and unsettling harassment like stalking, hacking, and internet connection shut downs for years here, here, and here are just a few from this year alone.

Today’s troll is using a special software to ‘predict’ my intentions as a writer, and try to ‘predict’ my possible future behavior as a writer using cherry picked facts, factoids, inferences and un-nuanced interpretations of “my” intent. Good luck with that-Dostoevsky has been dead for a century and the tribe still can’t agree on whether he was anti-semitic; Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margherita is still enigmatic, and reveals hidden context each time I read it.

The Mighty Wurlitzer has Morphed into a Mighty Panoptical Robot with Intention Recognition, apparently.

Here is a PR release from one of these intelligence agency bots, sponsored by Lexis Nexis, the same software that the LEIU uses to target individuals, and create cases from nearly whole cloth. It says that

“Despite concerns from media commentators and privacy advocates, most (76%) of those surveyed said the use of social media as probable cause for a search warrant has never been challenged.

“By posting and sharing on public social media sites, gang members — in the eyes of the court — often lose their expectation of privacy,” Rick Graham, Law Enforcement Business Development Specialist for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, told PoliceOne.


So, as a result of being placed in databases as “permanent suspects” many of us are in the practice of keeping an eye on our stats, or other ways of documenting that yes, it really happens! There is SOOOOO much excess funding available to government agents that they have begun to assault words alone as “predictors” of “future crimes.”

But that was never the mission, was it? Or…WAS IT….?

Yup. That has been the goal all along: real time monitoring of speech and it’s speakers online, in order to create ‘probable cause’ to monitor them offline.

So, many of us have become sort of ‘reverse engineers, using OSINT in order to reveal the tactics of state sponsored terror. I dilligently Googled the link, and came up with this nefarious company- one of hundreds of corporations that derive income from monitoring pure speech online, and using junk science and pseudo-psychology to create cases for dusty detectives. My search of the link brought up one blog- ONE that had written about this nefarious OSINT agency.

Hard Link:

What did you do over the weekend?

What is interesting is this: yesterday and the day before, I had written about these exact diabolical word twisting, baby bombing morons and their predictive criminology used as a tool of speech suppression, and malicious investigation. I named a few of them, and noted that John Wheeler the 3rd, who worked for one of these nefarious data exploiters, the MITRE corporation,  and who was likely murdered by them before he could become a whistle-blower.

And, over the last week, I wrote briefly about, and re-posted links to documents about how the CIA believes that it “owns” and should be able to “control” Guantanamo detainees actual memories of torture– that they believe they have the right to censor the things said in a court room the words regarding the experiences endured by tortured detainees who have been imprisoned for decades.

In other words, the CIA, who created the torture, implemented the protocols of torture, and then tortured people- they want that the judge hearing these cases NOT be able to hear how the memories of this torture influenced, or otherwise recalibrated the minds and the psychological states of victims of this torture.

I wrote about whistle_blowers,  added a page on this blog to guide whistle_blowers to suicide help lines, and even more stuff about Edward Snowden.

I also covered how the narrative of the poor white girl in distress virtually runs the propaganda narrative of America and Britain, and how it is used as both a call to arms and as a narrative tool of oppression of other perspectives; as a diversionary tactic designed in the propaganda narrative to distract our culture away from the gross abuse of pre-emptive war that is being waged on brown people in the Middle East.

I also wrote about the many tools of internet access subversion that are used by these nefarious cowards against anyone who challenges their lockup on the narrative.

And, in an act of clear and present non-violent resistance, I wrote about peace-how there are alternatives to endless war, and alternatives to allowing our country to become a fully militarized space.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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  1. Nice try, Boyz of Syndicate of Satan Brotherhood deemed for extinction for exposing National Black OPs Secrets the public is unaware of….we know what brand of tidy Whitey underwear you wear, you are fully exposed, butts like a kite flapping in a hurricane!
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