Checkmate Good Old Boys/ Status Quo/Corrupt Stevens County Elected Officials, Politicians, Hughes Network-House of Music/Colville, Washington re: hacked routers/7d_Ranch Exposed, irrefutably…motive, intent, access & opportunity with former immunity to murder….

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Source: Checkmate Good Old Boys/ Status Quo

Correct name for CORRUPT former Customs Agent-Border Guard Port of Entry Laurier, Washington manager-director, seller of our property we purchased May 21, 2010, 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, Orient, Washington is DON R DICKEY.
Guilty of crimes (felonies), Corruption, racketeering, money laundering, REAL ESTATE FRAUD-THEFT, drug manufacturing/distribution-w/Greve-Wilder (Keith Allen Wilder convicted felon), child porn-human trafficking-peofillia, illegal phone-electronic devices taps/hacking, home breakins, illegal trespass, harassment, threats, stalking, monitoring 24/7, animal cruelity-EMF terror device abuse-injuries, & attempted murder…all done to us by Dickey’$/Greve, 7Day Adventist Church members NE Washington State chapter after we purchased this property May 21, 2010 with Homestead 1st use WATER RIGHTS Dickey needed for the other property owners, even though he & Greves each have 1/3 each of spring-creek/Year Around Stream, & why Don R. Dickey & wife Marlyn J Dickey lied on sales disclosure that there WERE NO WATER RIGHTS associated with this property, Henderson’s 1910 Homestead, 2nd Homestead on this mountain.
Dickey lied about everything & has a string of victims like ourselves, & needs the death penalty along with Greve & their co-conspiritors, like Avista, Centurylink-Quest-Jerry Lindquist/Kan DHO Electric/Chewelah Washington, Fogle Pump-Dave Pehl, Stevens County Auditor/Recording-Tim Grey, Chase Bank-Chris Wright, Century21-Denny Blair, Remax-Ken Barcus, Chris Montgomery, McGrane/Schuermann, Stevens County Title-Summer Stahl, Hughes Network-House of Music, Stevens County Corrupt Sheriff, elected officials, & local/State politicians, Dept of Ecology, FBI, DEA, Dept of Justice, just to name a few of the murderous, drug dealing, pedofile co-conspiritors exposed in this pattern of systemic criminality…
Showing beyond any doubt racial profiling, discrimination & targeting of a 1st Nations Woman…myself & my White husband, our friends, animals, vehicles etc & showing concisely these co-conspiritors motive, intent, access & opportunity with immunity to murder.
Belva Schuldt, Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree/HakiktaWin
Aug 31, 2016
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This post is for you, Status Quo & your co-conspiritors in collusion in premeditated attempted murder/assassination of me, Belva Schuldt-Wade/Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree/HakiktaWin your stupid, idiotic murder attempts on my & my husband’s lives have failed, just like yesterday’s attempt….

I took the “hit” by my EMF terror device zapped horse, just as I did a month ago with mustang-horse/Cody just to capture, have witnessed how you do it & why….Greve/Dickey & co-conspiritors.

Just got up, missioned accomplished, abit bruised, sore…but, busted/exposed your asses in desperation & you accomplished nothing other than another nail in your coffin.

I still finished working my Chief horse & rode him…wonderfully my trainer said as he photographed me working & training my horse.

When you EMF zap the horse, the electricity flows from the horse to me…& you can taste metal & feel it from metal filings in the nerve/roots of your teeth.

The horse when hit turns into you & leaps forward into you for protection once “hit” with your EMF terror device!

Was it worth being piledriven into the ground by my horse?

Most definitely, yes!

My turn now….lol!

Paybacks are a bitch, & I own you all!

Are we having fun yet???

I am!

You will never take away my sense of well being, who I am, our property w/water rights…or the joy & successes Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ allows, blesses & gifts my/our life with!

You are so pathetic, pitiful as a representation of human beings, you have no pride, integrity, honesty, compassion, good moral character, so how could one expect anything else from you but darkness & evil, eh?

You will remember the well deserved lessons I have made you learn the hard way…your last thoughts before you flatline….. will be of those lessons ingrained in your memory by Creator for all eternity as your soul leaves your body & begins the descent to join your Father, Satan & your co-conspiritors of your Syndicate of Satan, while we continue on enjoying life & our future immortality with Christ, while you suffer, and suffer your Status Quo insufferable crimes & abuses of other innocent victims for all eternity tormented without relief.

In a word:


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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