Jeff Mularski And Spokane Teachers Credit Union Guilty Of Felony Real Estate Fraud and Complicity In Attempted Murder….

FOREWORD FROM BELVA SCHULDTS=SUZANNE DUPREE: Yep, this Intel is substantiated with STCU appraisal Nov 20, 2013 that I discussed with Mularski that what we bought from Dickey’s May 21, 2010 did NOT …

Source: Jeff Mularski And Spokane Teachers Credit Union Guilty Of Felony Real Estate Fraud and Complicity In Attempted Murder

Read added comments on WP RichardBoydenreport… meter and new accompanying testimonial statement fully vetted with documentation, names, dates, signatures, photographs, witness statements, records with PI…you name it, we got it nailing the perps/co-conspiritors to the wall!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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8 Responses to Jeff Mularski And Spokane Teachers Credit Union Guilty Of Felony Real Estate Fraud and Complicity In Attempted Murder….

  1. And, we did everything possible to protect our financial institution, now STCU CEO’s job is to address this issue asap with their Avista/Centurylink-Quest partnership & with Mularski, underwriters, insurers, & TSI, Inc!


  2. If you don’t actively pursue why we never received our Deed to the 12 acres we did our refi with STCU Jan.3, 2014 paying off “crook” Donald R & Marilyn J Dickey Jan.8, 2014 with Adept the original Dickey/Wade Private Contract (McGrane/Schuermann-Stevens County Title Company/Summer Stahl)May 21, 2010 recorded by Tim Grey auditor recording June 26, 2010…you are implicated Jeff Mularski….you received all the originals & everything else but our 1st born child, only not asked by You/Hadley STCU, because we are to old!
    We gave you everything you asked for “All Documents, ID’s, EVERYTHING!”
    If you are NOT part of the Solution & produce our Deed, the other 3 deeds/parcels were free & clear when you/STCU paid Dickey’s “IN FULL,” you are COMPLICIT!


  3. For the record:
    We “Paid IN FULL/Paid off” our refi mortgage with STCU July 17, 2015….
    Have the evidence/witnesses to prove it!
    Now, I want our Deed(s), all separate tax parcel numbers we still are paying taxes on, with recorded Water Rights on all 4 tax parcel DEEDS!
    We own it outright, not the Dickey’s!
    Want the original contract 2010 property boundaries, maps etc…everything for the 20 acres, 4 separate tax parcel numbers for 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, (Orient) Kettle Falls, Washington 99141-9736….& we are NOT a shared residence as Dickey’s background check indicates with Greve/Dickey, & our phone number is not Dickey’s as indicated on background check (GT) as indicated ran Oct. 23, 2014….(Lindquist)!
    Busted again, Boyz!
    No getting out of this, no free pass, no immunity any longer!
    I want to see you fry!
    Conspiracy & collusion in premeditated murder irrefutably established for Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors!


  4. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    Wth new colluders tagged by not calling me, or addressing this issue Darin McNallay & STCU CEO, Tom Johnson! All partner wth criminal drug manufacturing & distributors CEO’s Avista-Centurylink-Quest-Jerry Lindquist exposed right down to what brand of underwear they wear with completely vetted photos & documentation of those like Julian Assand-Wilieaks & Anonymous, your “everything” connecting you is captured..these truths aged/collectors make he NSA look like newbes at the keyboard…
    Yu want my Intellectual Property & monitor me 24/7???
    We own you all, we got everything!


  5. Pingback: Jeff Mularski And Spokane Teachers Credit Union Guilty Of Felony Real Estate Fraud and Complicity In Attempted Murder….Never sent (required) release of Deed of Trust for Public Trustee/Ownership/Encumbrance Report to be recorded in our names! | Look

  6. TSI, Inc says Full Reconveyance doc is release of Deed of Trust, so why did the land base change from 20 acres May 21, 2010 to less land base March 26, 2013???
    Why with a Full Reconveyance does it not proceed maps, surveys, ownership, encumbrances (if any) easements & water rights on 4 separate tax parcels, 12 acres & house, only collateral taken??
    You can’t buy 20 acres in 2010 & refi in 2014 exact same property, & lose acres…be stonewalled by lenders & have a legal transaction, re: Real Estate Property Sale.


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