Don Dickey, Kent Duane Greve And Chris Dickey are DEAD MEN IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO SUZANNE DUPREE, & as of Sept. 15, 2016 they are still trying to take me out! LBW

You read right everyone and including their punk ass FBI boys protecting their child porn and drug operations in Stevens County Washington. In fact…HomoLandSecurity is working with them as we…

Source: Don Dickey, Kent Duane Greve And Chris Dickey are DEAD MEN IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO SUZANNE DUPREE!

However, now more than ever the whole World is reading about their criminal activities which spans decades….

Their diapers were on fire last night as there was a traffic jam on our owned access road going to Greve/Malmede’s by Chris Dickey & drug crew…captured as evidence, after discussion by Centurylink-Quest landline with STCU personal banker about our Deeds & that a underwriter investigator now has been notified about the fact after 15 months after paying STCU off in full for our refi mortgage, we do not have our Deed(s).

There are some excellent, honest employees at STCU, & then….there are those much like those bank employees in Montana & Arkansas… jeopardizing the integrity of STCU, FYI: Tom Johnson CEO.

If you didn’t know before, you definitely know now!

A Credit Union Financial Institution is only as good as it’s employees & members, shareholders bank on that integrity/honesty when they invest.

Will they continue to do so when they learn about how an honest, hardworking, debt free member has been discriminated against, racially profiled, & targeted “AFTER” meeting every financial obligation/NEVER A LATE PAYMENT to STCU or any other lender/invoice billing & still DOES NOT have our DEED(S) with our recorded Water Rights on them from STCU/Trustee Services, Inc or Stevens County auditor-recording Tim Grey’s Corrupt Office after 16 months, other than a one sheet of paper, Full Reconveyance that has nothing to do scribe what we paid off in full to STCU, with TSI, Inc 3rd Party affiliate way over in Silverdale, Washington-Kittatat County as Statutory Warranty Deed holder (a lien instead of physically having the deed-house-12 acres) while it remained in Stevens County-Stevens County Title Co. under the control of Montgomery/Dickey….AFTER Dickeys were paid off by STCU Jan. 8, 2014 via Adept…who never had the deed(s) either, after Stevens County Title Co. turfed their Dickey/Wade account Aug.1, 2013 after we gave them copies of our recorded Water Rights Dickey lied about on sales disclosure there were “No Water Rights” to this property, Dickey/Greves story was Dickey sold them “uphill” of us to Greve in 2006…

You cannot “sell”” First Use Homestead water rights 1910, which is Senior Water Rights…when you (cheap, lying Don Dickey) never put the water rights in his/your name from Henderson’s.

You cannot divert, impede DOE Recorded Water Rights-Senior Water Rights-Homestead Water Rights, or try to murder someone because you wrote a check with your mouth to the other property owners who refuse to invest in drilling a well, that your ass can’t cash, Don R (Customs Agent-Border Guard-CROOK)Dickey!

You are corrupt with your pattern of real estate fraud ongoing for decades with this property you sold over & over again on a “setup scam-fraud” from the very beginning, with your fellow Corrupt co-conspiritors, Corrupt Stevens County Status Quo-Politicians, Elected Officials of Stevens County who never took their Oath of Office, nor paid the fees associated with that office!

Yep, & you good ol’ stupid as stumps Boyz exposed the whole seedy, Corrupt, racketeering, money laundering, drug manufacturing/distribution drug/pedofile cartel, real estate fraud, landstealing “homo” ATTORNEYS…..everyone up & down the “money trail pipeline,” & now you all travel in packs like rabid dogs waiting for that bullet….

Well…., I didn’t do it to you, you did it to yourselves & everyone else in your formerly immune Syndicate of Satan….!

One more thing though, collusion/conspiracy to murder never comes off the books, Capital Crime…boyz!

Death Penalties!

That is if the Exposed above your little cartel locally let’s you live, you are expendable…all of you, & co-conspiritors involved & there are many of you.

What has been proven is Motive, Intent, Access & Opportunity, & that’s all I ever needed to take you down, all in a neat little package, exposed to the bone, all affiliates…!

So, keep messing with my Hughes Network Internet-Phone Service….big deal, you boyz are neutered anti Indian cowardly sadistic child sex abusing, drug cartel has been(s), though still trying to hump like you got a set.


You are done!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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