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Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians
addition to blog entry “Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines“


Bahai – Hands of Cause Mother Temple – Seattle, Washington

The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam. [Iran remains good friends to the Shia. Most of Iraqi Shia parties have an avowed intrest in creating a Shia theocratic state under Iranian lines. In 2005, over 80% of Shiites voted for pro Iranian religious parties. In much of southern Iraq, this theocratic state already exists.] The Bahai’s Belief foundation is from Shaykhism and Babism faith and their interpolation of the Occulation. The Occultation is a belief that Mahdi the prophesied redeemer of Islam, who disappeared, is a descendant of the prophet Muhammad, and will one day return and fill the world with justice and peace …. [Unified Religion and Law / One World Order / New World Order]



1912 – Seattle Bahá’ís travel to Chicago to meet ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.


Zikrullah Khadem-1

1974, June – Dhikrullah Khadem Treasurer of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháí of Iran goes to Seattle.

“The Baha’i faith is one of the most political movements around. After all, principles such as the ending of absolute national sovereignty, world government, universal currency, universal language, world tribunal, anti-communism, retention of constitutional monarchism, the abolition of non-Baha’i religious legal systems the retention of a class system, the abolition of tariffs, international police force, and so on are among the hottest political agendas. ~Ravi Kumar


daybreak arts center

1974, August – Blessing of the newly acquired land for Daybreak Star Cultural Arts Center. The creation of the center was brought about by Bernie Whitebear and two Bahá’ís, Phil Lane Jr. and Phil Lucas. The acquisition of this land_from_the_military for Native-American usage is led by Bernie Whitebear and Bahá’í Ruby Gubatayao.


Phil Lane Jr. has been Bahai since the 70’s , passing himself off as a traditional lakota spiritual person, trying to ride the coat tail of his father Phil Lane Sr. , a true Lakota traditionalist.

Who in their right mind would Trust a person like Jr. who pillaged his father’s medicine bundle , before the bundle was forwarded as per the Fathers directives?



Phil Lane Jr. Arvol Looking Horse , Ruben the New Wanna Be, Show Dog

“I just saw the most ridiculous lies and lack of truth… spin, spin, spin, tell 1 lie and then tell more… the more you do over the years and decades and centuries, the more people will mindlessly believe you…So BAHAI. and your 13 man council appointed for life in Haifa Israel, your phds in economics, your latest join-up is with the fraud, Arvol Looking Horse, who with his wife Paula who can cry like an actress, and he gets larger and larger feather bonnets each time he presents himself as the 19th generation keeper of the pte hincala cannupa kin, which never happened and he doesn’t have it… he has his gambling habits however, and his new age spin idiotological rhetoric and his teachings on White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, only a fake religion/off shore bank account banker for AIM, and their nutty Brenda Norell and her website of lies known as Censored News…BAHAI itself has declared themselves to be one with the prophecy of her return, that she is part of BAHAI, that it’s all good we mix everything up, we are all one….WBCPW according to Arvol is proud to be part of Bahai and the ONE WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD RELIGION…. WELL, let me tell you something, as it was told to me… she turned all those men’s bones to grinding dust in a big storm… for even daring to look at her disrespectfully, let alone dare to use her like a prostitute, which is what you have done, Bahai and Arvol looking Horse… she is WOPE, Star Nation Woman, she is real, she is alive, and you will not survive because she is that pure, that sacred, that wakan… Hey ARVOL, do you remember who this is? Unlike your lying thieving mother, who pretended to have the Sacred, when Martha had given all the Sacred to the Duprees… remember her, your grandmother? That was the closest you will ever come to the Sacred, and we all know how she died, alone and abandoned in a pitiful shack because your mother was too busy and too important to take care of her….” ~ Joan Heart


Anything less expected from Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers with their Healing Circles, Talking Sticks and Answering Feathers that embeds Islamic ideologies and worldviews ?

These guidelines for Talking, Sharing and Healing Circles were passed down to our Circle in 1975. ~Phil Lane Jr. – Four Worlds International Institute






Senator JAMES ABOUREZK, South Dakota, Chairman Congressman LLOYD MEEDS, Washington, Vice-Chairman Senator LEE METC ALF, Montana JOHN BO RB RID GE, Tlingit Haida Senator MARK HATFIELD, Oregon LOUIS R. BRUCE, Mohawk-Sioux Congressman SIDNEY R. YATES, Illinois ADA DEER, Menominee Congressman SAM STEIGE R, Arizona ADOLPH DIAL, Lumbee JAKE WHITE CROW, Quapaw-Seneca-Cayuga Ernest L. Stevens, Oneida, Executive Director Kieke Kickingbird, Kiowa, General Counsel Max I. Richtman, Professional Staff Member SECTION II. PUBLIC WORKS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 1965, AS AMENDED Section 403 (a) {2) (B) The project is consistent with an approved district overall economic development program. The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, UIATF, in Seattle, Washington placed its project on the local economic development district’s overall economic development plan and had its project approved. In addition, UIATF received assistance under title V-Regional Action Planning Commissions; see section 505 (a)(1) (2). Consequently, UIATF was able to qualify its project by using the economic development district as a vehicle for obtaining grant assistance, as well as receiving technical assistance from a Regional Commission. –


Bahai 1986 News


1986 – Social & Economic Development – Phil Lane Jr & Bahai


Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) – Seattle Bahai – United Indian All Tribes (UIATF)

A Practical Guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act – 2007 by Native American Rights Fund

The following individuals served on the Advisory Group during the project. NARF extends its sincerest thanks for their input. “Janeen Comenote, Development Officer United Indians All Tribes Foundation, Seattle, WA.”


(update 5-2015)

USING ICWA to Implement Sharia Law


Among many things – the proposed ICWA regulations state there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home.

Total disregard for the extended family of our multiracial children… the tribal government has complete right to interfere in our families”

in regards to ICWA mentioned in the writings below “Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system” , it should be noted if the ICWA regulations go into effect ANY CHILD of Persian decent that holds any degree of “indian” blood CAN BE HARVESTED BY TRIBES as an indian child, thus opening the door, creating avenue’s of need for SHARIA LAW IN TRIBAL COURTS.

below from the working group that started the first muslim pow wow’s in the U. S , supported by Abourezk’s tin soldiers

sharia law

“Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system”

“Family Courts

Since our concern is primarily with family law, let us examine some issues of family law in tribal courts. The same matters considered to be part of Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, support, custody, adoption, legitimacy, abuse etc.) are covered in tribal courts.

A major concern of Indian tribes used to be the large number of Indian youths from broken homes who were adopted into non-Indian families. Often a state court would assume jurisdiction and rule that the reservation environment was not in the best interest of the child. The Indian tribes strongly opposed this idea. Although they agreed that the environment of the reservation was harsh and poverty-stricken, they wanted the children to be raised by their extended families, as was the custom in Indian culture.

In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which radically changed the relationship between state courts and tribal courts. One result was that tribal courts had greater jurisdiction in the placement of adopted Indian children. Many tribal courts were created just to take advantage of the greater powers given then by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Marriage is one of the most common issues faced by tribal courts. A marriage conducted by a tribal court is valid anywhere in the U.S. An Indian couple wishing to divorce, and who live off the reservation, have the option of going to the state courts in the same manner as non-Indians, or returning to the reservation for a divorce. The second option is usually much quicker and cheaper.”

ICWA was initiated using an economic framework with support from the Bahai of Seattle. Keep in mind The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam. Anyone who believes the proposed BIA ICWA regulations are about the mental and physical health of children, must have Rocks In their Head !!!! ….

(end of 5-2015 update)

Lot of Healing Going on eh?

Feb 2015 – Oglala Sioux Tribal President John Yellow Bird Steele has declared a state of emergency for suicides on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. One of his predecessors as tribal president, Theresa Two Bulls, declared a similar state of emergency for youth suicides five years ago. Two Bulls issued her emergency after there had been 17 suicide attempts in one month alone.In it, he cited 5 youth suicides on the Pine Ridge Reservation since mid-December and several other suicide attempts.

**** Perpetrating Self Genocide

**** Welcome to Pan-American Islamic Indian Beliefs, Teachings & Traditions ****

People can not be Totally Conquered until their beliefs and identity has been altered to serve the dominate.


review blog entry 3-2013

4 Winds of Bad Gas – The Awakening

Bahai Unified Law & Religion symbols – Time interval 1:39 – Turtle Lodge Video promo by Dave Courchene Jr a working partner of Phil Lane Jr.

and the

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Rezinate


For those who have not caught on


Arvol Looking Horse is a FRAUD !!!! – The Arvol Looking Horse Lie !!!!


Worth Reviewing – Frank Fools Crow Knowledge & Truth


phil suzanne

Suzanne Dupree & Phil Lane Sr.

**** Abourezk’s (now an adviser to Obama) social chaos manipulation script played out on indian country with his Ameircan Indian Movement thugs and hand picked so called spiritual leaders , is now being played out on main stream America through the Obama , Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill, Code Pink, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, Last Real Indians, Wino na LaDuke’s Honor the Earth, Eddie Benton Banis’s 3 Council Fires, Arvol Looking Horse’s Protect the Sacred, etc …. while they all continue to stay Silent about the Consumption of the Child’s Soul, through government programs like ICWA initiated by Abourezk


Ancestry knows

When “their” time comes,

“they” can all Grovel Into Eternity

for the actions they have chosen …. it IS what it IS ….


Well don’t sound so all fired Surprised !!!!

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rezinate Says:
March 19, 2015 at 4:43 am
Kind of curious if “jr.” purchased the bonnet from Crow Dog
or Banks?

jpwade Says:
March 19, 2015 at 6:42 am
Jr. is related to Suzanne Dupree, she has given me quite the understanding of that CLOWN! , in 1992 John Denver gave Phil a bonnet , (John Denver’s Windstar foundation) , at that point jr. published info on jr stated he was “considered a hereditary chief” , not quite sure when jr. became a full fledged official poser “chief”. go figure eh …

here is an interesting note from someone else who knew jr. on a personal basis.
“I went to college with Phil Lane jr. He wasn’t a “chief” then. His dad, to my knowledge wasn’t either. His dad was well respected. Phil worked at United Indians of All Tribes several times. Most recently in the last couple of years. He is a Bahai. I haven’t seen him inproabably 30 years, though.”

rezinate Says:
March 20, 2015 at 1:40 am
The words chief and warrior have been misused
to the point of redundancy – John Denver gives jr.
a bonnet – that has as much relevance as Crow
Dog bestowing the title “chief of chiefs” upon

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I intend to bury the Gangster-American Indian Movement-Pretendians & their US Govt handler-TREASONIST Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk under all the weight of the truth about what they did to 1st Nations people in North America & Indigenous People Globally for their handlers, the Illuminati which control (& brag about it)….Islam & Obama/Democratic Party, what a FN hypocrisy & joke!
It is laughable if it were not so HORRIFIC the crap they try to shove down our throats & make us believe daily.
Not everyone is as stupid, as THEY think we are!
Between the Clintons, Obama & their personal assassins, the body count of anyone close to these devilish subversive psychopathic narcissistic demons in the flesh is dead..!

They, these Demons in the flesh-Obama-Clinton & Democratic Party actually think they can control the human spirit-soul-Spirituality & stop our connection to CREATOR/Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ & His power to do all things…
And, these pitiful lumps of dung really think they are more powerful than HE, that they are God-like & can do anything to anyone without consequences.
They, like my really pitiful cousin, Phil Lane Jr, ARVOL Looking HORSE, the Gangster-AIMsters, Abourezk, Bellecourt, & Banks…they all got one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel on their journey to flat lining, where they will join whom they served as demons in the flesh while here on Earth, Satan.
They all look like the Walking Dead, talk like they believe their own (media owned) press-dementia drivel, next they’ll be drooling, because with their lifestyle high risk behavior, they already are wearing diapers.
And, in reality, the two waring caliphates wrestling over controlling Islam, will eventually realize they will have to tear it from the greedy hands of the Illuminati Elitist Occultists, & they too are failing, sickened from their consumption of human flesh & blood, preferably children’s….remember Mad Cow Disease, well….I think you get the picture I am laying out for you.
God creates, & God removes the life force when mankind sinks by his own choice into darkness, evil & Satanic perversion practices…then, God just sends you where your true character/soul is aligned by your behavior while here on Earth…breathing the precious air everyone has polluted to the point of no return….everything dies for conveniences & MONEY/Profit.
So foolish.
No one makes it out alive, but these demons in the flesh have something really special planned for them from God/Creator/Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ…
It shall not be pleasant considering their crimes against humanity & loss of life deliberately, without a second thought to anything or anyone, but themselves.
All things were made by Him, & without Him nothing could have been made that WAS made, including Lucifer HIMSELF, catch 22, eh???
Everyone thinks Creator/Jesus Christ & Satan are equal in POWER….
Satan’s power resides in deception, illusion…
Jesus Christ tells it like it is whether you chose to listen or not.
That is why Creator/Jesus Christ gave us free choice, & that is why Satan’s demons in the flesh the Walking Dead mentioned above want to take your freedom of choice away.
The choices are simple…
Follow Christ….
Or become a slave to Satan like Obama, Clinton$, Illuminati, Hollyweird etc…
Live by the Word of God, or die a hard ugly death.
Choose wisely.


Sept 16, 2016

5:00am PST

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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One Response to Live free or die hard…food for thought.

  1. Influenced to Death
    For What It’s Worth
    Being Played Like Pawns
    upside_downTurning Identity & Spirituality Upside Down

    If you can catch what is being presented in this blog entry , good for you,

    if not, then try enhancing your critical thinking !


    Lets get this right, first we set up elder protection laws that can target anyone for any reason as an assailant, then drag the accused into tribal courts . that have_No separation of powers, that have new jurisdiction for cases such as elder abuse, then sling into JAIL , those who stand up against the abuse of funding programs by organizations littered with The Old Guard Mentality that campaign outreach material for public awareness on domestic violence, elder abuse, generational trauma, residential schooling, why treaties matter, none of which address the root causes of escalating violence within the communities OR how the children are being taught to continue blundering one another to death, creating higher and higher levels of hate towards all other, dissolving any hope what so ever for common ground.

    While at the same instance utilizing tribal police who fabricate, falsely represent victims voices and submit outright lies in their investigative reports turning the perpetrators of violence into a victim, turning the victim into some form of conflict generator, all tied together neatly with other government funding for joint bed and breakfast lockups, that is supported and tied to working relationships of county and reservation entities.

    Just ask MilkyWay, We can thank Rocky’s Road for this one eh?


    Yep, still wondering about Obama’s visit to Standing Rock , look closely at what has arisen over the months since his visit and one will note topics such as Sex Trafficking seminars from tribal representatives with the old guard mentality and world views , catering to the non-tribal social, justice and enforcement structures to develop working relationships and garnish funding. A BIG problem is we now have ex-con’s up front pretending to be concerned about the Sex Trade, while those they relate to on a daily basis, are those directly involved with the sick money making scheme ….

    Isn’t It a Pity, Isn’t It a Shame


    “I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us.” ~Zhaawinoogequay~

    Nothing out of the norm here since the days of wounded knee siege in the 70’s where ex-cons were turned into icons for the youth to adorn themselves with as role models, leading people to believe those ex-con icons were doing something good for the Nations , whereas in reality “they”, then the same as today, are increasing the levels of hate and violence , increased, increased and increased, now going into the 4th generation since AIM and their puppet master Government Handlers in the 70’s hi-jacked the Spirituality of the Nations to spread sickness.

    GREAT JOB the administrations are doing as they are led to believe accomplishments are being made , which in reality is nothing more than false assumptions of , preservation of culture, traditions and identity. Used and Abused by government handler’s like former senator Arab Lebanese James Abourezk (who is actually of Syrian Ancestry), to continue termination policies through social manipulation scripts that create and promote self-genocide and HATE MACHINES.

    Dec 2012 Blog Comment Reply

    “at the same time Audrey Thayer and Al Nygard were invited into the group to speak, i guess they did not care for the direct correlation of Audrey’s Hero’s (AIM tactics) to Audrey’s tactics, or did not care for the correlation to one of the root causes of child sexual abuse and violence at places like Spirit Lake, ND. i.e at reservations that Al Nygard has implemented his programs and refuses to address the blatant causes of abuse epidemic’s, where children are now being murdered, go figure ….”

    nygard[note: Al Nygard was brought into Onigum to implement his “community healing program” which after years at Spirit Lake ended up with unprecedented levels of mutilation and sexual abuse on_the_youth, the ULTIMATE CONSUMPTION OF THE CHILDS SPIRIT AND SOUL by those WHO WALK IN THE SHADOWS OF DARKNESS !!!! )

    “We have developed a process that empowers Native communities toward action and reducing the effects of poverty with remarkable results. We are one of the Nation’s experts in this work. We don’t just work for you — we work with you to acheive the results you desire.We have developed a process that empowers Native communities toward action and reducing the effects of poverty with remarkable results. We are one of the Nation’s experts in this work.

    We don’t just work for you — we work with you to acheive the results you desire.” ~ANC/ Al Nygard Consulting~

    Really ???? , check the stats at the communities ANC has implemented it’s institutionalized indoctrination at , the results are about as positive as those of The 4 Winds of Bad Gas.

    Imagine that Spirit Lake is still (as of Sept. 2014) utilizing Nygard as a consultant, GREAT eh ?

    Do not forget about Nygard’s great work with reducing the effects of poverty at Pine Ridge which he claims “poverty” is the cause for unprecedented levels of suicides and rape there.

    “The teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150 percent higher than the national average. Children as young as 6 have reportedly attempted to take their own lives. In 2009, the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe declared a suicide state of emergency. The emergency still exists.”

    At the Onigum WTC Community meeting I stood right behind Nygard who was seated , speaking to a woman attendant about his great work at Spirit Lake and Pine Ridge, and how ineffective his programs were for REDUCING suicide, rape and child abuse at those reservations. I figured he would not say peep during our dialog, and it was interesting to watch him twitch more and more in his chair as we held that discussion ….

    The chicken chit would not even turn around to enter the dialog to defend his rants about “poverty, generational trauma, residential schooling being the cause for such sick violent acts, go figure eh?


    Arvol & Mr. Bahai / Phil Lane Jr.’s Talking Sticks and Answering Feather Teachings

    Phil Lane Jr. Mr. Bahai is another of arab/lebanise James Abourezk (actually of Syrian ancestry) tin soldiers. Mr. Bahai is a self declared Lakota chief who says he is a traditionalist. Keep in mind, The Bahá’í was founded by Bahá’u’lláh, who claimed to be the prophetic fulfillment of Bábism, a 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam.

    “The Bahai of Seattle – 1974, August 16-20 – …. The creation of this center was brought about by Bernie Whitebear and two Bahá’ís, Phil Lane Jr. and Phil Lucas. The acquisition of this land from the military for Native-American usage is led by Bernie Whitebear and Bahá’í Ruby Gubatayao.”

    So why did Obama end up at Standing Rock instead of the Green Grass (ask Arvol or Mr. Bahi) , then a make a 24 hr stop in the twin cities , one of the core regions of AIM recruitment. One reason is because that FAKE ARVOL, Phil Lane Jr. and friends of LastRealindians and the Lakota Peoples Law Project are pushing to take control of the PipeStone Quarries so that “they” along with government handlers can try to control the Sacred ….

    Yep, someday the non-tribal administrations will come to realize, what hasn’t worked over the last 40yrs for stopping the violent crimes within our communities, that which has been used time and time again under the false pretense of original traits and teachings, is not a functional path, because of the shadows of darkness that “they” unknowingly are led to believe in, is_not a path of goodness.

    Que Sera, Sera …. If something does not work, over and over again, try something different in place of continuing to bang your head against the wall like an idiots.

    So now that Ruth Hopkins of LastRealIndians is a judge at Spirit Lake, all the child sex abuse has come to a halt and there is no longer a problem with the consumption of the Childs Spirit and Soul eh?

    Must have been a great overnight fix for violent abuse that reached the levels of mutilating and murdering kids , since Smudge Ruth is concentrating her rants on Man Camps , pointing the finger elsewhere in place of actually protecting the children ….

    Perhaps Ruth too, should start pushing for a working relationship with the counties for bed space in joint venture lock up’s to house people who mention such as in this post eh? OR just send an Abourezk tin soldier in to stab one’s dog in throat as a message to shut up. Yep, not much different than HAMAS or ISIS belief structure (that Abourezk has been instrumental in creating since the 70’s) , that the youth are unknowingly taught to follow.

    Who cares, it’s about grabbing government funding/grants for awareness campaigns , that FIX NOTHING when the Old Guard Mentality is supported and promoted as presenters for the concerns , nothing fixed that is , except recognition and status of those with wallet motives ….

    Give support at all cost, in order to receive portions of the tribal funding , and to strengthen working relationships, right?


    “We are swimming in a cesspool of politically correct crap” ~Phil Robertson~

    If this continues, the Politically Correct will win and our country as well as others all around the world will lose. A terrorist is what it is, for those who sympathize, protect and endorse such, others should pull the plug on “their” cesspool.


    I will continue to stand with the decisions, agreements and commitments of my Ancestry.

    Get Use To IT ….

    Angelina LeJeuneWith respect and regard to my mother, grandmother all all those before , as a 12th generation family member of Grand Chief Henri Membertou , through his daughter Marguerite, who were both baptized along with other family members, as part of the 1st official agreement with the Vatican on this continent , recorded in the Concordant of 1610 Wampum and writings of the Jesuit Relations, an agreement that bound spiritual foundations together with a commitment to protect and support one another …..

    I WILL PULL THAT CESSPOOL PLUG , AND TO THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE IT ….TUFF CHIT , they can flow with the Sewer Water !!!!


    It took the Jesuits (church accountants) about as long to trash the true intent of the Concordant of 1610 , as did the Nixon administration, through Abourezk, to trash the true intent of Kennedy’s administration’s agreements in the early 60’s with the National Congress of American Indians

    Think About It

    Another Abourezk Tin Soldier Ruth Hopkins

    Assisting to Create Support for his Ultimate HATE MACHINE !!!!

    blAIM , blAIM, blAIM while Nothing Changes !!!!

    What Will be the Cause next for such Violence , Racist Mascots or Turkey Day ?


    TIME INTERVAL 29:00 —- Mr. Young – YES! , YES! , YES !!!!

    How about we discuss recent time , real time, causes as well !!!!

    Leonard Peltier – “I prefer 13 year old Girls”

    As Child Abuse Persists at Spirit Lake , Congress Steps in – June 2014

    “The hearing comes as the Senate Indian Affairs Committee is considering a bill, co-sponsored by North Dakota’s two senators, John Hoeven (R) and Heidi Heitkamp (D), that would tighten protections for Native American children placed in foster homes, including mandated background checks for all adults in such homes.

    Child abuse is hardly unique to Native American communities. But such crimes are more difficult to prevent and punish on reservations because of pervasive poverty, the government’s historical role in abusing Native Americans, and a patchwork of legal jurisdictions in Indian territory that often lets current victims fall through the cracks.

    American Indian and Alaska Native children have the second-highest rate of victimization by race in the U.S., but only about 28 percent of those cases are ever prosecuted, according to federal data obtained by Syracuse University researchers.

    At Spirit Lake, the problem of child abuse has been compounded by complacency in the tribal leadership and a lack of action by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, according to the BIA’s own audits and interviews with people on and off the reservation.

    “So Many Maladies…Result from the Failures of this Agency”

    Despite being the agency responsible for assisting Native Americans, the BIA has long been at odds with the tribes, particularly when it comes to child welfare.

    It forcibly removed Native American children from their homes and sent them to boarding schools, where they were banned from speaking their own languages or adhering to their customs. Some children were also physically, emotionally and sexually abused at the schools, helping to lay the groundwork for a cycle of abuse and trauma in Native American communities that continues today.

    Nearly 200 years later, in 2000, Kevin Gover, then the BIA’s assistant secretary, apologized to tribal leaders for the agency’s actions and what he described as “ethnic cleansing.” “So many of the maladies suffered today in Indian country result from the failures of this agency,” he said. “Poverty, ignorance, and disease have been the product of this agency’s work.”

    But the apology hasn’t improved what’s now a “dysfunctional relationship” between the BIA and the tribes, who remain wary of federal intervention even as some continue to need help to rebuild their communities, said Sarah Deer, an associate professor at William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota, and an expert in tribal law.


    End of Part 2 Video

    End of video : Lost Documents & Shredded Documents


    Nothing Changed, except the Leopard moving around its Spots.

    Playing the AIM Game with Ruth Hopkins – Case 2:13-cv-00061-RRE-KKK

    10. Summary orders. In late July 2013 the council defendants appointed Ruth Hopkins as tribal judge without a valid meeting, i.e. exclusion of Yankton.In July and early August 2013 Hopkins issued two orders that bar Roger Yankton from the tribal office building. This wrongfully restrains him. Yankton affirmation.
    11.Recently,the council defendants fired employees perceived asYankton supporters,and appointed agents such as Hopkins.These tactics disrupt tribalgovernment, and jeopardize funds and services to tribal members”

    Hopefully Leander McDonald and working groups will realize bringing in AIM sympathizers or the ripple effects of AIM (LastRealIndians) or those indoctrinated with AIM world views and beliefs —-

    WILL_NOT help the Children of Spirit Lake !!!!

    CONCORDENT 1610Wampum – Concordent of 1610

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    At what point does LaTortue cease being LaTortue?
    In “AIM”
    The Aftermath of AIM, 40 Years Later
    In “AIM”
    Self Genocide – In Response to Good Riddance Hustler Means
    In “american indian movement”
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    9 Responses to “Being Played Like Pawns”
    rezinate Says:
    November 15, 2014 at 4:45 pm
    I suppose I should begin this comment by saying the moment
    anyone refers to themselves as an “expert” I start tuning
    them out – I neither like nor engage in self flattery believing
    if a person is what they claim to be it will be evidenced and
    subsequently recognized by others.
    Poverty affects every aspect of communal and individual outlook,
    as communities are composed of individuals with distinct personalities
    I’m doubtful the way in which it manifests can ever be buttonholed
    into a single definition.
    Poverty, or perhaps more to the point, the pimping of it, easily
    becomes a catchall for all the evils – alcoholism, substance abuse,
    sexual and physical abuse, and I have no doubt it is and can be an
    But what Nygard so studiously overlooks is the influence of examples;
    Negative examples set in the community, and negative examples set in the non traditional external world and which increasingly is becoming more difficult to distinguish between the two.
    Attempting to present these non traditional examples as a method of remediation presents a false dicotomy in my opinion doomed to failure, doing so in many cases is yet another example of assimilation characterized by what?
    Money, in the form of grants – grant money once acquired whose oversight becomes the sole province of a select handful that in turn always seem to elevate THEIR standard of living.
    ANYTHING that involves AIM or the Abourezks providing an avenue of input will become corrupted in some way, a undeniable reality supported by their history.
    We hear a lot of talk about empowerment, and the nations certainly have more of that then they did a hundred years ago, but what is lacking is an empowerment of the spirit – money doesn’t bestow that, nor do self proclaimed “experts”.
    When people begin to understand and accept that then we will truly
    become empowered in the areas so desperately lacking now, that’s when real change will begin.
    Nygard is no more an expert, a vehicle of change, than Dennis Banks is a “spiritual leader”, Crow Dog anything other than a fraud, or the AIM leadership warriors and leaders.
    For all the talk of “war” and battles being waged the real war is for the heart and soul of our youth, that, and their future – the ex cons of AIM would own the one and fashion the second.
    As to Last Real Indians it is primarily a glizty bling filled AIM satellyte
    apparently thinking as a people we are still captivated by trade beads and shiny objects making the same proclamations of expertise while awash in self promotion.

    The “experts” are our TRADITION based elders – you won’t find them applying that label to themselves or pimping poverty.

    jpwade Says:
    December 7, 2014 at 12:39 pm
    Merci for the words Rezinate, such provides a degree of confidence that more positive change is still on the horizon with each sunrise …. at least for those, who comprehend the depths of your expressions.

    Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines | Influenced to Death Says:
    January 20, 2015 at 12:38 pm
    […] gathered at the White House for the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference, which followed up shortly after Obama’s visit to Standing Rock Reservation, which preceded the Dec. 11-14th 2014 -14th National Indians Nations Nations Conference – […]

    Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth | Influenced to Death Says:
    July 26, 2015 at 2:42 am
    […] Good time to review – Being Played Like Pawns **** […]

    Targeting PipeStone for Ownership | Influenced to Death Says:
    March 4, 2016 at 9:35 pm
    […] Note Blog Entry Oct. 2014 what this is actually about: Being Played Like Pawns – “So why did Obama end up at Standing Rock instead of the […]

    Trying to CONTROL Indian Country, a nefarious agenda | Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog Says:
    March 6, 2016 at 9:57 am
    […] at 2:52 am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own […]

    AIM’$ POVERTY Pimp! | Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog Says:
    March 6, 2016 at 10:19 am
    […] What It’s Worth « Being Played Like Pawns CME Group Comod Cheese […]

    Richard Boyden Says:
    April 5, 2016 at 3:34 pm
    Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:
    The American Indian Movement PEDOPHILE RAPING OF Teton children DOCUMENTED! This is why BILL BUNTING and KAREN SUE ANDRAS LOVE AIM…because they “uphold” AIM’S PEDOPHILE HISTORY! Thank you Brother Wade for your G-d inspired work of exposing these “devils” in the flesh who will burn in hell or already are like MEANS, TRUDELL, CAMP, VERN THE SODOMITE/PEDOPHILE with Banks and Clyde on the way! And to thinks the PEDOPHILE INFESTED U.S Government enables the activities of these…but they too will find residence in that “LAKE OF FIRE” with their names on reserved seats! Go ahead and ignore JESUS…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because I want to SEE YOU BURN!

    SPIRITUAL Warriors hard at work to expose the Perpetrators pulling the strings of the Puppets! | Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog Says:
    April 5, 2016 at 9:46 pm
    […] Source: Being Played Like Pawns […]

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