The Oblivious”Walking Dead!”

Are people finally waking up to their NWO Lucifarian reality???

*My opinion….throw out Obama, his administration, anyone he has ever appointed…along with Congress, Senate, IRS, DOJ every single Obama/Illuminati ass kissing Govt agency, long arm of the Govt…& start all over from scratch.
Electing honest hard working decent law abiding God believing…& not the TV Evangelical types, Jesus loving, gun carrying everyday American (born & raised), & not with a silver spoon in their mouth, a common man or woman who actually believes in the principal’s, ideology, mandate of democracy & freedom for all (excluding offenders or lawbreakers) in action, not useless words-retoric….in the Constitution, Civil Rights, the Ammendments etc, not the Lib-Demonic Illusion of it, but the real deal.
America has been Corrupt from the beginning…
From the first non-native/1st Nations Wasciu feet *thinking they’re Superior* on our Native lands/shores every aspect of this beautiful bountiful land called America, has been soiled by non-native people who disrespect everything around themselves but their love of personal wealth & recognition on the backs & pockets of others.
And, dominant society called us heathens….
There was nothing heathen about us, we lived in beautiful harmony with everything Wakan Tanka gifted us with on Mother Earth & her abundance.
And, the Wasciu have spoiled Mother Earth wherever they populated in every word, action & deed.
They do not care about anyone but themselves & what they can “TAKE” by force from others believing it is their Divine Right to do so!
Whatever happens to mankind now whether at the hand of God or mere mortal men, you have had it coming since the beginning of time & creation.
Without question, this is a fact.
God’s retaliation for your betrayal of Him & what He alone was able to create for His children who have ruined everything for themselves, everyone…every living creature, plant etc placed here by Him for a purpose, is going to suffer the anguishing pain you have inflicted while here on Earth & it will continue for all time & then some…for the soul/spirit never dies.

*And, from the very beginning of time there has been nothing but BS & hypocrisy ever since, except from God Almighty!

Yeah, go ahead get back to your six pack, TV or electronic toys…you are oblivious to anything but your own personal pleasures, as the Walking Dead you watch on TV every week…
You are already dead, it just hasn’t registered in those pea sized brains yet!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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One Response to The Oblivious”Walking Dead!”

  1. BTW: During times of War we hung people for TREASON, oh yeah…
    The bleeding heart libs changed all that so when they got caught…there was no real consequences or punishment…so it has only perpetuated & multiplied like flys/maggots on a rotting dead body in all levels of society.


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