NaziZona AKA Arizona Attorney Amie Clarke Guilty Of Colluding In The Illegal Kidnapping Of Shoars Children For Profit!

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Source: NaziZona AKA Arizona Attorney Amie Clarke Guilty Of Colluding In The Illegal Kidnapping Of Shoars Children For Profit!

The Blue Star Kachina has appeared….as in the Hopi Prophesies & one should take note in Thomas E Mail’s book on the Hopi it notes the “taking of children from their parents & communities as a way to reprogram them to mirror the image of the evil ideology of the Govt.

One part of another Hopi source gives this telling information pertaining to the Blue Star Kachina’s appearing to mankind.

*WW3 will be started by those Peoples who first received the “light” [the divine wisdom or intelligence] in the other old countries[India, China, Egypt, Palestine, Africa].

The United States will be destroyed, land & people, by atomic bombs & radioactively. Only the Hopi & their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee.

{*Note this is the same information given by Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith (Zion).

It is only materialist people who seek to make or find Bomb shelters.

Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the Great Shelter of life.

There is no shelter for evil!

Those who take no part in the making of World division by ideology are ready to resume life in another World, be they Black, White, Red or Yellow race. They are all one, “brothers.”

The war will be a “spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by “Spiritual Beings who will remain to create one World & one Nation under one power, that of CREATOR/Jesus Christ.”

That time is not far off. It will come when Blue Star Kachina dances in the plaza. He represents a blue star, far off & yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon….

*Blue Star Kachina has been recently sited Sept 2016 in Spain & several other countries as reported by news agencies yesterday Sept 19, 2016.

The time is also foretold by song sung by Hopi during the Wuwuchim ceremony 1914 just before WW1, again 1940 before WW2, describing the disunity, corruption, & hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the World. The same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

The Hopi tried to warn mankind of their ruin, no one listened…lake-of-fire11121

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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