The DOG & Pony Show of AIM Bashers of HakiktaWin

You have been proven to be yourself the Frauds, demons in the flesh, embedded in my work, stealing intellectual property you have no right to, in my photos removing certain ones proving your guilt, then deleting them…

You think we don’t know who you are, where you live & whom you serve????

We do!

If I were not whom I say I am, Caretaker what I do…you would not need the legions of demons in the flesh like yourselves to monitor me, track me, watch me, cyber stalk, or hack me 24/7, would you?

So 7d_Ranch, stay out of my system, my hacked route(s) setup just for you by House of (PUKE) Music-Hughes Network installed by ingrate Adam Warf-Brandon Keeley.

For what you have done bypasses just being illegally criminal, it borders on insanity once your caught & exposed because you are.

The Blue Star Kachina’s arrival as a sign from Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ your putrid days are numbered was a joy to behold…death to evil & darkness, every man, woman, child that serves Satan & his Legion of Demons in the Flesh just like you will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

As a proven “Spiritual Being” I shall be here protected as always, when you are drop kicked by Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ via Blue Star to be with whom you serve, Satan & his DOOMED Lucifarian agenda.

Just keep on messing with me, the longer you continue the more pain & suffering you’ll have to endure on your flat lining experience & in Hell’s Fire.

All good with me!

Hoka Hey!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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