“We Are Everywhere!”

“We are everywhere!” Is also the 1973 book title by Bill Ayres, who’s garage Obama’s Presidential candidates bid was started, with the zero degree of Separation with Ayres Senior & the Valery June Jarrett, father in-law Vernon Jarrett Arab/Muslim bought Presidency USING the BLACKS 1979 newspaper article describing how the Code Pink-Communist Party USA members intended to go about buying Obama’s Presidency…with the Arab/Muslim (James Abourezk) Illuminati who control Islam for the Lucifarian Agenda-NWO.
Indeed the Free Mason/Illuminati ARE everywhere controlling everything Globally, including this sham of Presidential Elections PROCESS 2016, & yes this election is rigged for the Demonic Party CANDIDATE by the same….
We in America are facing a full on Dictatorship planned for decades by the evil & darkness of the World for their continuation of CONTROL & NWO Lucifarian Agenda for Satan.
They are truly”Demons in the Flesh!

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Rosette Delacroix

The Truth is in the Code.

Lucy Decoded
April 3, 2016
by Rosette Delacroix


Bon jour mes amies. C’est Rosette avec un autre decodage.

So before we begin delving into the film let’s look at a few things first. Let’s start with the title- LUCY. First notice that they have LU in white and CY in black. Lu is short for Luna and Cy is short for Cyrus, which is another word for Sun. So they show the duality of Moon and Sun here. We will see another black and white connection later on in this decoding as well.

So Lucy makes me think of the show “I Love Lucy” and its star Lucille Ball. So we have Lucy Ball. Ball can be “spelled” BAAL as well. And “Baal” is another name for Lucifer… Lucifer Baal…

Here is Lucille…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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