Facts verse Political Correctness Spin, Burlington, Washington Shooting Update!


Old school immigration rules, you must be here 4 years consecutively to become an American Citizen if you are White, & not Muslim, Mexican or whomever else serves the Demonic Party’s Leftist Agenda!
I can write the book on the US/Canada Immigration process, what is was, & what it is today under Obama’s Dictatorship!

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Same old “mental health issues” scenario provided by FBI & law enforcement, sounds like Orlando, Florida all over again.
If anyone has researched or studied Arab/Muslin religious belief, hate crimes against women is common, including males own female family members & their wives.
This targeted women, the Wounded man was collateral damage from the rifle, which has to have been already in the mall which shows the shooter did not act alone & had accomplice(s) within the mall to get the weapon in place before the shooting, & the fast “get away” to get from mall to ferry terminal to get to where he was captured in Oak Harbor from Burlington.
Very familiar with that area, rode horses for years at Ocean Shores & ferry access to Canada are numerous or he was heading for Oregon/California Sanctuary Cities to a safe house location.
I would be looking for mall…

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