Facts verse Political Correctness Spin, Burlington, Washington Shooting Update!


Same old “mental health issues” scenario provided by FBI & law enforcement, sounds like Orlando, Florida all over again.
If anyone has researched or studied Arab/Muslin religious belief, hate crimes against women is common, including males own female family members & their wives.
This targeted women, the Wounded man was collateral damage from the rifle, which has to have been already in the mall which shows the shooter did not act alone & had accomplice(s) within the mall to get the weapon in place before the shooting, & the fast “get away” to get from mall to ferry terminal to get to where he was captured in Oak Harbor from Burlington.
Very familiar with that area, rode horses for years at Ocean Shores & ferry access to Canada are numerous or he was heading for Oregon/California Sanctuary Cities to a safe house location.
I would be looking for mall security connections to the perpetrator, to have opportunity to have the weapon in place before the shooting, he had help & was not a lone gunman.
Mall security footage was clear, he did not arrive with a rifle on the footage.
I would not hesitate to say anyone in close proximity of the shooting was terrorized, they will never feel safe or have the sense of well being again as they did before they were victimized, a terrorists & handler’s agenda.
If someone did see indications he was a risk political correctness silences anyone voicing concern for public safety…which has become the norm in cases of terror attacks.
The whistleblower becomes the “bad individual- (prejudiced)”& the perp gets a free pass with the labeling of “mental health issues,” & the government official overseeing the mental health issues of the perp, normally, but wrongly releases the perp back into society, & HORRIFIC crimes occur by the perp without the assessors/Mental Health Care Service (Liberal) providers having to take “responsibility”for allowing the perp to be back on the street as a walking time bomb waiting to explode.
There is a very thin line between brilliance & insanity in many cases, & the perps know exactly how to use the “existing system” to their advantage with doctors/psychologists, parole officers, law enforcement, & those closest to them.
They are very manipulative, Master Manipulators in fact, who use the disease/labling of Mental Health Issues to litterly get away with murder, with the liberal courts etc, saying “He didn’t know what he was doing!”
Sure he did!
He was smart enough to get the rifle into the mall without being seen!
Premeditation, not a random act, this shooting was professionally planned & executed!
And, most of what was reported early was not accurate, no one in law enforcement at that point had any facts or profile of the perp to make the statements it was “NOT an act of Terror.”
Sure it was!
Just like in Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston!


It is an election year, the “Greatest Show on Earth” all rigged BS….!
Your choices look like Benghazi lying Hilary, but you get 2 for your money….Pedofile Wild Bill, too!
Oh, goodie, two crooks for the price of one, boy we sure like them deals, eh???
Or if Hilary croaks, choking on her many lies…
We will end up with Michael-Michelle Obama, with the real biggest serial global terrorist/mass murderer-enabler in the history of mankind surpassing Attila the Hun & Hitler in the global body count, Barack!
But, who is counting bodies anymore???
No one cares, unless it somehow, some way touches THEM!
One cares, & everyone has turned away from HIM, & BETRAYED HIS caring love.
It is just not cool to love God anymore, besides it isn’t worth being persecuted for doing so by the POLITICALLY Correct Cops trying to shove Sharia/Muslim Law down everyone throats by the butt boy loving crowd.
Keep drinking the Kool-aide folks, only YOU may be next…
Oh, well…we know you got to get back to your devices, vampire, devil worshipping fall lineup on TV, way more entertaining than even considering the truth.
It is all a Demons in the Flesh Satanic Lucifarian Agenda Illusion anyway…!
Just like this shooter, the FBI/Washington State Law Enforcement assessments of the crime!
My deepest condolences to the victims & their families….you are never going to know the motive or truth for this demonic crime, it is way to buried in political correctness, corruption & plain old fashion (pardon me) BULL SHIT!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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9 Responses to Facts verse Political Correctness Spin, Burlington, Washington Shooting Update!

  1. And, HELLO again Alaska!
    Keeping my time an hour earlier twigged me to your HAARP technology data mining, surveillance capabilities targeting me with your presence.
    Bugged by & with my TRUTH….illuminating the Illuminati Illusion?
    Bet you & the US Govt would like to dissect my brain capabilities & gifts from God via DNA cloning…to use for your nefarious purposes, but most likely you already got it already, eh!
    Well, good luck with that!
    You cannot recreate a “SPIRITUAL Being” of Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ….
    Anything you recreate via cloning will be missing one vital element, the 5th element, the God Particle signature…
    If it isn’t created by HIM, it just isn’t the same!
    Didn’t know that???
    Too bad, so sad, too little, way to late for you!
    Blue Star is going to make HAARP look like a kids PlayStation, lol!
    It is God’s Domain you messed with, & now your fate & final destination is SEALED!


  2. richard boyden says:

    Got him Mexican…I was wrong on that big time On Sep 25, 2016 4:13 AM, “Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog” wrote:

    > Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree posted: “http://www.actionnewsjax.com/ > news/authorities-looking-for-active-shooter-after-reported- > shooting-at-cascade-mall/449611224 Same old “mental health issues” > scenario provided by FBI & law enforcement, sounds like Orlando, Florida > all over again. If any” >

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  3. The thing about being a minority, we can recognize one of us & one of them…
    I can walk down the street or be in Wal-Mart & tell the difference between a 1st Nations individual, or Mexican, Muslim, South American Indigenous Native, etc…
    Yeah, we are all brown-red in skin color…but facial characteristic’s are different, subtle….
    Even mixed bloods with Caucasian or Blacks mixed in.
    A gift from God being able to tell the difference, guess HE thought it was important for me to know.


  4. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/09/25/suspect-in-washington-state-mall-shooting-in-custody.html

    If a judge ordered no firearms how did the Muslim Turkey immigrant get the “hunting” rifle….who sold it to him???
    How did he acquire it??
    Why wasn’t the Security footage shown earlier with the shooter going back outside to get the weapon???
    How long has the shooter been here?
    If you are not an American Citizen…you can’t buy a gun!
    A landed immigrant is not allowed to own or possess a firearm.
    Which goes to prove the vetting process to immigrate from the Middle East is flawed, & people like the shooter are being fast tracked through immigration, (to vote Demonic Party), & Gun Laws are NOT going to stop mass murders by immigrants from the Middle East or anywhere else!
    The Demonic Party-UN wants your guns so Americans have no way to defend themselves from false flag Martial Law which is Eminent & already in play!
    Govt creates the false flag incident, then puts in place laws to further their Corrupt demonic Lucifarian Agenda for Free Masonic Illuminati Elitist Occultists serving Satan!
    What’s happening in a nutshell!
    Who’s the victims…innocent Americans!
    My position on the Burlington shooting-shooter is unmoved by scripted political correctness liberal BS!
    It is the illusion-Wag the Dog tactics of the perpetrators of treason!


  5. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:


    Old school immigration rules, you must be here 4 years consecutively to become an American Citizen if you are White, & not Muslim, Mexican or whomever else serves the Demonic Party’s Leftist Agenda!
    I can write the book on the US/Canada Immigration process, what is was, & what it is today under Obama’s Dictatorship!


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