Presidential Debate Opinion From Australia – Clinton Wins, But Does Trump Gain?

More Leftist spin by the mainstream media backing Illuminati backed Clinton….if she does croak on her many lies before the election & we end up with Michael-Michelle Obama….Barack never intends to leave office EVER!
But, he looks AIDS infected just like old Wild Bill Clinton!
My belief, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ via Blue Star-Whope who has recently arrived in the heavens is going to drop kick them all including “All Evil” to their Master Satan quite soon!

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~


I have mentioned a number of times how this Presidential Campaign is being covered here in Australia more than any earlier campaign has ever been covered. Every night, on every one of the major TV networks, there is always some news on the campaign. In much the same manner as it is in the U.S. nearly every commentary favours Hillary Clinton, and if anything much is said about Donald Trump, it is nearly always negative and unfavourable. The debate was covered here in full, three hours of it in fact, by the National Broadcaster here in Australia, the ABC on its News Network. I didn’t watch it as it was around Midday our time in Australia, and frankly, I had other things to do. I did however listen to a Current Affairs program not long after the debate finished, and that also was on the…

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