Abourezk Law Firm!

Abourzek Law Firm and ALC

peddlerJune 12, 2014
by Suzanne Dupree , “Hakikta Win” – LookingBackWoman


Abourzek Law Firm and ALC

Charlie Abourezk, adpoted son of the Arab Peddlers Son


10 years 7 months, your 10 yr. anniversary of your “psychodrama” with Arlo Looking Cloud has come and gone, and he is still in prison.

Why did you interfere in his pre-trial information?

Why did you protect Bill means and Ellison?

Why did you say you were an exarte trial consultant?

Why were you on the rez. at Bill Means house the night Annie Mae Aquash was brought there?

What did you do or say to Anna Mae, Charles?

What did you say to Arlo when you let him in to Bill Means , house to use the washroom?

Do you think your Dad will protect you now, Charles , when Rensch’s notes are available to the public?

What about the food stamps you were collecting from the rez at the time of Wounded Knee 2.

What about the making of pipe bombs, Code Pink and the Weatherman and AIM’s agenda, Charles?

Did you like their Militant Urban Domestic Terrorism on the rez?

Or did you like what you’ve always liked. Staged events Psychodramas. Where people are taken down and out as “collateral damage.”

Do you like lies psychodrama as the basis for your family, your home, your faux culture?

When is your non-biological peddlers son father going to sell you out as “collateral damage!”

In the Middle East , blood is always thicker than political alliances. You are not blood, and you are a liability.

What are you thinking about Charles?

When are you going to tell the truth?

from: ~Suzanne Dupree , “Hakikta Win” – LookingBackWoman~

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  1. jpwade Says:
    a bit MORE on the ARAB PEDDLERS SON

    This son of an arab peddler that moved to rosebud reservation yrs ago, i.e the arab/lebanise former senator james abourezk, in 1974 he was the 1st u.s diplomat into israel since the israel-arab war, in support of the PLO.

    he has since those days been correlating 1st nations of this continent to “his catagorization” of palistinians being indigenous, garnishing support from 1st nations on this continent through for example of his AIM hand picked tin soldiers , that was made into u.s academia’s indian studies guru. i.e ward churchill (who holds no native ancestry), who walked away from federal prosecution for the pipe bombs he set off at mt. rushmore while with AIM, prior to becoming mr. u.s indian studies academia.

    churchill was also with bill ayres wife in gaza a few yrs back stirring the pot, that is ayres of the weathermen who also walked away from federal prosecution for the pipe bombs he killed innocent policemen with. Churchill went to Gaza with bill ayres wife bernadette dorn along with “Code Pink” who has direct working relationships with hamas and the talmud (code pink has officially delivered correspondence from both hamas and the talmud to obama).

    Both Abourezk and code pink are advisors to Obama for his policies toward israel.

    Abourezk has also been in the ukraine since the early 70’s stiring the pot of chaos there as well, and because of the recent Obama sanctions of the ukraine, Russia has finalized and closed their deal with China for a joint oil pipeline, i.e Russian oil that was allocated for the euro states, will now go to China.

    when one considers Abourzek has been involved with transforming the PLO > Muslim BrotherHood > al quida/hamas that has now splinterd into ISIS and their recent thrust to operate (they already have control points in most all Arab States) , right at the same time of the ukraine going up in flames, the boarder crossing and the recent racist issue, which has now raised the head of the_new black panther party who is saying jihad is not the threat to americans ….. it becomes very clear that arse wipe along with Obama and other gov. handlers is utilizing 1st nations people to set up homesteads to shelter and harbor the likes of ISIS

    ALSO …. for the last 10 or so years that hand picked spiritual person CrowDog of AIM has been in south america conducting sundance ceremonies with the backing of the drug cartell (clyde bellecourt of AIM included). Over the last year or so CrowDog along with other Abourezk hand picked AIM tin soldiers such as Phil Lane Jr. (who has also been in s. america) have been pushing on the 1st nations people here the “Prophicies” of “when the condor meets the eagel” , i.e the s. american sacred icon condor, and this continent sacred icon the eagel will meet and join forces to attach as a unit “THIS IS WHY THE BOARDER CROSSING B.S IS OCCURING” , aside from introduction of disease’s such as whooping cough, and yes get ready for ebola on this one , that has recently started to migrate more and more across the globe.

    Abourezk has been peddleing his social script of chaos to the 1st Nations through groups such as the Lakota Peoples Law Project (Abourezk is an advisor of the LPLP) which includes Chase Iron Eyes (the ripple effects of AIM , initiated just a yr or so back after the rapid city hospital accusation of carving kkk into a mans chest).

    LRI was initiate by Abourezk, AIM leadership Russell Means, Dennis Banks and Clyde Bellecourt, during that Vern Traversie kkk racial scam , just before LRI launched their global fund raising campaign to save the black hills of south dakota, a global gimmie gimmie scam to create a financial foundation for the continuance of AIM re-branded as LRI.

    Also giving support towards that homestead setup shelters for the likes of ISIS is ,Winona LaDuke of honor the earth (image attached) , AIM leader and creator , Edward Benton-Banai Grand Chief, Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge , as per AIM canada leaderTerrance Nelson , Eddie a founding member of Jim Abourezk’s AIM controls the largest youth spiritual seduction group in the country and strongly supported by AIM.

    Phil Lane jr. has been all over Idle No More in canada stirring the pot with Terrance Nelson (AIM Canada) who in just a few yrs past went to iran with a handful of other canadian 1st nations leaders to seek humanitarin support, this was orchestrated by Clyde Bellecourt of AIM. Word has it Bellecourt also visited at the same time to Lybia and Syria, thou he was not subject to the food and sleep deprivation and mind control b.s those other leaders were put through, who are now leader icons for the Idle No More movement in Canada.

    All i ask is to think about that above and keep an open eye on Obama, code pink, AIM , the spiritual seduction being implemented on those of the boarder crossing, spiritual seduction on idle no more in the north, along with all the other arse wipe concerns mentioned and note that Abourezk has since the 70’s had his hand in all of those groups activities in some way shape or form …..

    That is to say Abourezk’s b.s scripts that he pulled on the Palestinians who are now Hamas , on the 1st nations of this continent with AIM, is currently being played out on main_stream_america …..

    in short, time to pony up and pack the saddle bags heavy, it’s going to be a long haul on this one and expect to get your feet wet ….. to say the least.

    IMAGE: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/s640x640/12528_761870993854883_14288672508117639_n.jpg?oh=d34d6b7c8d4e282dd5fa916134a34c92&oe=548108DE&__gda__=1416954861_426cb496f2c499e63d3b97f271727598

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Influenced to Death
    For What It’s Worth
    « Abourzek Law Firm and ALCWounded Knee Incident & AIM – The Truths’s photo. »


    Understanding the support from so called 1st nations activists, tribal college instructors and supporters/sympathizers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) , and the B.S categorization by James Abourezk that Palestinians are indigenous to garnish 1st Nations support for his working groups B.S Social Chaos manipulation through “his” homegrown militant terrorist group AIM , one would have to conclude the comment in the image by Thayer, is that of dissatisfaction about those who are arrested for assisting Hamas , that has now splintered into ISIS.

    Thayer is another Abourezk puppet, a so called activist who has promoted, supported and assisted the working groups of James Abourezk for_so_many_years , to include support for one of Abourezk’s tin soldiers AIM WardChurchill, who walked away from any federal prosecution for a pipe bomb he set off at Mount Rushmore , who then became the U.S Academia Indian Studies Guru without holding any native ancestry , who in his own words says he taught the WeatherMen how to make pipe bombs, where Bill Ayres of the Weathermen killed innocents with pipe bombs who also walked away from federal prosecution for bombing a police station. both men who are part of “Code Pink” , where Code Pink and Abourezk sit an arms length away from Obama as advisers to foreign policy for Israel / Palestine.

    Thayer and working groups such as Winona of Honor the Earth, AIM, Eddie Benton Boop of the Three Council Fires, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, LastRealIndians, ProtectheSacred, etc, etc …. have done and continue to do a great job with setting up the future generations of 1st Nations youth to strap pipe bombs to their chests ….

    What a Mockery to Ancestry and to All Those who have died for “Our” Freedoms.

    As time rolls forward, it will be both SICKENING and Humoring to watch those so called activist groups mentioned TRY to start Back Peddling their Spiritual Seduction Cow Crap that has assisted support for the creation of this modern day HATE MACHINE that has grown to Maturity …. Such disgusting examples of Native Pride eh?


    Sept-2014 news link in Thayers Post

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Rochester, New York, man has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to the Islamic State militant group and attempting to murder U.S. soldiers, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.


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    Marlene Wilkins Says:
    January 12, 2015 at 8:53 am
    Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    As time rolls forward, it will be both SICKENING and Humoring to watch those so called activist groups mentioned TRY to start Back Peddling their Spiritual Seduction Cow Crap that has assisted support for the creation of this modern day HATE MACHINE that has grown to Maturity …. Such disgusting examples of Native Pride eh?

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