Israel’s Changing Neighborhood

Two issues to add…the Syrian Sioux, James Abourezk-mentor & Godfather to Arab/Muslim bought Obama Presidency USING “The Blacks,” & Abourezk/Val-Jar unelected advisors to Obama on Israel & Middle East Policies from their PERSPECTIVE as Communist Party USA members/Code Pink….”Oh, the shame of it all!”

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20080109_farhatBy Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman ~

When Israel first became a nation, a unified Muslim world (in particular, Arab world) invaded, hoping to destroy the nascent state. The Arabs did not prevail, but that did not stop them for trying 13 other times since 1947.

In the past 12 months alone, Israel faced 407 terror attacks, including 165 stabbings, 87 attempted stabbings, 107 shootings, 47 vehicular attacks, and one bus bombing. All this is in a country the size of New Jersey!

Israel-flag01cToday, however, the Arab (and Muslim) worlds face increasing disarray. The two major sects of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, are in open conflict. Non-Arab Iran (formerly Persia), is home to the majority of Shiites in the world, but there are Shiite pockets living in Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Iraq has been transformed from a Sunni-Arab majority country to a Shiite-majority country, with the inevitable…

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