Chris Allan Montgomery…Law License Suspended…Liability Insurance Info!

Better have it!
You are going to need it!
To any & all other Attorneys, you do not want to represent any of these exposed to the bone perpetrators involved in this Pattern of Real Estate Fraud, career breaker.
You attack the innocent victims, another one of you will bite the dust!
Stupid is, as Stupid does!
All criminal acts are exposed sooner or later…
These Colville Corrupt Perpetrators/Politicians/Drug Dealing Manufacturing PEDOFILES & Co-conspiritor parasites were far too long feeding off of good, honest innocent victims.
You mess with the (Sitting) Bull, you get the horns!
Now everyone involved has their Washington State licences on the table, Real Estate Licences, Law Licences, Business Licences…etc!
They are next!
You will NEVER do this Again to anyone!
Belva Schuldt
Payback is a BITCH!
We didn’t do it to you all, your greed, arrogance, sense of entitlement to the spoils of your criminal acts, belief you were immune to the LAW….you did it all to yourselves!
Now, ALL the RATS are in one big barrel…only a few will make it out unscathed, but when you come out of this…you will only CONSUME OTHER RATS, your nature will be forever more changed by this new conditioning experience!
Enjoy the FEAST!
Belva Schuldt
Oct. 18, 2016 3:55 pm PST
Hoka Hey, Corrupt Boyz & Girls…the Silent Majority is SILENT NO MORE!
Courage is Contagious!

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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Liability Insurance

APR 26

Insurance Resources

Washington lawyers are not required to have professional liability insurance coverage. However, they are required to report to the Washington State Bar Association, on a yearly basis, whether they have coverage. They are not required to report the following:

  • Who their insurer is, if they have malpractice insurance coverage.
  • The limits of their policy.
  • The amount of any deductible that the lawyer must pay before…

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