Real Estate Fraud Stevens County Bait & Switch Corruption! Protecting People’s Property Rights, Read it & Weep Corrupt Stevens County Perps!

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While Evils Are Sufferable…Criminal Activity in Public Office is Not!

“…and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” –Declaration of Independence

To be content to pretend and deny that corruption and unjust court systems are not rampant across America is tantamount to being comfortable with your eyes full of sand. When Bill Windsor of Lawless America – the Movie, traveled to all 50 states interviewing hundreds perhaps thousands of people who sought a balance public forum to redress their grievances with the out-of-control judicial system, he quickly became a target by the system he sought to expose.  Harassed and jailed for a time, both Texas and Montana would like to put him away for life, according to his website Windsor has posted hundreds of video clips of his interviews on his Youtube Channel.

Does judicial corruption exist in your county? Spend some time in the courtrooms and the hallways of your local county courthouse as an objective observer to the proceedings. Witness the people in tears as their children are ripped from their their lives by overreaching and abusive persons operating under the protections of the bureaucracies and agencies they populate. Watch people stripped of their businesses and livelihood for exercising their religious and moral convictions. Observe people being barred entry to their homes through “foreclosure” by greedy bankers who never put up a red cent, had no skin in the game, but were aided by corrupt judges willing to accept forged mortgage notes as evidences of a valid claim by the bankers.

In Stevens County, Washington, the people exercised their sacred right to peacefully assemble and investigate their public servants through their Public Records Act. As records were received, and examined according to the legislative mandates imposed upon the public servants, it was clear that they were none of the eleven elected county persons were compliant with state law. The people, through a series of correspondences began to require their public servants to prove their authority to sit in county offices and to prove they had a right to collect a paycheck from the people’s treasury. It didn’t take long to uncover a scheme cleverly crafted by public servants, namely county prosecutors who provide legal counsel to other “officers”, to exempt themselves from paying mandatory filing fees when submitting their required Oaths of Office for filing (see videos below). It is estimated that the state and counties treasuries are defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars in filing fees each election cycle by public servants who have granted each other this exemption without a vote of the people or legislative authority. However, the mere fact that they are non-compliant with state law is a violation of their “oath” they swore to uphold the laws and the constitution of the state of Washington. It’s ironic that the very “oath” they swore to uphold the laws and Constitution of the State of Washington was violated 1 minute after midnight on Dec. 31st following the election in November when they failed to “duly qualify” to possess the office. Operating outside the confines of the Constitution and laws they swore to upholdrelegates them to mere usurpers of public offices they illegally occupy.

The people exercised their right to redress by notifying their elected county servants of their Non-Compliance with State Law, Notice of Vacancy of Office, and Directive to Answer to the People (sample). Each Notice or Directive was rebuffed with silence. The county prosecutor, Timothy Rasmussen, was delivered 76 Questions that Require a Response. These questions, most footnoted to law, statutes, Supreme Court rulings, etc, apparently hit to close to home. Rasmussen submitted a very public rant in his Prosecutor’s Journal/Corner that was published in the local newspapers. Mocking the people by likening them to a “slimy lawyer”.  Although every public servant has a requisite duty/obligation to prove their authority, the silence was deafening; for they have no defense to the truth. Having no defense to their failure to comply with state law, these public “servants” believed they could just ignore the people away.

When it was uncovered that the local “sheriff”, Kendle Allen, usurping the office of the chief law enforcement officer of the county, did not even bother to subscribe an Oath for over 3 years into his first term of office, let alone properly file it into the official public records, criminal complaints were filed against him with the county “prosecutor” who did nothing but scoff at the people. After the prosecutor’s rebuff, the complaints were taken to the Superior Court Administrator who mischaracterized the complaints as “informations” and the complaints again, went nowhere. Criminal complaints were executed against Timothy Rasmussen, county prosecutor, for Official Misconduct, failure to perform a duty required by law. The original Criminal Complaints along with a Memorandum of Law in Support were submitted to Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, with copies and Cover letter to Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee.  Washington’s Governor and Attorney General were solicited to take action as is their duty as mandatory reporters of criminal activity. The Governor’s office, in an unsigned correspondence weighed in saying “the Governor will decline to order the Attorney General’s Office to use state resources to investigate your concerns.”  One can only surmise if it is a matter of custom, practice and policy within the Governor’s Office to insure no person can be identified or held responsible for crafting such a letter by sending it unsigned? The dozen criminal complaints filed by the people against Kendle Allen and Timothy Rasmussen have never been presented to a judge for a probable cause hearing and the complaints remain unresolved to date.

When someone usurps a public office of district court judge, every “session” is really a mock or moot court for no legitimacy can be lent to a person because they adorn themselves in black robe attire and deceptively sit in “judgment” over the unsuspecting. So, when a number of people entered the Stevens County courthouse on January 5, 2015, to redress their grievances to a usurper and imposter of the office of Stevens County District Court Judge, Gina A. Tveit, there was no legal court in session and thus no crimes could be charged against three people for exercising the sacred right of redress of grievance. Tveit, herself, has unresolved criminal complaints against her as well.


Left to Right, Thew, Ransier and Patterson exercise sacred right to redress grievance.

The three people, Dennis Patterson (56), Constance Thew (68) and Charles Ransier (77), the POC-3, are members of the duly elected People’s Oversight Commission (although this event was not a People’s Oversight Commission sanctioned event).

(See courthouse generated picture on right.)

While the people have unresolved criminal complaints against usurpers Tveit, Allen and Rasmussen without any opportunity to testify at a probable cause hearing held for them, Allen and his deputies were quick to respond and “arrest” the POC-3. Every person who shall falsely personate or represent any public officer commits a multitude of felonies for a false arrest, i.e. assault with a deadly weapon, false arrest, false imprisonment at minimum.  The POC-3 were each taken before a superior court “judge” in chains for a probable cause hearing in a single day’s time after the two men were compelled to spend a night in jail despite none of the three ever having a criminal record. Yet the usurpers of county offices having criminal complaints against them by the people, are never brought to justice.

Rasmussen, and his deputy prosecutors, had charges filed within days against the POC-3 for: (Count 1) Contempt of Court (Punitive Sanction) – Disrupting Proceedings or Insolent Behavior, (Count 2) Criminal Trespass in the First Degree, and (Count 3) Interference of Court; each a gross misdemeanor and each carrying up to 364 days in jail and/or a $5000 fine per charge. When the POC-3 are “arrested” and “charged” for alleged “crimes” in a mock court by the very persons they filed criminal complaints against, the unsavory stench of injustice, retaliatory animus, and/or conflicts of interest overwhelms the people’s nostrils.

Although Stevens County has been taken over by usurpers of public office and the Governor Inslee and Attorney General Ferguson turned a blind eye to criminal activity; while criminal complaints against the usurpers go unresolved, the people’s resolve remain constant. There are people in Stevens County who are awake – they are not sheepeople,easily influenced by peers/media to adopt certain behaviors or blindly follow trends.

Public servants are required to live under the laws they swore an oath to uphold. Per people’s Initiative, in 1972, “The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them.” The people are also charged with a duty to “maintain control over the instruments they have created”.

There are people in other counties in Washington that ARE standing up in order to put down lawlessness, rebellion, sedition and tyranny by “public servants” at every level. Those familiar with Gavin Seim are aware of his Youtube Video Channel and his bold stand to restore liberty in America. He, too, has paid a price for speaking truth to unjust powerholders, having himself been arrested a few weeks ago in Douglas County Washington.

Those of you who are AWAKE, this is your call to stand with those standing up. Stand up in your community, in your county, for it is at the grass roots that change is most effective.

Only the people can restore America.

“In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” – Mark Twain


Tim Gray, Stevens County “Auditor” interviewed on filing Oaths of Office

Dennis Patterson speaks with Stevens County Prosecutor, Timothy Rasmussen.

Dennis Patterson holds Press Conference on Criminal Complaints filed against imposter “sheriff” Kendle Allen

Dennis Patterson holds Press Conference concerning Governor Inslee & AG Ferguson receiving Criminal Complaints against Stevens County Prosecutor Timothy Rasmussen

Jimmy Ellis, Clark Press Conference on Writ of Prohibition filed against Stevens County Treasurer, Auditor, and three County Commissioners

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2 thoughts on “While Evils Are Sufferable…Criminal Activity in Public Office is Not!”

  1. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne DupreeFebruary 8, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Your info was taken seriously, Wall Street Journal award winning investigative journalist, Gary Fields grilled Stevens County Sheriffs Office for an hour &a half over their protection of Pedofiles/drug cartel. Richard Boyden, radio talk show host, syndicated investigative journalist has taken Stevens County Corrupt officials & their CRIMINAL acts to task…view the Boyden Report WordPress in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal have these Good Ol Boys right up to Gov & ATTORNEY Generals of Washington State all over the net news to the point they said they know the color & brand of underwear the perps wear.
    The request for investigative journalists to investigate began last week & you will be amazed at what they already have going viral & in print in the public domain.
    There will be honest JUSTICE system for honest hardworking people in Stevens County & you can read Boyden Report to verify & share.
    Belva Schuldt/SUZANNE DUPREE/Looking Back Woman
    See the EMF device being used against us in Stevens County & Who Knew,& who was involved at the highest level….remember Lavoy Finnicum!


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