In These Times: “The Police Killings No One Is Talking About”

Ignoring the situation of drug cartel at Pine Ridge where children are being shot in broad daylight & random of 3-4 Lakota children for a 110,000 meth drug debt of Garfield Little Dog to the drug cartel…& if they do not get their $$$ or the children, they threatened to blow up a school & law enforcement, Feds etc all blame lack of funding for not eradicating the drug cartel threat on reservations because of Obama May 21, 2016 decreed we 1st Nations, Mexicans, Blacks no longer have our cultural identity allowing the cut of funding…is equally as horrible, dehumanizing for 1st Nations & other minorities…
All the while Obama shoves Arab/Muslim Islam-Communism, transgender, gay enablement, abandonment of veterans… etc down All Americans throats, ignoring the Will of the People!
Obama IS EVIL, & Congress, Senate, Politicians etc let him get away with being the most prolific serial murderer in history next to Hitler!

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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One Response to In These Times: “The Police Killings No One Is Talking About”

  1. What is the motivation for Obama’s big transgender, gay, Lesbian, homosexual-pedofile enablement???
    Everyday when he & Michael-Michelle look in the mirror…the most obvious reason is the reflection of their lie to the world looking back at them!
    The children???
    Ask Val-Jar/Valerie June Jarrett…her Communist Party parents work on genetics while living in Iran explains how it was done, why it was done…
    Two men cannot produce children without a woman to carry the child…the rest can all be done in a Petrie dish & test tube with the DNA of Barack, Michael-Michelle & Val-Jar!
    And, no enhancement, bootie butt, cosmetic surgery can change the DNA boys & girls.
    Everyone/Blacks at the church they attended with the Obama’s know this & have shared it.
    No one chose to pay attention outside the Black community, & the only one ballsey enough to even mention anything about it, Joan Rivers ended up dead shortly there after!
    As for Megyn Kelly/Faux News dust up with the Speaker of the House recently….
    She overstepped her boundaries as an journalist, & she looks more dyke everyday….
    Every one like her has a Ken Doll Gay looking husband!
    Nothing new under the sun!
    Lies, sexual identity, & politics!
    But, let’s cut the crap & just focus on facts & not the Arab/Muslim bought Obama Presidency using the “Blacks!”
    Let’s focus on the real threat to us all….
    The pending Hilary Lucifarian/Illuminati Agenda/NWO election….her fangs are sharpened, she has already betrayed America in exchange for money….
    We Americans finally realize Democracy is just an Illusion, ask 1st Nations people, look at what civilization, assimilation & democracy has done for them!
    Not a damn thing, if they are not gunned down by drug cartels, they are shot by police, Law Enforcement, FBI…& no one cares!
    Only good Indian is a dead Indian!
    And, now everyone else is next!
    There is no real justice, only Jesus’s….
    And, it will be catastrophic.

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