Donald Trump and Federal Indian Policy: Postscript

My only thought while voting this election was for Supreme Court Justice.
Voting for Trump was the only way not to have Demonic Party Candidate treasonist Hilary take office, especially after watching the Benghazi Documentary Film about the deaths of Americans & the collateral damage done to our own men & women there left without Obama/Hilary/Jarrett’s intervention on the victims behalf!
All who lied & believed “At this point, what difference does it make, ” & a phoney cover your ass lies/film was the cause, Not a Preplanned, well executed terrorist attack…should be hung for treason, not our next President!

Turtle Talk

Back in July, I wrote a commentary post titled Donald Trump and Federal Indian Policy, which put some of Trump’s public statements about Indian tribes and American Indians into context vis-a-vis federal Indian policy.  As I explained:

Donald Trump’s most notable comments about Indian tribes – made before the Committee on Natural Resources – reveal that he does not draw the distinction between the racial and political identities of Indian people. His view of the legitimacy of Indian tribes depends on the physical appearance of their members. As he told Don Imus, “it’s just one of those things that we have to straighten out.”

On June 18, 1993, Donald Trump appeared on the Don Imus radio show, Imus in the Morning, to discuss Indian gaming.  The full transcript of Trump’s interview is worth reading in full (it is a short read).  This interview offers a rare window into…

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