More believers of the lies & propaganda of Arvol Looking Horse & the American Indian Movement!

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Why doesn’t anyone do their homework & research, specifically non-native people….before supporting the biggest hoax-fraud in history?

Celebrity, fame, hype, propaganda & myth making????

We believe so!

The BIGGER THE LIE…the more people will believe it!

These people involved with this group should speak to a few of the victims & survivors of the American Indian Movement & Arvol Looking Horse, before buying into this fraud hook, line & sinker!

Cankatola Ti Ospaye

 May 8, 2010

When I first began to attend Shambhala meetings, I wondered if making a commitment to be a Shambhala member would mean I would have to forsake cultural activities linked to my Native American heritage. Starting in my late teens, I attended ceremonies, sweat lodges, and in high school I wrote for the Native American student newspaper, “The Eagle Speaks.” The wisdom I gained from elders and the sense of community has been an…

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