Great new Intel on Global Pedofilia

Read the to find out the TRUTH!

From Puke Buntings to Boyden…


With your true brew coffee drinking butt fucked little boy(den) ass.
Go have another cup of coffee while you serve the morningstar SATAN and suck the nuts of Brigham Young.
All you RLDS fucks will burn in hell for bringing the rain dancers down with your blue eyed jesus lies.
Joseph Smith hung like the criminal womanizer and syphyllis infested faggot him and his sons were.  Every one of your missionaries that ever came to my door i sent back out to the world free of the RLDS LIES!!!
So go have another cup of coffee and sniff the pee stain underwear of your granddaddy Brigham Young and the 60 billion dollar a year CULT he started.
But see, you are a narcissist and a blood line JEW.  In your well known picture you wear your beany and have on a masonic ring…PROOF YOU ARE A MASONIC JEW BOY(DEN)
Good thing hitler burned your ppl like you burned your hymie mama who nows sucks crowleys dick in hell…the very hell your own god will send you to for stealing from the poor rain dancers.
And does Elk Emerson know youre throwing his name out?  He will after i talk to him.
Oh, and for the record, which you care nothing about truth being you are an admitted jew and RLDS liar and satanist, i am not nor ever claimed to have any Cherokee blood in me…nor do i act like im a rain dancer as you pose as one because you have no identity of your own and hate yourself…i was raised with them and many are my CONFEDERATE BROTHERS who oppose the federal swine you and the UHmerican flag worshipping prairie niggers out west take handouts from…you and them are frauds to free sovereign men and women who live free of the federal lies and tyranny.
I am a straight up white boy with a 230 year SOUTHERN HERITAGE.  And i am a Confederate soldier.  So go lick the rain dancers asses like you do you satanic federal money taking traitor to freedom and liberty….youre a welfare nigger lime those hollywood drunks out west.
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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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