A year in the life of a Teton Wiyan (Woman) HakiktaWin….

Now, let us discuss last night’s Trump Speech where I never watched or heard mention of 1st Nations People.
I, HakiktaWin early in the election process suggested to Trump his focus being on the plight on Reservations of unsolved murders, treaty rights, civil rights, sovernty, child sex abuse-traffiking, Mexican drug cartels, rapes, etc…no response.
Tetons, Tribes & privately owned land have been fleeced of their water rights, mineral rights..Uranium rich, of course.
Sometimes leading to illegal murders of innocent individuals targeted by the US “Corrupt” land & resource stealing by Eminent Domain.
None of that in Trumps Speech!
If you represent all Americans…
Do not leave out 1st Nations people when everyone else since contact were land stealing illegal immigrants, eh!
Focus on the facts, Trump & leave no one ethnic group out of being Americans!

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