NYT’s Julie Davis Adores ‘Potent Weapon’ Michelle Obama, Vanquisher Of Racist Republicans

You mean tranny, Michael-Michelle Obama…that Joan Rivers lifted before she was murdered by the Demonic Party/Communist Party USA, continually shoving Transgender, Pedofilia, OK for child pornography, sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts…murders of anyone looking the Clinton-Obama-Jarrett, Rockefeller(gold), Rothschild(oil), Oppenheimer’s(diamonds) Illuminati Satan Inspired NWO Agenda/Lucifarian targeting RESISTERS???
That Michael-Michelle Obama, groomed for this demonic tactic by Val-Jar????

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claywaterspicture-5-1426558377By Clay Waters ~

In a story set to appear in Sunday’s New York Times, White House reporter and Michelle Obama acolyte Julie Hirschfeld Davis celebrated the first lady in a long profile, both as a campaigner for Hillary Clinton and for just being her awesome self in “The Closer: Michelle Obama — Dismissed early on by critics, the first lady has evolved into a powerful presence on the campaign trail.”

First Davis featured the first lady as the emotional vanquisher of sexist Trump and racist Republicans. By the end she was suggesting that the adored…potent weapon” Michelle Obama could run for office herself, and that “Republicans, who thought nothing of attacking Mrs. Obama in 2008, now shy away from doing so, a testament to her popularity and appeal.”

michelle-obama16The emails to Michelle Obama began flooding in minutes after she spoke out at an October rally in…

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  1. Oh, gee..forgot Sodomite Elitist Occultists Hollyweird Cowleyites… Hubbard-LaVey.
    Amazing what plastic surgery, hormones can recreate making a man into looking like a woman, eh??
    Look at Bruce Jenner…
    No DNA for it either from the offending parties….

    James Abourezk Godfather, mentor to Obama’s Arab/Muslim bought Presidency…
    Facts that need to be reviewed if America is to be saved….

    I would like to add to this post of Senator (former)Dem for South Dakota, James Abourezk who was heading also during his time as Senator the Sub committee on Indian Affairs, Abourezk’ corruption while holding both positions…that the Senate was well aware of that & did NOT use the Law within the Senate/Congress to stop him…
    The same irrefutable corruption within the Senate/Congress that exists to day that could of nipped in the bud…Former Senator Obama & former Senator, Hilary Clinton…& Obama’s Arab/Muslin bought Presidency (Treason) & Hilary’$ future position, as Secretary of State (email criminal/treason-corruption) via Obama that cost 4 American’s their lives in Benghazi.
    Vote wisely, America!
    “One Tin Soldier” song nails her/Obama to Jesus’Divine Laws….Cross!

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