Operation “Drain the Swamp” May 7, 2010-November 18, 2016 Anti-Indian Washington State & Beyond to DC!

Operation “Drain The Swamp” May 7, 2010/Nov 17, 2016

*1). US Customs/Border Protection/Port of Entry Laurier, Wa. Re: Port Commander Richard McKay
June 2013 (509)684-2100

2). Allan Reichman Assistant ATTORNEY General Washington State, Senior Legal Council Dept of Ecology Olympia, Wa.(360)586-6748
a). Tom Loranger DOE Olympia, Wa. (360)407-6672
b). Jeff McKenna DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3480 April 14, 2014…laughed & called me a Bull Dog!
c). Kari Johnson/Keith Stoffel DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3415
d). Gene Drury DOE Spokane, Wa. (509)329-3566/(509)329-3400
e). Wes McCart Stevens County Commissioner (on water board) (509)496-6518
f). Brian Danzel 7th District Senator Wa. State (509)322-5768promised to help us, nothing, too tied into Status Quo/Corrupt politicians Stevens County-Colville, Wa.
g). Dept of Labor/Industries Olympia (360)902-5799
h). Matt Schmaz Environmental Health Colville, Wa. (509)684-2262 *Schmaz threatened me the same day Keith Stoffel/ DOE Spokane, Wa. did after calls from Wes McCart, McCart also called DOE/Assist. ATTORNEY General, Allen Reichman.
After that, McCart speaking to Reichman, McCart avoided my calls & refused to call me back.
i). DEA/Spokane, Wa. (509)353-2964…said they were aware of the drugs, but never pursued any arrests or convictions.
j). John McKay US ATTORNEY D.C…no response to message.
k). EPA Olympia, Wa. (360)753-9437
l). *Marie Cantwell, Washington State Senator/Committee For Indian Affairs Spokane, Wa. Office (509)353-2507 Cantwell had/has James Abourezk’s position as a Senator & Committee for Indian Affairs…interesting, eh???

This is just the tip of the Cesspool/ICEBERG of Corrupt elected officials/politicians who stood by & allowed Dickey’s/Greve/Wilder free rein with US Govt Homeland Security/FBI protection to attempt to murder myself, husband, witnesses, all Canadian Citizens, with the exception of murdered by Thallium Nitrate poison, Reuben McMichael-American Citizen/witness & protector of me (did not die of CANCER as Stevens County Coroner Patti Handcock, & Dan Bryant school chum said, exact words from Dan Bryant after Reuben died, Reuben’s POA at the time of death)…*of which I have dual citizenship, American first, Canadian second May 11, 2011.
All criminal acts, gross indifference, Capital Crimes by Homeland Security-Chris/Don R Dickey, Kent Duane Greve-computer genius/Jade Helm 15/2015 Headquarters setup by DOD/DOJ, black Chevy SUV…film captured fall 2014, there 21/2 hrs, engine running, lights on entire time at Greve’s, Malmede, Andrea-Michael Stanley’s residences yarding out of Greve’s main residence green duffle bags of contraband, no arrests/Complicit, witnessed/Photographed with Boyden & other investigators.
The objective, to continue with corruption, racketeering, money laundering, FBI June Mail-Cyber-Gang Stalking, Real Estate Fraud, Drug manufacturing and distribution, Pedofile Child Sex Abuse, the criminality is endless here in Colville, Kettle Falls, Orient, Washington & Washington Demonic Party ruled State… by Anti-Indian CERA/CERF hate group, enabled & protected by those above listed.
Oh, and there are so many other co-conspiritors in collusion-conspiracy premeditated attempted murder, all with motive, access, intent & opportunity for profit.
We are just working our way down the huge list…
BTW: Trump take back our Internet!
And, Biased Mainstream Corrupt media, FACEBOOK…etc, they have betrayed Christ, you, America & beyond…
Please note they all chose the wrong 1st Nations Woman to try to murder to cover their ignorant, stupid, arrogant drug-pedofile cartel US Govt Protected asses!
I am a Servant of Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ…no other!
I am a descendant of my assassinated by US Govt Ancestor, Sitting Bull…via his Sister, Mary Good Elk Woman, there will be Justice/Redemption for my Tetons, Tribes & Indigenous Peoples Globally…now take treasonist James Abourezk (Syrian Sioux) to task, the US Govt orchestrator, Obama’s mentor/Godfather for Obama’s Arab/Muslim bought Presidency USING “Blacks,” of all our Teton, Tribes, Indigenous Peoples Globally pain, suffering, poverty & misery…which includes America, her Allies, & the World!
If you intend to “Drain the Swamp” start here, Trump/Pence….everything illegal going on here is sanctioned from DC!

Belva Schuldt-Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin
Hoka Hey!
Hechetu elo!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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