Second Part Operation Drain the Swamp…

Operation “Drain the Swamp” of Corrupt Washington State officials/Politicians/Attorneys part two…

2). Jerry Lindquist multi-task for Homeland Security/US Customs/Border Patrol Chris/Don R. Dickey also electrician for false grounds to pass real estate fraud by Dickey’$ home inspection Khan Du Electric Chewelah, Wa. (509)680-6014/Jim Avista # Boyden & I both got Lindquist’$ voice mail. Re: Avista meter tag replacement call. Lindquist’$ home # (50)684-5240 to be called before any repair work done here SCSO called, refused to address/colluders 2011! Found illegal Lindquist Centurylink-Quest split amplified line/Old Partyline phone tap July 2016 photographed & sent to Boyden & other investigators, connects perps via Hughes Network/House of Music/Colville, Wa. Pedofile-Sodomities drug cartel.
The Centurylink-Quest Hearing Impaired illegal phone tap goes directly into a computer where all conversations on (59)684-8359 is captured & perps have it, connected to Homeland Security, Chris Dickey at 3295 Orient Cutoff Rd & to all colluding co-conspiritors in murder attempts.
Also this number is also connected to system (509)563-5027.

Centurylink-Quest repair men connected to Lindquist & Dickey’s Homeland Security phone tap setup.
a). Mick Yarroll (509)684-1935 home #
Mick Yarroll, following Lindquist’s orders not to change Centurylink-Quest phone tap setup came for a repair call Oct 1, 2013, messed with phone box next to dining area, left phone box outside bedroom untouched & said he was going down to Dickeys & would return looking for phone tap, never to return that day, after going to Dickeys I had NO DIAL tone or service for 18 hours…no way to call for helpI was alone.
Reuben McMichaeltried calling, rang & rang…no answer, so he comes over concerned I was not answering my phone…when he found out what happed, he called AW, so he would know..said to me, “This is the night Dickey’s plan on murdering you…I am going home, get Benji, my gun & I will protect you tonight! After dark, Reuben rolled in, hide his truck between barn & house…could not see it, until you were there between house & barn…
When Chris Dickey & murderous co-conspiritors came in, they saw Reuben was here & he’d shoot first, ask questions later. So, they got in our Dodge 1 Ton, popped the hood & took the brake fluid reservoir lid off truck.
I heard the truck hood shut, or either AW or myself would have been murdered, made to look like an accident.
Next am, told Reuben what I heard at 2 am, we both took photos of footprints left going right back down to Dickey’s 3295 Orient Cutoff Rd residence.
Being cowards, Chris Dickey did not come alone & Mick Yarroll was responsible for no Centurylink-Quest phone service murder attempt on Lindquist’s orders.
When AW got home a week later, Reuben nor I had touched Truck, just took photos…AW checked Truck & found Dickey’s murder attempt via making it to look like an accident, removing brake fluid reservoir lid….very premeditated by Dickey & his crew of criminals.
Reuben & I never touched Truck to preserve fingerprints left by Dickey & Co. AW took Truck to Stevens County Sheriff’s Office to report murder attempt & for it to be fingerprinted but, they refused to give AW a file # proving, they…Corrupt co-conspiritors at Kendall Allen’s SCSO already knew exactly who did it, & did not want record of it on file protecting Dickeys!
Reuben’s camera with corresponding photos Dan Bryant took with Reuben’s computer after Reuben was murdered…Bryant said he would only release them via Court Order.
Conversation captured by witness two months to the day Reuben was murdered while Dan Bryant was here…
He gave up Dickey’s/Greve/Lundquist’s listening anywhere on our property setup to divert his part in Reuben’s murder for protecting me!
Motive, intent, access & opportunity proven irrefutably & who was involved!
Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin

We have everything including Reuben’s bedside deathbed Last Will & Testimate, superseding Bryant’s Power of Attorney, a day & a half before he died, with Bryant at Reuben’s bedside making sure the deed was completed to Reuben’s last breath, he did not die of cancer & Bryant had Reuben cremated within a span of two days…only we have urine & hair samples secured.
Then, Bryant killed Benji, Reuben’s Yorkie dog…whatever was consumed by Reuben, was in Benji too.
The last time we saw Reuben May 14, 2014 as I was rubbing his legs & feet, a very telling blood blister was between Reuben’s toes, hard to come by when Reuben had not walked for weeks.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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