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Hau mikolapi, we attended the public meeting that was labeled a treaty meeting and it was very sad. The 1934 IRA  tribal people thought they were sovereign and were a nation.a lot of people thought they could start a treaty I’d card and once it’s established.,they’ll use it to start defending their treaty right. I had to explain to them that they will be in violation of the federal law that is on the book,conspiracy to commit fraud by trafficking in I’d took awhile but they understood.a half-breed male was very pushy about sovereignty.him and several others were all fof the I’d cards but once I explained above the federal Indian and the end of the trail for the federal Indian by fundamental public policy,they were very upset and wanted to pick a fight with whoever brought this out.(me) I stood my grounds and let it be known  that we look at these issues since the hereditary chief and head men chose me to sit with them since 2007. Since then it’s been a 24-7 examination of all laws and to whom it applies.all CORPORATIONS Of THE CORPORATION USA, FEDERAL,STATES,TRIBES,COUNTY, COUNTY-TRIBES,MUNICIPALITIES.This was explained to them in a way they would understand.yet they keep falling back on federal and state laws. I had to try to explain how we (hehaka tiospaye) went through the administrative remedy to prove that we are full blood Lakota by patrilineal descent and matrilineal descent.this is what it takes to be Lakota,Dakota,nakota and wajaje of the original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation.the visitors or white people understood me,clapped their hands and whooped it up in approval.they seen and understood diplomatic class standing. Tribal chair men d.archambeault and Frazier were in awe .I told them that they can never represent me in any treaty matters and r
That they don’t have any treaty rights as they are the federal government,with their federal constitution and laws,tribal.they are a Corporation of the a matter of fact there is a treaty between us. And you are in violation of your own law, It’s called the Logan act. You can not enter a sacred agreement between two sovereign nations. You are a corporation of the federal government,in originality,federal government is not a sovereign nation and can never make a treaty within itself.federal government is an ideology, all 1934 IRA tribes were bestowed quasi-sovereign .this is a social contract, to educate,assimilate and terminate the federal Indian. This happened two years ago,termination of federal services and funding. By executive order of the president of USA,the borders of the reservation were lifted and the tribal citizens were given their human rights subjecting them to UCC,TAXATION and eminent domain. citizens of the state,which is nobody,nothing,just another person,which goes to residents and tenants of the state.How are you going to pay your tax?? They were dumb founded.I asked d. Archambeault , when you went to Washington,what did they tell you? Federal funding is over,correct?? And he nodded,yes. Now. About the multi racial roll. You are labeled as an off spring of the pedophiles,squaw men,calvry and clergy.look at the history of the Ft.Laramie army post.there was mentioned the mountain men that were trapping and some followed the cavalry,providing goods and Cuny and Ecoffey trading company.this offspring sitting right here in front of me.( cuny dog was sitting in front of me -he’s the head security at dapl.) he couldn’t say anything,all red in the face.he is not Lakota,can never be Lakota.he doesn’t have the pure red man says it all.99% of these Sioux nation tribes are in this situation. That’s why the state governors are doing what they are doing.federal Indian is not a real flesh and blood being.created and innovated,federally recognized.(legal fiction??) these can not represent the full blood Lakota.fraudulent conversion and conveyance.fraud vitiates any thing it touches. Fraud when mentioned has to be examined and convicted or exonorated. Federal Indian can never claim sovereign only exists on paper as name and number.they were upset but I reminded them about who made these laws. Logan act violations,senate can not invade, Congress itself is powerless to intrude into a treaty. Only the President can make a treaty,for his conduct,he’s responsible to the organic US constitution. The IRA tribes do not have any treaty rights. It was a sad meeting.Basically,I was a teacher. All flunked the test.crow dog was there but he was all AIM, for unity and every one is Lakota in his eyes.I had to explain the multi racial rolls and how it is affecting each and every single tribal members individually.they have to prove that they are who they say they are or they have committed a crime on the record. I talked about indigenous identity theft and oceti sakowin identity theft .treaties,all reserved silent treaty rights,which includes water and how the federal government has changed the winters doctrine and made changes to it that specifies the quantification of water.use it or went to how much you use in 1 day ,1week,1month.and 1 year,since you are unable to store this amount,you lost it , it went down the river and now you are using some one else’s water and the federal government will charge you for pro rata tax. Use it or lose it policy. This does not apply in the 1868 Ft. Laramie treaty. Treaty Indian property does not apply to artificial Indians.on may 20,2016 President Obama signed into law .Hr4238 which stipulated that there will be no more oriental,nigger,or Indian,scrubbed from all federal laws.  Which left all tribal membership as non Indians.  What will happen to all Indian property?? Indian appropriations,tribal land,casinos ,Lakota,Dakota,Nakota and Wajaje of the original seven council fires nation aka the great Sioux nation.  This week ,Fri..sat. And Sunday there’s more  meeting scheduled concerning the delegates that will be chosen to meet President Obama in Chicago in two and a half weeks.again I have to reiterate that only the original hereditary chief and head men of the original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation are the only one to make demands and the President has to enforce those decisions.decisions made are non negotiable. No dapl,no keystone xl pipelines . Removal of all illegal corporations from treaty territories.return land,water in pristine condition and to pay us for all back rent,payable on demand. Lawsuit to be In itiated for illegal investors of the pipelines,investment in a criminal enterprises,violation of treaty,therefore subject to confiscation for treaty violation of illegal easements and right of way .once treaty legality established,confiscation of all investments will be under eminent domain of original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation. Lakota is real flesh and blood intrinsic being. Original allod. So keep praying for us and there is danger even among the people in the meeting. There is no real  security for us chief and head men but it has to be done. Also subject matter;jurisdiction and sovereignty must be proven can not be assumed. Therefore the sacred Black hills are not for sale. They belong to the creator of the universe and original nations people are chosen caretakers. Federal government has no legal and lawful jurisdiction over it. Thiefdom!! Seignorage, it  does not belong to them.fraudulent conversion and conveyance.fraud vitiates any thing it touches.  Hecetu yelo, Sa I Mato miye yelo.

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About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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