Rouge DHS Agent Chris Dickey And STCU CEO Tom Johson’s Latest Attempt To Murder Native American Suzanne Dupree

There is more to this blog then the below email from Native American Suzanne Dupree but right now and for the last 2 days…she has had her home broken into through a “secret tunnel”…

Source: Rouge DHS Agent Chris Dickey And STCU CEO Tom Johson’s Latest Attempt To Murder Native American Suzanne Dupree


Good afternoon,

Found dresser in Joan’s area moved, drawers opened, documents strewn all over, also found night bedside dresser drawers opened, contents scattered all over floor.
Went through sliding glass door into sunroom, saddle (heavy)& saddle stand moved for access to freezer, which was unplugged.
Dresser is very heavy, together AW & I cannot move it, so cats didn’t in Joan’s suite area.
Cats can’t open drawers, no cat scratch marks, hard to open for a person.
Freezer, which is full of food, disconnected at plugin.
I set it up, cats cannot unplug from plugin.
Mail delivery came this afternoon Friday, tire tracks..of mail SUV vehicle putting mail in, nothing there in mailbox when I went out to fetch, 12:50 pm.
Did see ATV or 4 wheel tracks coming down off our property across County rd from mailboxes, next to Centurylink-Quest phonebox.
All tracks fresh from constant rain, very muddy.
Started calling creditors about my STCU situation about paying their invoices due, the Centurylink-Quest call was disconnected even after I was in their auto system as I was being connected to a representative.
1st call was to Avista, they had their money for their recently paid bill by me via STCU check, reprised them/representative of my Expulsion & said by Monday it should be reinstated or we would pay our monthly bill by other means, & the reason behind Expulsion pertaining to our Paid in Full STCU mortgage that shorted our 20 acres.
Representative said after finding out who was investigating, said looked like I had all my bases covered well.
Just was disconnected from Avast Secureline as I write this…hooked up just now by Avast, they are on it!
Been very sick the last two days, the same as before, after being hit yesterday am by EMF Weaponry, headache, upset stomach, the trots, racing heart, heart pain, shortness of breath, severe gut/bowl pain, blistering in roof of mouth, dizziness, weakness in legs, shakiness/tremors, nosebleed (Prolific).
Richard was on the phone with me when it started.
Fatigue & extreme sleepiness, hot & cold, chills…& way past menopause….all signs of EMF symptoms.
No contact with anyone sick, or having flu.
No contact with anyone face to face, except taking a package & STCU certified letters, since AW went back to work from mail carrier.
Smelled heavy chemical smell, & was awoke early pm from nap by it.
Been nose blind for 3+ yrs, Joan knows the smell, which made her sick too.
Has to be heavy for me to smell it.
Makes dogs/cats gag & Puke.
Reuben told me years ago they had a pipeline into this house that could poison me or knock me out, so the perps could gain access to murder me.
Vibrations of ground under house, on the property, new cracks on walls, ceiling etc recent.
New light bulbs blown out last few days.
You can hear the white noise of electricity coursing through house, makes parrots scream…
Sue, Joan, RB knows their sound when it occurs, dogs bark wildly, horses run & buck in paddocks, in pastures cows dance in their area from the dirty electrical arcing.
Turkey, duck & chickens go nuts, especially roosters.
*Writing this as a deposition if I should die, have been recently in the best of health since our arrival here, feeling strong physically, chores easy, able to eat anything without getting sick, any thing until the last few days, whatever I eat, makes me sick now.
Just like when RB & I first met a yr ago, I was on my last leg.
So skinny & weak.
I am eating fresh, good homemade food, nothing canned or pre-made, drinking only bottled water.
Just now, disconnected from internet, but Avast logs every time it occurs, numerous times daily!
Back connected, thanks Avast!
After everything is said & done, the perps are neutered permanently, my story of seven years of hell at the hands of these completely owned “Demons in the Flesh” will make a great movie, immortalizing them, their acts against me for being 1st Nations, an old woman, alone most of the time facing them, of their attempts at trying to destroy me, cyber GANG stalk, trying to murder me every single day since arriving here!
No one could make this up, the evil they do & have done to myself & others!
Now they have exposed everyone, everything & themselves.
By their own hand & relentless pursuit of me.
They can’t take it back now…!
Hoka Hey!
My love to you all,

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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