False info by none other than by fraud himself NAFPS site Dr. Alton Carroll, Arvol Looking Horses filmmaking buddy!

Location: Native Land

San Antonio, Texas

 I, Dr Alton Carroll of the hate bashing site NAFPS.org, of fake wanna be Indians pretenders, actually do teach at an institution of higher learning (history) and am a published scholar with more than a single article to my name.

 I am a veteran from a long line of veterans. Most importantly, I work to serve the needs of Native communities and people with my work. I do not provide aid and comfort to the enemies of Native people (namely white supremacists).

I am now a Fulbright Scholar, teaching overseas on the prestigious Fulbright Grant. http://www.cies.org/schlr_directories/usdir08/Amer2.htm

I have also published my first book.  My book is at an academic press, not a vanity publisher. http://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/product/Medicine-Bags-and-Dog-Tags,673393.aspx

I am a terroriser of real, authentic Native spiritual leaders & honest people, and cannot prove in any way my own Native blood, this was accurately proven by John Lekay of Heyoka Magazine & Geronimos Grandson, who is actually of the tribal blood I proclaim to be, (without merit). 

I trash everyone I can for my other fraudster buddy, self-proclaimed Lakota Chief, Arvol Looking Horse, who claims to be the 19th Generation White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper, while never being able to produce the Sacred Pipe as proof of his claims, for his own Cheyenne River Tetuwan Lakota Tribal Elders, & refuses to cease & desist calling himself, what Arvol Looking Horse is absolutely NOT…a heridary Lakota Chief or the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Watch the Marie Elk Head utube video which outs Arvol Looking Horse as a fraud & tells how the lies began, when the American Indian Movement came looking for the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin (Sacred Calf Pipe) at Green Grass, South Dakota in 1972, & Arvol & his Father, Stanley Looking Horse took an ordinary Pipe (Cannunpa) off the wall, & told AIM, this one is It, because the Looking Horse family never was passed the White Buffalo Calf Pipe in the first place by Martha Bad Warrior, at the time of her death in 1936. (Read Quesst for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed From Wounded Knee 1975 for irrifutable proof of these facts).

Arvol Looking Horse, nor his wife, Paula Horne-Mullen do not trash people outright, I…Dr. Alton Carroll of NAFPS.org do it for them, to keep the cash & donations rolling in to fund their & my lifestyles as frauds.


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. fernie b. says:

    Let me state very openly right from the start that I have no personal problem with this Alton Carroll guy (never met him in person, never had any exchange with him) and I don’t have any clash of interests with his NAFPS site & forum either. I do, on the other hand, happen to have a lot of experience within academia; having held teaching positions in North America and Europe in the last ten years. When checking the NAFPS forum with the hope of finding current information relevant for my own work, I couldn’t help but notice how utterly hurting this Alton Carroll is for NA communities. After a little google search, I also realized the damage he does to any NA related cause far exceeds the ego trips that seems to be running the NAFPS forum. If this person has really, *really* committed the offenses & crimes he’s accused of (slander, identity theft, libel, harassment as I read on a number of web -sites and forums ), please note that letters supported with actual proofs and documents would be more than enough to make his employers and scholarship-givers consider terminating whatever position or grants he’s been given at academic institutions, in US or elsewhere. Today’s academia is not as indifferent to such ‘extra-curricular’ matters as it used to be decades ago. In fact, immediate action would be taken in order to protect institutional reputation and quality of education from any harm that even the slightest affiliation with this guy can bring. When academic institutions thrive to promote an intellectual environment of objective thinking and ethical conduct, they just can’t afford employing/supporting Carrolls of the world. Even if a 10th of what Carroll’s being accused of is true and provable, NA communities better put some real thinking into taking collective action in the direction of informing the parties involved with him.


    • Alex says:

      Attention: Alton Carroll or Al Carroll aka “educatedindian” and the website http://www.newagefraud.org (NAFPS) is a fraudulent website of self appointed fraud hunters in reality they are the frauds. He is not an Apache Indian like he claimed in the past. He now states he is not an enrolled Apache because he got caught in his lies but still claim he is an Apache. In reality, his background is Spanish and Irish. He is a clever person to fool people with his lies claiming to expose frauds. After a lot of research, he is a jihadist that was radicalized in Indonesia back in the 90’s. The Islamic nation is very afraid of the Native American spirituality because it is so strong. He was sent back to America to cause harms to the Native people. He and his group are trying to disrupt the balance of the Native spirituality. Most of his group is unaware of his ties to Islam. Somehow he fooled the IRS in giving him that status of non profit. ONLY A MEDICINE PERSON APPOINTED BY THE TRIBAL PRESIDENT CAN SAY WHO IS A FRAUD. If you read through his website, you will discover that he does not know nothing about native spirituality. He keeps changing the post as he learns more. He deletes any topic that is not to his way of thinking. All of his knowledge comes from books. He even fooled the Northern Virginia Community College where he currently works. http://nvcc.academia.edu/alcarroll His applications to the major universities were denied. He has written a book from other’s people work. Native People magazine found out about his fraud activities and banned him. Even Amazon has refused to list it. If a person wanted to find a fraud all you would have to do is search for ceremony and donation. This will give you a list of frauds. A medicine person does not charge for ceremony. When someone sends NAFPS a letter about a person being a fraud, he post it without researching it. A lot of the emails they received on the website is from people who was told to find another spiritual path by the medicine person or they fell in love with the medicine person and was rejected by them. The people feelings were upset and they want to hurt the medicine person. The frauds will pay him money to take them off their website or take him to court. A lot of the people listed there are poor Indians living without the funds to take him to court. We are asking people with the funds to shut down his fraudulent website and to contact the IRS about his fraudulent activities. He receives a lot of money from his website and his lectures. Help is needed to stop this Jihadist activity against the Native American spirituality.


    • nafpswatch says:

      Don’t know about the totality of suits against Alton Carroll and his NAFPS site, but one is Case # CJ-2009-10887 in Oklahoma State Court (Civil relief more than $10,000:

      Alton Carroll also lists himself as a “Fulbright Scholar” although his name does not appear in the online directory of Fulbright Alumni.

      He is currently an assistant history professor at Northern Virginia Community College. The Dean of the History Department there is Dr Joseph Windham jewindham(at)nvcc.edu


    • JM says:

      Hear what you are saying about academia, two words.. Ward Churchill.

      Has Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) really done their due diligence in employing Mr. Carroll? Currently Dr. Al Carroll is Assistant Professor of History ($60,000/year) in the Communications and Human Studies Division at NOVA. Dr. Mel Schiavelli has been serving as the Acting President of NOVA since Dr. Templin’s retirement on February 1, 2015. They are looking for a new president. Hopefully one who cares more about the disrepute someone like Carroll brings to their name.

      The harassment and identity theft are in cyberspace. People report it over and over and the site just moves to another server. Originally his NAFPS hate site was a Yahoo group, it was removed for violating their Terms Of Service. Then from 2005 on it has gone through a series of other providers, first-amendment friendly sites that host white power and similar content. Up to more recent times; it was on anonymous hoster Katz Global in 2013. Anonymous offshore Cyber Cast International in Panama last year. Currently it is on FlokiNet, an anonymous Icelandic hoster: https://www.flokinet.is/contact

      In terms of documentation, it’s easy to pull up criminal records nowadays. Here are some court records for Alton Carl Carroll, from a quick non-comprehensive search. The case in OK is libel/slander, others are divorce, DUI, sued for personal injury, failure to appear, driving without a registration, etc. Apparently still above Northern Virginia Community College’s standards.

      04/25/84 Case#1984CI06508 Bexar Co TX
      05/13/85 Case#069021 Bexar Co TX
      05/21/85 Case#069022 Bexar Co TX
      05/22/85 Case#069023 Bexar Co TX
      03/11/90 Case#457266 Bexar Co TX
      05/24/90 Case#189990 Bexar Co TX
      07/19/90 Case#468344 Bexar Co TX
      04/24/00 Case#2000CI06001 Bexar Co TX
      12/02/02 Case#M-0741-2808618 Maricopa Co AZ
      10/24/03 Case#2003CI16946 Bexar Co TX
      11/04/09 Case#CJ-2009-10887 Oklahoma Co OK
      06/10/10 Case#GT10021347-00 Loudon Co VA
      09/23/10 Case#GT10037851-00 Loudon Co VA
      09/23/10 Case#GT10037853-00 Loudon Co VA
      10/19/10 Case#GT10044070-00 Loudon Co VA
      10/19/10 Case#GT10044071-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/10 Case#GT10046192-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/10 Case#GT10046193-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/10 Case#GT10046194-00 Loudon Co VA
      06/13/11 Case#GT11019379-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/11 Case#GT11044008-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/11 Case#GT11044010-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/11 Case#GT11044011-00 Loudon Co VA
      11/22/11 Case#GT11044014-00 Loudon Co VA
      01/10/13 Case#2013CI00516 Bexar Co TX


  2. try says:

    AL CARROLL is a demon


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  5. John O'Brien says:

    These people either have hardcore personal issues or some kind of an agenda. They’re not only at NAFPS but operate and infiltrate other internet sites as well. I’ve encountered some on internet forums who although have either a minuet bit of Indian blood, or none at all, but feel they can speak for all tribes and their people. Call them on their BS and they go into the ‘poor little me’ victim mode and report you to the moderators, or call in their goon squads and sock puppet accounts to troll and harass real Indians. I’ve encountered this ‘Dr. Carroll,’ ‘Sky’ and ‘Kathryn’/Kathrine/Kathy/Kate on a good several other forums under just as many names besides what are used at NAFPS. They use proxy servers and have multiple accounts on these forums. Some have even schmoozed up to administrators and received moderator positions at these sites so as to swiftly dispatch any Indians who dare to speak out against their agenda. Could it be they are getting paid by some agency, corporation, religious group or maybe by the real new age fraudsters themselves. Before I even knew of NAFPS they were trolling me on other forums. On NAFPS these non-Indians claim to be ‘allies’ of the American Indians, but it takes more than a sock puppet fake Lakota or Cherokee affirming friendship with these devils to prove alliance.


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  7. Marge says:

    NAFPS = Negative Angry False Pathetic Slanderers. They twist everything to suit their own warped agenda. They have no desire to educate people but destroy them. Kathryn and Sky act like a couple of high school drama queen bullies and their facts are frequently wrong.


  8. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:

    YOU ARE A REAL DIRTBAG WANNABE, ALTON CARROLL/NAFPS & ARVOL LOOKING HORSE/WOLAKOTA.ORG Where is all the $$$$ you recieved fraudulently along with the American Indian Movement fraudsters, eh? Spent at the Casinos????


  9. This is what Alton Carroll & murdering so-called SPIRITUAL Leader-phoney Hereditary Chief ARVOL Looking HORSE, Gangster-AIMsters, James Abourezk & US Govt NAZI-Satanic Illuminati & their lovers demons in the flesh are all about….



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