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Federal corruption by Judge Nichol in the Dennis Banks Wounded Knee trial…

Federal Judge Nichol, outed by this book, American Indian Mafia, secretly invited criminal defendant Dennis Banks to his home before the Wounded Knee trial, the case Nichol presided over. Banks shared tea and crumpets with Mrs. Nichol whom Banks made an honorary … Continue reading

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We got the AIM perps of conspiracy & premeditated murder of Anna Mae Aquash in collusion!!!!

  -By the way, tried to get on his website today, and Charles Abouezks web site is not responding or opening… hmmm.  Wonder why?   Exhibit E   Nov. 25, 2003  (fm. Att. Abourezk to Att. Rensch)   Dear Tim,             … Continue reading

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Corruption of AIMs legal council…

  Criminal Law Drug Crimes White Collar Crime Appellate Practice Civil Rights Police Misconduct Sex Crimes Homicide Theft Misdemeanors DUI/DWI Personal Injury   University  Miami University, B.A., 1970   Law School Cleveland State University, J.D., 1973   Admitted 1973, Ohio; … Continue reading

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Encapulation of what the depositions mean

Basically, the depositions that the presiding judge, Piersol is allowing for Arlo Looking Cloud…. is the fact that the former South Dakota Senators son, Charles Abourezk is and was in conflict of interest many times during the 2004 trial of Arlo Looking Cloud, … Continue reading

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Arlo Looking Cloud shows conflict of interest by Rapid City Attorney & Supreme Court Judge of South Dakota, Charles Abourezk

U.S. and who?  submits motion to dismiss Amended Section 2255   ALC and lawyer, response   -summary of 1st paragraph: 1) -doctrine of equitable tolling should be applied  why?  -because Defendent’s Amended Sec. 2255 is timely   2) -Defendent submits there … Continue reading

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READ this new information about AIM….. pretrial motions for Looking Cloud to tell the truth…

          8.  Exhibit F:  true and complete copy of correspondence fm. Attorney Charles Abourezk                     to Attorney Timothy Rensch, Jan. 20, 2004 There will be no way anyone will get a truthful statement from with either … Continue reading

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A global Ancestoral link of Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin

Here is the link to Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry of Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin.  Queen Elizabeth is the Great Great Granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who was married to Prince Albert, of which… Prince Albert is the Ancestoral link to Suzanne Dupree-Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin that comes from her … Continue reading

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Another fraud outted….

I came across ‘Native America Calling’, the radio program out of Albuquerque New Mexico, and I saw this, listened to a little of it, and it’s ridiculous rhetoric…. in that there is not any organization doing anything ‘privately’ according to Kevin … Continue reading

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More facts over fiction….

Marie Elk Head Fiddler is a Grand daughter of William Elk Head, This is the true original family of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe care takers, Marie and family are working at correcting the current misrepresentation of Arvol Looking … Continue reading

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The short & sweet of it all….

The woman told the warrior, “The Cannunpa has no honor, but when the One who holds It learns the love for all children as a mother does, then the Cannunpa becomes Sacred. When you put the pipe(Cannunpa Wakan) forward with that … Continue reading

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