Dupree-Dupris-Dupuis Family tree for Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Staring with Fred Dupris and Good Elk Woman and their children Marcella, Vetal, Josephine, Cunkagipa, and Alma. The remaining children are shown on Part 2.


Starting with Fred Dupris and Good Elk Woman and their remaining  children, David Xavier (the Great Great Grandfather of LBW), Edward, Estella, Maggie/Mary, and Peter/Skaska.


   This shows the Dupris/Dupree family names corresponding with Wilbur A. Riegert’s book (Quest for the pipe of the Sioux: As Viewed from Wounded Knee), as protectors of the Pipe.     Starting with George Red Horse and Nellie Blue Haired Horse, showing the marriage of Frank Dupris( Grandson to Fred Dupris) to Sarah Red Horse and ending with Belva June Dupree’s (Suzanne Dupree, LBW) generation.

This Dupuis-Dupris-Dupree family tree information originated from Wilbur Riegert, former curator for the Wounded Knee Museum 196os-1970s, and the allotment agent at the Cheyenne River Agency. Wilbur Riegert knew all the Lakota there, as he allotted the food to each Dupruis-Dupris-Dupree family member and personally knew every Lakota he gave allotments of food to.

Calvin Dupree worked with Wilbur Riegert to assemble the Dupuis-Dupris-Dupree family history and tree, this above is from their work together assembling the Dupruis-Dupris-Dupree family linage going back to Fredrick Dupuis and Minneconjou Lakota, Mary Good Elk Woman-Mary Ann Dupuis and the child Fredrick adopted of Mary Good Elk Woman, named Chief Henry Makes Room Junior.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Just for you Lone Wolf…if you can read.


  3. Here is who I am, my Teuwan Lakota Ancestors & relatives, my backround… Barry, Lone Wolf, Okreek… or anyone who wants to say I am a fraud, & not a Tetuwan Lakota Pipe Carrier..
    I am an authentic, registered Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota at Cheyenne River Agency, same agency as Arvol Looking Horse…just so you know.
    So, where are my accusers above registered at, we Lakota always ask…whom are your related to, where are you & your people (family) from…can you speak our Tetuwan language.
    So, if you want to diss me, best have your family history & facts down pat.
    I do, & for your information…I have absolutely nothing I am ashamed of, or am even remotely worried about someone finding out about…
    I am guilt free, never been in trouble, had a baby out of wedlock, or been in jail.
    I have lived a good life living the teachings, instructions of my Father, Creator & Whope, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman brought to the Lakota in approx. 1550…can my accusers say the same.
    I think not.
    Other than being a victim of rape by Russell Means in 1972, there is nothing in my backround that is even remotely questionable, the rape was my fault in trusting someone who was evil…
    My Lakota Aunties thought Russell Means was authetic in what he said he was doing for our people, they did not know at that time he had lied about everything & was the Trojan Horse of 1st Nations people….I unfortunately trusted their judgement, which led to me being at the wrong place, at the wrong time..
    I am grateful just to have lived & was just raped by Means…looking back at all of AIMs other victims….
    many of whom were murdered.
    Boyfriend judgements in the past may not have been good until I met my husband, maybe.
    But, who hasnt thought someone was more than what they were…
    Anyone who has ever loved, & been disappointed in the choices they made about the character of whom they were involved with…is personal human error.
    That is just being a normal human being….
    As long as you did something about it, & did not continue with the pattern of making wrong choices for a life partner…it is called a learning curve.
    I love my husband, we live for one another…I am blessed to have a man who loves me & cherishes my being a Tetuwan Lakota & supports me in my work.
    I hope the accusers can reflect & say the same…but, we Lakota have a saying….
    He wascasa sni yelo!!!!
    He is no man at all!
    That is my opinion of them….

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  5. Justice Dupris says:

    Hello, my name is Justice Dupris and my mother is Marjorie Mexican and my father is Travis Dupris and I was wanting to learn more about my family history and I am proud to say I am a Lakota woman. thank you Suzanne Dupree you have helped me

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  7. Mary Good Elk Woman was Mother to Joseph White Bull (killed Custer), Hereditary Chief Henry Makes Room JR before her marriage to Fredrick Dupuis.
    Mary Good Elk Woman was the surviving Sister of Sitting Bull.


  8. Richard Boyden says:

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    Truth destroying proof Arvol Looking Horse is a documented FRAUD…does not have the sacred Canupa and never has or will. Add to this his connection to the raping murdering pedophile infested American Indian Movement led by soon to be dead and in hell pedophiles and murderers Dennis Banks and 1/64th blood quantum bastard Clyde Bellecourt who have been protected by their employers the US GOVERNMENT…you now have “The rest of the story”!

    Read my blogs about AIM..as well as Suzanne Dupree’s who was raped by murderer and now in hell serial rapist Russell Means. Read JP WADES… and free yourselves from this Satanic inspired illusion called AIM!

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    • Thank-you my “Spiritual Being” Warrior Brother…
      We shall both be “Protected” here on Earth in our Devotion to Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ’s WORD/WILL when the Evil/Darkness is Purged from HIS CREATION/DOMAIN to continue to do HIS WORK afterwards in HIS NEW WORLD of Peace & goodwill among mankind!
      HIS sign to mankind as prophesied has already unfolded & been revealed to those who are AWAKENED & follow HIM. Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ!


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