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Voices of the people…this is disgusting, honor our Ancestors not AIM!

        Russell Means, Indian Leadership: A Tribute         Go to YouTubePlay video We realize that Russell Means is a polarizing figure. Still, Indian people’s only leaders should not be dead people. Therefore, we will … Continue reading

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DANGEROUS AIM INFO HERE!!!! Prime Example of questioning, why is AIM still free!!!

Dino Butler was, and is, a member of the AIM-IITC (American Indian Movement-International Indian Treaty Council) interrogation squad that interrogated Anna Mae Aquash with orders to shoot her where she stood (June 1975) alledgedly (as attested too by John Trudell) … Continue reading

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Sept 23, 2011 What people are most interested in on Google Search, ya think…

Was the Truth Buried at Wounded Knee? Looking back woman ,Canupa Wakan,The story and Pictures of Ceremonial …   The truth is finally sinking in that the American Indian Movement & Arvol Looking Horse have perpetuated the two biggest frauds in history…& … Continue reading

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On the subject of stereotyping Native Americans…the Ms. Universe Contest, Turtle Talk, pro & con

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree-HakiktaWin September 12, 2011 at 5:08 pm As a 1st Nations person, I see nothing wrong with this form of regalia in this competion, it is a fluff competion anyway… It is not all that much different … Continue reading

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Technical Information This page contain a domain valuation report about which is currently hosted with the IP XXXXXXXXXX that is hosted by ISP Data Communication Division. currently has a pagerank 3 and we estimate it receives about 4,285 unique … Continue reading

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Getting caught with their feet once again…. firmly lodged in their mouths….

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf C’anupa Bundle of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation prayed and spoke of the need to stop the abuses and the exploitation of sacred ceremony which is reaching … Continue reading

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What everyone is looking at on Sept 12, 2011 Rebuff of Arvol Looking Horses Proclaimation of 2003

LAKOTA LEADERS REBUFF CHEYENNE DECLARATION MAY 10, 2003: Bear Butte, South Dakota:     Through the days of cold, driving rain the Lakota arrived at Bear Butte, South Dakota as best they could for the important fourth and final Protection of … Continue reading

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More proof of Manifest Destiny of Govt over 1st Nations People! Democracy is not just… in the United States, period. The US Govt took our Native lands, & now with the new Executive Order by our current President, the Feds can seize any privately owned rural land or Indian Reservation lands…

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Adding to the article by Chuck Trimble….how the US Gov & AIM did it.

AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT, INC. 2300 Cedar Avenue South,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  1-612-724-3129 or 1-612-251-5836.” please ignore any messages which imply,  Send your direct contribution (by Check, Money Order, or currency) to: AIM Project,  P.O. Box 13521, Minneapolis, MN 55414. they have … Continue reading

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A Matriarchial Society….The 6 Grandmothers of us all! In the Spirit of our Ancestors…the blood quantum issue. Nothing is more real than the woman’s superiority. It is they who really maintain the tribe, the nobility of blood, the geological tree, the order of generations and conservation of families. In them resides all the real authority: the … Continue reading

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