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Commercialization of the Sacred does not equate to Protection of the Sacred!

Upon being sent an announcement of the May 12th, 2011 birth of the most recent White Buffalo Calf in Texas, I was amazed at which the speed the owners of this wonderous gift from Creator, has had this little male … Continue reading

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Recommendations for Suzanne Dupree-HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman from LinkedIn

Joan Heart has recommended your work as a Owner-manager at Lakota Legend Guest Ranch. This recommendation is visible in your profile. Dear Suzanne Dupree, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the … Continue reading

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Review of PBSs further attempt at getting history accurate! The Seven Council Fires…

To give you a short terse response, rather than a long windy one, I think I can sum up that PBS program in a few key points. Overall, the program wasn’t bad. It did present something to viewers that the … Continue reading

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Tommy Tomorrow, you had to work hard to leave your comment….THANK-YOU!!!!

I am flattered you went to all that trouble to leave your commment for little ol me, &  to try & conceal yourself with a false email & web address, just to give me the heads up the work I do for Creator, the … Continue reading

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James Arthur Ray Trials verdict…GUILTY!!!

Justice was finally served by the jury in the trial of faux Spiritual leader-guru, James Arthur Ray, for the deaths of 3 victims, & almost 20 people taken to the hospital, of his Spiritual Warrior Seminar, at almost 10 grand per participant, … Continue reading

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HakiktaWin being monitored & tracked…

Suzanne, Hughes network were really looking at your site yesterday. Also persons from around the world continue to look, scan and download your info. You now have advertising attached to your site, did you know that? Also there are gray/black … Continue reading

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SUMMER SOLTICE JUNE 21, 2011 HakiktaWins declaration against AIM based ceremonies in other tribes Ancestorial lands!

Han Kola, I am writing with my concern about Keith Pashe throwing his hat in for the position of Chief, when he is out on the West Coast, last week conducting Sun Dance in Coast Salish terrortories. Pashe was in … Continue reading

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How does this affect the new executive order from Obama pertaining to private rural property & Indian Reservations….consolidation component

June 20, 2011 Judge Approves $3.4B Settlement in Native American Class Action Updated 7:26 p.m. A federal judge in Washington on Monday evening approved a landmark $3.4 billion settlement in a Native American class action that stands to compensate hundreds … Continue reading

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A sinking ship…loss of our Constitution Rights

Reading today in a small local newspaper called the Huckleberry Press out of Stevens County Washington I came upon a letter to the Editor called…a sinking ship. I was absolutely amazed with the content within this letter to the Editor, … Continue reading

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More verification of AIMs terrorism & collusion with the US GOV

As a member of Roseau River Rez in  Mb,where ceremonies are conducted by one Eddie Benton Banai, guru of AIM, I have been aware of the gang mentality of AIM, and have avoided them at all cost.  Banai was accused of murder, incarcerated with Dennis Banks who subsequently married Kamook, Eddie’s daughter.  Eddie was pardoned by the US goverment of the day.   I would love to find more info on his arrest, and circumstances but have been unable to find the correct pathway to do so.  Perhaps you could help me. . . Eddie molests women, maybe men too, in the Sacred Lodges of the Mediwewin.   AIM has invaded the University of Mb, with one Gary Robson, elder of the aboriginal students. Sincerely, Concerned

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