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“..58 never-before-published color photos, lovingly and painstakingly restored, create a historical chronicle of a pivotal time in American Indian history.”

Purchase Fools Crow: Knowledge and Truth by Suzanne Dupree

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Final Part – the Conclusion

Over the past weeks I have given readers various input that the Cannunpa Wakan brought to us as we were led by spirit to find the truth of why horrible atrocities, brutality, rape and violent murders were occurring globally. Some of this input was difficult to believe by some, but not all who have experienced it first hand, seen the proof of it with their own eyes, or witnessed it happening to friends or loved ones. As stated before Continue reading

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Open Letter to Avista Corp/Douglas Kyle!

Mr. Kyle,
Lock ring resealed, security cams in place.
Avista’s attempt to call was unsuccessful because it only rang 4 times.
I was outside, missed it but *69 & checked caller ID (509)680-6014.
Recognized the number, checked my little black book of phone numbers, it was Jim/Avista number from several years ago 680-6014!
Had things to do, & called from my satellite Hughes Network phone…
And, I get Jerry Lindquist’s voicemail, you know Jerry Lindquist’s/Centurylink-Quest, & Kan Dhu Electrical in Chewelah????
Richard Boyden called the same 680-6014!
Jerry Lindquist voicemail Boyden got too!
Then, a short time later, Avista/Jim calls the satellite phone # asking if I called his 680-6014 from the satellite phone number!
Not everyone, Doug is as dumb as a stump!
And, after you, Douglas Kyle state June 8, 2015 there were no hazardous conditions with Avista’s 1984 leaking transformer, then threats from Scott, your supervisor locally at Avista file #1505021 at Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, and, finally after trying since Feb.2, 2015 for Avista to remove the leaking transformer…Sept 14, 2015 after another Avista attempt shutdown by Avista repair crew fearing for their lives/Safety because…it was NOT just harmless oil, Mr Kyle it was PCB’s leaking!
Which Avista finally removed 8 months later, legal council for Avista Bret Browning playing silly bitch with Barry Bachrach for months on end, lying, lying, lying…!
The leaking PCB transformer was removed from Orient Cutoff Road by 5 Avista vehicles, one hazardous waste containment vehicle, Avista workers in hazardous waste protection gear, & finally got what should have been done immediately!
All filmed, photographed, witnessed & documented, through the whole Avista removal process while Arnold Wade Was Not Home, Mr Kyle/Avista Corp…
Trying to do it without witnesses, & I alone…gang stalking is illegal!
We know who & what your Avista/drugs-Centurylink-Quest CEO’s are all about with Avista dirty electricity, Smart meters/Transformers with surveillance & data mining capabilities, & the accompanying health hazards associated with them to customers/consumers, including death!
So, Mr. Kyle/Avista Corp….
Your locking ring tag is spot welded, back in place as required, we still pay our Avista bill early, despite your crummy track record with us personally!
No one comes here while Arnold Wade is not here, Avista has a serious problem UNDERSTANDING that fact!
Your dirty laundry Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist is bagged, tagged & exposed…
The investigators know where you all live, all your contact info & what brand of tidy whities (undies) you all where, how you are all interconnected & co-conspiritors & why!
And, for the record Avista/Centurylink-Quest Jerry Lindquist….anything happens to us, our animals, our home, vehicles…the World knows it was no accident, but by design!
Anything you don’t understand about what is written here, Douglas???
Call Lindquist, he has Boyden’s number & the message to all co-conspiritors, “Not IF, WHEN!”
Belva Schuldt/Looking Back Woman
Arnold Wade
July28, 2016

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“Wasichu” Alert! White Man Sexual Pervert Bill Bunting Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!

The curse that is upon the Wasciu and think what Bunting glorifies is “cool” will find the most excruciatingly painful experience awaiting them at WOUNDED KNEE, SD…
Hechetu elo!
And, only the “beginning of the excruciatingly painful horror, terror” once the spirit is captured upon death of the body by Satan & for all ETERNITY reliving the what the evil doers did to the innocent, being relentlessly, continuously done as their punishment to them!
And, really…Satan thinks it is really such a fun joke on his followers, which he really despises more than himself!
There is no greater place to be on Earth, than believing & serving the one true God, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ, none!



Source: “Wasichu” Alert! White Man Sexual Pervert Bill Bunting Coming To Pine Ridge / Wounded Knee!

Related image
Bill Buntings Phone Number 706-563-4663. 
He calls ALL “Lakota/Dakota/Nakota TETON peoples “Prairie Niggers” and “Rain Dancers” among other things and Custer is his HERO!. (See Below)

Driving black Camaro Ohio Plates with wife Karen Sue Andras Bunting. Going to Wounded Knee Village home of Barbara High Pine. Emerson Elk FULL BLOOD HEAD MAN is getting word out in Wounded Knee.

This Blog is about a White Satanist/Rape Promoter of Native American Women and Children and his White Pagan New Age Witch Wannabe and his “whore” (to use his words  as this is what she likes being called by him during their “sadomasochistic” most perverted evil acts of sex “known to man”) …SAY Bill Bunting and Karen Sue Andras-Bunting.

The warning is for the protection of any and…

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The Connection between AIM & Arvol Looking Horse fraud, & the order from Paula Horn for the AIM men to deal with me!

And, Paula Horn is like Valerie Jarrett is with Obama “Commander,” with idiot Looking HORSE!
Bitches seem to rule when it comes to Frauds!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Source: In the beginning there was this little ditty from Paula Horn….lol!!!


JIM EAGLE to Vancouver Island to house pretext looking at real estate.

CARLOAD of AIM, went down wrong driveway…left.

Richared Two Elk phone threat Aug. 8, 2008 (Everyone who viewed the video knows how that turned out)!

I Am still here serving Creator!

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Where do you have your spy cameras hidden in my house to monitor, harass, TERRORIZE, & CYBER stalk me, Computer Genius/hacker figure Kent Duane Greve, 7th Day Adventist Elder pedofile drug cartel BOY?

Spittle reverse technology anyone????
We gotcha all!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

New York Post

Cameras used to ‘harass’ 93-year-old out of apartment
By Julia Marsh July 13, 2015 | 5:45am
Modal Trigger Cameras used to ‘harass’ 93-year-old out of apartment
Ruth Berk Photo: Stefan Jeremiah

Man’s credit destroyed for loan he never signed: suit

Former mayoral candidate suing to get his own money back

My speech impediment got me fired: suit

Man who sued singer for being ‘too ugly’ may have to pay up
A prominent Manhattan attorney is facing handcuffs and a night in Central Booking because he dared to dismantle hidden cameras he found trained on his 93-year-old client’s apartment.

Lawyer Arthur Schwartz told The Post that he discovered pinholes in the ceiling molding in the hallway across from Ruth Berk’s door at 95 Christopher St. last month.

He climbed a ladder to inspect the dark specks and found…

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Checkmate Good Old Boys/ Status Quo UPDATED July 27, 2016 Read comments!

Links will open in a new window or download, depending on your browser settings. 1st PDF document 2nd PDF document 3rd PDF document (large download)

Source: Checkmate Good Old Boys/ Status Quo

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Hey, LinkedIn….can’t handle the TRUTH????

JC will be taking care of sinners like you…say Perdition!

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The spiritual scam artists hussle for cash….Leonard Crow Dog, Mary Thunder, Evening Rain, Glen Welker, ARVOL Looking HORSE, Alton Carroll, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Pretendians/AIMsters!

If I get this right, someone on the Path of Maximum Service would be in LCD’s sweats-Inipi lodge, fasts, Sundances and pipe ceremonies, and digging deep for cash to contribute to th…

Source: The spiritual scam artists hussle for cash….Leonard Crow Dog & Mary Thunder!

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