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Final Part – the Conclusion

Over the past weeks I have given readers various input that the Cannunpa Wakan brought to us as we were led by spirit to find the truth of why horrible atrocities, brutality, rape and violent murders were occurring globally. Some of this input was difficult to believe by some, but not all who have experienced it first hand, seen the proof of it with their own eyes, or witnessed it happening to friends or loved ones. As stated before Continue reading

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Sally Lavallee – Letter to the editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                      Grand Forks BC Can. 01/23/19

Grand Forks BC Gazette

Editor, the Gazette:

I am a woman.  I am replying to the Boundary Women’s Coalition “Grand Forks to join    Women’s March Movement.”

The Boundary Women’s Coalition is acting as a political group with their own political agenda.  Fair enough.

The Women’s March movement is a feminist movement which has always acted as a political group with their own political agenda.  Fair enough.

I am a woman.  These groups do not represent me, past, present and future.

I am a woman.  And an individual.  Under the Canadian Constitution I am guaranteed freedoms, rights and powers all Canadians are granted.

I am a woman.  I have not suffered like they say all women have suffered.  And their values are not my values.

I am a woman.  I am a senior citizen.  I get up every morning, say thank-you God for life.  I surrender my will and pray that Jesus Christ’s will be done, and thank-you God for all the miracles and blessings I have experienced through-out my life.

I am a woman, And the Boundary Women’s Coalition does not represent me, nor do these marches.

Sally Lavallee

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Hello again,

March 22, 2018

Being silent and offline does not mean, I Looking Back Women, wasn’t working for the betterment of mankind; my many prayers were answered since Blue Star Woman/Whope’ arrived back in the heavens September 19, 2016 and earlier the two “real” White Buffalos were born in April 2016 heralding  White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman’s coming return five months later.  Much “good” and righteous has occurred through the will of God.  I wish to profoundly thank all the millions of people worldwide that have visited my website and Word Press blog despite the overt attempts by the “dominant in the tech industry” search engines and social networking sites to keep you from the knowledge I shared freely with those seeking answers and truth.

I am very happy FaceBook and Zuckerberg are exposed.  Their intellectual property theft and breach of FaceBook user’s private information was long in coming!  FaceBook several years ago blocked me from my copyrighted material and photographs on my FaceBook page thus I had no way to retrieve or delete this information from my FaceBook page and the pilfering didn’t stop there.  Google my name and you will find it associated with porn sites and my copyrighted 1971 photos there with all kinds of other crap.

I clued in on the Google/FaceBook app data mining of personal information years ago, along with the NSA spying on Americans; before clicking on any application read the invasive agreement. Many of these Google apps are preloaded on your devices and you have to agree to their terms of use to make your device work.

One of my favorite movies is Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  A very real and telling tale of what could happen if we let it.  The “corrupt” house of cards of the traitorous Obama administration is fully exposed as what it is and always has been the “Communist Party USA”.  Arab/Russian funded since the 1960’s via James Abourezk Obama’s mentor – god father – protector.

The old “American ‘phoney’ Indian Movement” has died off except for old Clyde Bellecourt and his time on Mother earth is short, but the damage to Indian Country overall will linger for decades to come.

“Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

Blaming it all on the white man is not the way to move forward.  Traditional full bloods and mixed blood Indians/Native Americans need some self-reflections and soul searching.  They let the American Indian Faux move in, with open and welcoming arms except for the too few “Last Real Indians” who knew better then to embrace the “snake,” the “misery and poverty” pimps who only enriched themselves and whom they served.

I don’t miss not having internet, cell phone service etc. way to invasive “1984” Orwellian for me.  Put your devices down and get outside, have a reality check about what really matters.  See how beautiful nature and god created creatures are first hand, not through an electronic device’s screen.  You’ll only see what “THEY” want you to see, not the “Real Thing”.

Isn’t that what mankind really wants?  The Real Thing?  Or has everyone become so compliant and sheep like we prefer to embrace the “lies and illusions” enamored more with ourselves and our devices than God.

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Great Motown listening for Nov. 26, 2016 pm!

1). Mel/Tim “Backfield in Motion”

2). “Thank-You” Sly & Family Stone

3). Billy Jack Goes to Washington/1977 movie…. “One Tin Soldier” 😎

4). Johnny Taylor “Cheaper to Keep Her”

5). “Respect” Aretha Franklin

6). “Ohhh Child” Stylistics

7). “War!” Earth, Wind & Fire

8). “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get” Dramatics


Guest Post — Frank Pommersheim: A Short Inquiry into Pe’ Sla: History, Public Policy, and Moral Imagination

About time!

Turtle Talk

A Short Inquiry into Pe’ Sla:  History, Public Policy, and Moral Imagination

By Frank Pommersheim

In 2012, several Lakota tribes, including Rosebud, Crow Creek, Standing Rock, and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux of Minnesota purchased a 2,400 acre ranch on the open market.  The purchase price was about $9 million dollars.  The land is located within the western part of South Dakota in a rural portion of Pennington County.

The land is also located within the sacred Black Hills and the historical Great Sioux Nation as recognized in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868.  The Lakota name for this area is Pe’ Sla or the ‘Heart of All That Is.’  Tribal plans for the land include historical, cultural, and religious activities, as well as sustainable buffalo ranching.

The Tribal path best suited to these cultural, spiritual, and economic activities involves placing this land into ‘trust’ status.  This process is authorized by…

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The Dupree Connection to the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, her Birthright.

Home Suzanne The Story of Looking Back Woman The Pipe Spirit Truth Books Pictures Articles Legal Looking Back Woman Connection to the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe DUPUIS/DUPREE FAMILY CONNECTION TO THE…

Source: The Dupree Connection to the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, her Birthright.

My Ancestors & Teton family…

A Year in the Life of a Teton Wiyan HakiktaWin


Trump A Racist? Well, No. His Big Success Was With Minorities

Love it!
Irrefutable Facts not fiction!

PA Pundits - International

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Scott Alexander says the Left smears Donald Trump as a racist who white racists made President. In fact, nothing he said in the campaign suggests he is a racist and his biggest gains were among every big racial minority EXCEPT whites.

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump

Back in October 2015, I wrote that the picture of Trump as “the white power candidate” and “the first openly white supremacist candidate to have a shot at the Presidency in the modern era” was overblown. I said that “the media narrative that Trump is doing some kind of special appeal-to-white-voters voodoo is unsupported by any polling data”, and predicted that:

If Trump were the Republican nominee, he could probably count on equal or greater support from minorities as Romney or McCain before him.

Now the votes are in, and Trump got greater support from minorities than Romney or McCain before him…

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Intel from Full Blood Hunoup!

Washington AG Claims that Religious Expression Must Remain Inside the Person

Read it & weep Betrayers of Christ…

Not if…only when you make your journey to Hell’s Fire, & whom you continue to SERVE…Satan!