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A Call to Seventh Day Adventist Child Sex Abuse Victims

Please contact Suzanne Dupree for further evidence supporting your (victims) case against the Seventh Day Adventist Church, chapters North-eastern Washington state, Oregon and Maryland. You may contact me via any of my social media or website (, yourselves or through … Continue reading

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Faux Left Wing Racism

No more native named mascots? Red Skins, Chiefs – team names for football, baseball etc? When since contact has any immigrant cared for offending native Americans/First Nations people? With manifest destiny and genocide used against us, what is the difference … Continue reading

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For Cowboys and Indians Magazine .. correction

Left to right: Carter Camp, Russell Means, Alex White Plume, Floyd Hand, Alfred Bone Shirt & Vic Camp

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A proud NRA carrying member supporting Wounded Warriers, Veterans, our military, honest law enforcement, the Constitu- tion and our civil rights. Not anti-gov’t, but anti-corrupt gov’t. Supporter of free enterprise.

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