Spring Equinox Knowledge and Truth by Keya Cannunpa Win

REZINATE “Al & Whitey Knew That”

Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye is the title of a book about JFK, it is also an Irish
ballad – I suppose anyone’s name could be substituted though.

But depending on the person whose name it is the lyrics would have to be
revised… like Charlie (Abourezk) we know you all too well

I haven’t tried singing the song with such a revision as I haven’t much of a
singing voice – rumours abound that when I do sing women and children flee,
and dogs howl. So in deference to each I avoid doing so.

But Charlie’s a pretty transparent figure cast in the same mold as his father
James Abourezk – if they got any closer to AIM and it’s leadership they’d be
behind them instead of fronting for them – but then maybe they already are
behind them, as in AIM’s hip pocket.

Charlie in case any have forgotten is the one who inserted himself into Arlo
Looking Cloud’s defense as an expert practitioner of some mystical thing
known as psychodrama.

Nice cover, but it ultimately allowed Charlie to get a feel for what Arlo might
have to say during his trial and then report back to AIM.

Of course Charlie portrayed his involvement as being ex parte, sort of a friend
of the court and seeker of truth.

Seems to me that he would have had at least a general idea as he was at Bill
Mean’s house when the AIM fatwah to murder Annie was received via telephone.

But then that very fact probably compelled the need to gain pre trial access to
Arlo without actually representing him – could have gotten a little ugly if Charlie
were co-counsel and Arlo testified he was at Bill’s.

Arlo said that at one point that Charlie, upon completion of the psychodrama
either lingered or found a reason to return and let Arlo know in a manner of
speaking that he should be careful what he said.

That’s par for the course when it comes to AIM and their minions, threat, and
intimidation directed at men or women, even their children.

Arlo has had some issues with alcohol and drugs during his life, an opportun-
ity AIM has seized upon to insinuate Arlo exists in a perpetual state of confusion –
but if past issues with such things imply such an involvement can only lead to
some type of mental issues then the same of must be said of the AIM leadership
as well whose own history of alcohol and substance abuse is well known.

Their involvement even included drugs and alcohol at ceremonies, and at least
for Clyde Bellecourt selling them on such a scale as to be classified a major

Having lawyers and politicians as co-conspirators and groupies is undeniably
advantageous – Al Capone knew that, Whitey Bulger as well.


REPLY/ Comment:

The truth is, AIM is in James Abourezk’s hip pocket, he is their handler, protected
from prosecution by gov’t. And they (AIM) were recruited from their dissolute
petty criminal lives to mess up America, test the waters so to speak, then stage
the urban militant domestic terrorist event known as Wounded Knee 2. After all
the deaths and the staged protests repeated for the benefit of media, doing extra
takes just like a movie, AIM and James Abourezk continue their terrorizing of
Indian country, complete with appropriation of all ceremonies with men with
blood on their hands. They had to have control of Indian country and its laws,
obliterate the truth, and have Hollyweird Indian parables and decisions ever

Charlie Abourezk did the psychodrama because his Dad told him to. Once a Syrian
born son of a peddler, always a lover of terrorists, James Abourezk is the Middle
East advisor to Obama on the destruction of Israel, and the destruction of America
and American values. The original Code Pink Chicago Communist agenda and the
love of terrorism as the answer to dictators’ agenda was set into motion several
generations ago. I have always thought Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was murdered
because she knew the truth, not that she was an FBI informant, real or imagined.
Think about it. AIM has always known they wouldn’t be prosecuted. There is a
clump of protectors who may even have committed crimes, do you know? Judge
Piersoll, Bruce Ellison, Renesch, and others, have made sure the law serves James
Abourezk, and what he wants. Which is to protect his flake of an adopted son, Charlie,
who is the only one who stated that Anna Mae Aquash was shot behind the ear.
How did he know that, except for the murderer?

The point is, James Abourezk told gov’t., as a geologist, that he could get the Indians
and their lands totally in the gov’ts.’ control for a price. His unlimited access to
Indian Country through the Indian Affairs subcommittee, his trips to the Middle East
for decades to talk to terrorists and to the Russian military specialists in Egypt
and the Ukraine… Judge Piersoll was the judge at Arlo Looking Cloud’s trial. They
wanted a real ancestral lineage Indian who had the bloodlines, to take the fall for
Anna Mae’s murder. But he just wouldn’t hurt her or murder her. He drove the car.
Everyone elese degraded her, abused her, had fun with her terror. When that murder
and the murders in Wounded Knee 2 happened, that was the end of the Tetewan
protocols for ceremonies and for Indian gov’t. according to Creator’s wishes. The

It was a staged event to see if it would stay in place. To see if the urban militant
domestic terrorists (AIM) could increase their influence and lies everywhere.
Through time. Well, Judge Piersoll repeatedly ok’ed Charlie Abourezk’s requests for
ex parte counsel, even though he was representing AIM leaders, and then he allowed
a faux traitor to AIM, Richard 2 Elk, to testify as to Arlo’s character and childhood
friendship, which was a lie according to Arlo, he hardly knew the guy, and the trial
was compromised completely. Then Renesch said that he wouldn’t deal with the
prosecution for a reduced sentence in exchange for info. and nothing else. Huh!?
Arlo got 30 years.

Then James Abourezk and AIM were sweating bullets because John Boy Graham was
arrested in Canada and extradited to the States. He was tried in State court, and he is
such a dumb guy it is said, that James Abourezk, Charlie and AIM told his defense
lawyer to have no defense whatsoever, “the defense rests” was their only comment
when the lawyers were supposed to present John Boy’s side of the events… and the
prosecution won the day, and he went to jail… I’m not sure for how long… the dumb
guy and the media and the sycophants don’t understand that he wasn’t allowed a
defense on the orders of James Abourezk, who couldn’t let a prosecuting attorney
get to the defenses’ witnesses, and the whole thing would unravel.

Judge Piersoll made many irregular motions during the trial of Arlo. So guess who
ruled in favour of James Abourezk in 2004 when the Dep’t. of Veterans Affairs and
individual blogs started commenting on James Abourezk being a traitor and commit-
ting treason? James Abourezk acted outraged, and sued the individuals involved,
and Judge Piersoll sided with him. And guess who sat on the deposition hearings to
recall key players in Arlo Looking Cloud’s trial, to see if there was merit or reason
to reopen or demand a new trial? Judge Piersoll that’s who. How cana judge sit
on deposition hearings which may decide on a new trial, when he was the judge
making the decisions in the original trial… especially the decisions repeatedly
(several phone calls to Renesch and Charlie) to favour ex-parte counsel?

In the deposition hearings, Charlie, Renesch, and i wish the lawyer doing the
questioning could have asked the judge himself… what is an ex parte counsel in
this case… what is it, what does this mean?

No one knew what the parameters or protocol for an ex parte counsel were…
Charlie… “I don’t know, Renesch knew about it”. Renesch, “I don’t know, Charlie
knew about it” D’uh!? And Bruce Ellison was going to testify at Arlo’s trial,
then after coffee clatch ‘connections’ he was advised to take the 5th, and refuse
to testify. So he did. They all practice law in the same area, and sometimes in
the same building… their fathers knew each other. They bonded during Wounded
Knee 2 representing all the crooks and criminals, and getting them reduced sentences
or completely off.

Arlo Looking Cloud eventually got 10 years reduced sentence because of his
testimony. He has served 10 years. He mysteriously is not being released, for no
reason. He has been beaten up unexpectedly, and he had marijuana planted in a
book given to him by an AIM supporter… anything too make it appear to be guilty
of bad behaviour so he stays in longer. Arlo Looking Cloud is not and will never be
a low life criminal murderer like Peltier, who is as guilty as John Boy Graham is
of murder. Arlo Looking Cloud should be released now, and unless James Abourezk
is arrested for his crimes in Indian Country, and his crimes against the United States,
Arlo Looking Cloud will never get out. And someone will make sure Arlo is murdered

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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